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Early development of children in everyday life (from the birth to seven months)

the Term appeared not so long ago and if at first many young people and progressive parents became interested in a technique Nikitinykh, Domana and others, then now all try to weigh carefully pluses and minuses of different techniques and to choose from all their variety something accepted for the children and for them.

I Will stipulate

at once that I do not know yet how my technique which, in fact, is a peculiar extract, quintessence from recognized works works. My son is only seven months old, and I do not know how this or that our occupation influenced its development whether helped or, perhaps, disturbed. But so far results are pleasant not only me, but also the local pediatrician.

Ideal pregnancy ended with rather fast, simple and absolutely painless childbirth. Alexey was born small: 3220 grams and 51 cm.

Need of early development I realized

at once. I will paint our occupations on months.

To the current of the first month we focused attention of the child on the various pictures hanging on a back in the house allowed to touch an embroidery, oil painting, glass, a cardboard, a macrame and other materials with different texture. The father sang to the son various melodious ballads. We gave it fingers in cams; spread on a stomach, pressing a palm to patches, thereby stimulating reflex crawling; constantly talked, it is the best of all verses.

Results of development : there was an intelligent smile, by the end of month held the head both in vertical position, and on a stomach.

Second month : with the permission of the neuropathologist entered elements of dynamic gymnastics. (Important! Before decides on introduction of dynamic gymnastics, weigh all pros and cons and consult to the doctor, take courses. Begin to be engaged as soon as the kid begins to hold a head, not earlier and not later.) We hung up over a bed a garland (we had no mobile, in toys there should not be a passive element, only active), entered massage on age (nonprofessional, did itself).

Results of development : revolution from a stomach on a back, on a stomach began to rise on elbows, began to babble very different, with concordants “r“, “in“.

Third month : to continuous talk with the child added recitation. Verses will approach any what are pleasant to you though Rubtsova though Pushkina though Asadova. To the child all the same, the main thing - a rhythm. The first books (it is desirable with drawings, but not special, like “Tyyuni - lavsky“ soft, and usual pieces of cardboard) are given in hands, mother irons them together with the child.

At this age and I began to sing songs as the child better perceives high pitched female voices. The it is more songs, the better, vigorous and cheerful on games on massage, soft, viscous - on falling asleep.

Results of development : learned to take a rattle, laughed loudly in a voice, turned over from a back on a stomach, began to try to move on - plastoon.

Fourth month : there was our exit in people (the earlier, the better if your kid on breastfeeding, then infections to it are almost not terrible), finger-type gymnastics (places of an attachment of thumbs on hands and legs are especially important), began to put on a floor.

Results of development : spread on - plastoon, at insertion of fingers sat down in a palm itself and jumped on legs, began to rise on all fours and to respond to the name, shifted a toy from a hand in a hand.

Fifth month : encouragement of interests of the child. Stretched to the magazine - give it the magazine, took a felt-tip pen - palm off on it a sheet of paper. It is a high time for soft toys. In talk address the child “Lesh, look, this is mother, and this is the father and where the grandmother?“ etc. Important! At this age especially you watch safety of the child, do not allow it to thrust fine details into a mouth, you watch purity of objects which the child plays. You remember: the rule of golden mean in everything!

Results of development : spread on all fours forward, however, not really surely, holds a plate itself, speaks “on me“.

Sixth month : as often as possible leave the child to have a good time one. If it begins to be capricious, teach him to play with toys, show how the pyramid gathers, the tumbler toy shakes, the ball rides. The more independent knowledge, the better, the child has to overcome everything. It is impossible to creep over a barrier, for example, in the form of a blanket - do not touch it, it you deprive of the child of important opening. It cannot turn over from a stomach on a back - do not help, let he will learn itself, for it it is big pleasure.

Results of development : sat down, rose, holding a support.

Seventh month : play together with the child. Everything that interests the child, has to be surveyed by him. By the way, children at this age very much like to speak by phone, to print on the keyboard or to play the piano. Important! Check that the child could not reach electricity cables.

our results : went sideways, an added step, holding a support, by two hands vigorously walks forward. “Mother“, “father“, “woman“, “dya“ speaks, “on“, does “so far - so far“. Perfectly thumbs through any books, very much loves them if sees, then at once creeps and embraces.

the Main rule of any early development - check safety of the child, unostentatiously you watch it, preventing possible injuries.

It is also important

: any occupations have to bring also to you and the child pleasure and satisfaction. Physical occupations (massage and gymnastics) it is better for p to cancel

when to the kid it nezdorovitsya.

of Health to your kids, excellent achievements and good luck!