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Before explosion on Skobelevskaya of

On the place of a present monument to Yury Dolgorukiy there was a Statue of Liberty

Muscovites annually celebrate Day of the city in the fall.

It occurs on the first Sunday of September. Honoring of Moscow by her current mayor Yury Luzhkov is turned into remarkable tradition.

Exactly here, the monument to Yury Dolgorukiy has mass festivities, celebrations... However, that for Yury - a monument?

How long it costs?

Who good will remember


Once in 1147 the Russian prince Yury Dolgorukiy mentioned the name Moscow in the letter. It was the first by date among another found researchers. Therefore Yury Dolgorukiy, the namesake of the current mayor became the conditional founder of the city.

History of installation of a monument on one of central squares of Moscow difficult.

In old times on empty space before. At the beginning of the 19th century opposite to the house, at quite considerable distance put a fire kalancha over police Tver part. The Kalangcha lovely decorated the city and carried out the direct obligations for fire safety.

Prostornaya Square was the place of turns for city crews, the parking of these vehicles.

the House the general - the governor was the residence of the mayor and the province. During the existence, by 1900, the house endured 7 such chiefs. From a house balcony the general - the governor read city resolutions, orders, welcomed Muscovites.

the Monument to Skobelev 1912 in the center of Tverskaya Square established to


B a monument to the war hero with Turks for freedom of Bulgaria - Mikhail Dmitriyevich Skobelev. This Russian general was considered as the successor of nice military affairs of Suvorov.

Skobelev was one of the most educated people of the time. He studied in Paris, then in Sankt - the St. Petersburg university, corresponded with the Russian writers. Was the real patriot of Russia, the profound knowledge the intellectual. It was noble, courageous, careful in relation to subordinates. It was very much loved by soldiers.

Skobelev lived only 39 years. The sculptor - the self-educated person lieutenant colonel P. A. Samonov was the author of a monument to him. The soldier`s figure on a horse, with the saber lifted in a hand was pleasant to much. On each side from the main composition, on two others, lower, platforms of a pedestal bronze figures with soldiers on battle plots were located. By name the national favourite renamed the area into Skobelevskaya. With such name it was to the Lenin decree about monumental promotion of 1918.

the bronze monument to “the white general“ was ruthlessly sawn by

that year “on guns“ for the reason that near the Moscow staff of revolution (the house the general - the governor was turned into the Moscow Council) a similar symbol of “White Guards“ (and, in fact, the Russian heroes) it was inappropriate. The toponym changed, the area became Soviet.

the Obelisk of the Constitution and the Statue of Liberty

Soon, on November 7, 1918, on the square, according to the decree, the new composition - an obelisk of the Constitution and the Statue of Liberty (sculptor N. A. Andreyev) appeared. The figure representing aspiration in free heaven was focused by the person strictly on the West. In the same party she waved a hand, free from foreign objects. The woman differed from the American symbol in existence of the bas-relief wings passing to an obelisk and also attires only in the lower half of a body and in top - almost male breast.

This monument long time was in the center of the coat of arms of Moscow. Its image was placed on a handrail of the main bridge through the Moskva River - Big Stone. With an emblem of the coat of arms on cars city trams carried Muscovites.


In eight years behind a monument instead of police part from kalanchy constructed the case of Institute of Marxism-Leninism. In front of this house, practically behind the back of Freedom, in 1940 established a monument to Lenin (sculptor S. D. Merkurov) sitting in thoughtfulness.

Look for

in Tretyakov gallery:

Something did not correspond to

in the neighbourhood ready to a separation from the earth of a free figure and the expecting this soaring of “the leader of world revolution“. This strange process of inaction was dragged out till May, 1941.

Then, before the war, at Sovetskaya Square the explosion planned by the authorities thundered. The Statue of Liberty and an obelisk were scattered on small pieces. Those days one compassionate Muscovite, probably, the historian picked up the female head of a statue and carried in the Tretyakov gallery. There it still also stays.


After explosion difficult 6 years. And in days of celebration in Moscow 800 - the anniversaries of the city on the magic place of nondurable monuments solemnly put a stone with the obligation for installation of Yury Dolgorukiy`s figure here.

(works of sculptors led by S. M. Orlov) Muscovites saw

of the Stone prince on a horse only in 1954. The monument caused sympathy in citizens and is one of popular places for meetings of lovers.