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Everything will be OK!

It began with the birth of the baby. When I lay on a maternity chair, instead of pleasure from a long-awaited meeting in my consciousness the mad alarm crept - whether she is living? For some reason smiles and congratulations of doctors and even the first shout of the baby were unconvincing. Though it could be written off for residual action of an anesthesia and the postponed stress in labor, but, strangely enough, positive emotions could not overcome concern and fears and further in any way.

When I lay in postnatal chamber and with affection looked at the been born miracle quite recently, I suddenly with an incredible force was lapped by a fear wave - why it so long sleeps? It is heard that from other chambers shouts of newborns reach, there is nothing more naturally than shout of the kid, and washing sleeps to himself, and suddenly as the blow a knife - whether and breathes it ?

From a sharp vyskakivaniye from a bed entered a back, the head went around, I bend to it - snuffles, and the diaper which for the first time pulled together a tiny little body slightly waves. Uff, breathes! And that it at me for foolish thoughts arose, it was thought. But why she so long sleeps and does not shout? So there passed the first sleepless night in postnatal single chamber in office “Mother and the child“, the first, and, probably, only sleepless from silence.

Why it constantly cries? She should have a sleep, and she cries. And I should have a sleep, and to the husband... Thoughts are confused, in the head rustles. But same it is abnormal! The child has to sleep at night and as it is written in the magazine, to wake up everyone two - three hours to eat, and she absolutely refuses to close the shouting mouth it is more than for half an hour. It is hurt, probably, by a tummy or a head, or perhaps a tummy and a head. And how to learn about it?

Tomorrow for the first time we go for walk! You represent, I trip sedately and stately on our street and I push ahead of myself the kid in a carriage! It not that quite recently the pregnant cuttlefish rolled over from a leg on a leg. Now I already again almost in a form (the benefit is also not visible not summer a true form in clothes), and in the new status! Oh, how many I dreamed of it, all 9 months and are even more! And why not to stop on it a stream of mental ecstasy before direct walk?

is not present

A, does not leave. To come for walk, it is necessary to go in the elevator, and the elevator in our not new house can fail in mine or ignite (somewhere I about it read)! All right, there is still a ladder, and the child can be taken out on hands, going down on it. But, having stumbled, it is possible to roll down from the most top step head over heels. And having left an entrance, it is possible to get under an avalanche of the snow which went down from a roof, and the passing car can come around on the sidewalk... Nda... Perhaps, walk should be postponed until the best times...

Somewhere read

that in the first year of life of the child it is possible to cure of almost all diseases and illnesses. Here only diseases at my baby are hided so deeply that we cannot reveal them in any way. And the first year will pass and what then? Motaniye on policlinics, the centers and the best experts began. And some deviations found, here what means “there would be a desire“!

Everything to treat, treat now and to treat once again, the great leader almost like bequeathed. And here, having imposed with boxes, flakonchik and other kanitelyyu, I read instructions for application. It becomes slightly bad from side effects, contraindications and structure. To my tiny and almost healthy creation all table of Mendeleyev - yes for anything!

As I dreamed, being a pregnant woman, to interweave beautiful ribbons into the daughter`s braids, to tie ridiculous tails on the top. Still my mother said to me that time I was born with a head of hear almost to shoulders, and my daughter, most likely, will be born with long hair. But at my baby it was hardly possible to call an easy down a head of hear. Months departed, and hair somehow did not hurry to grow and besides the nape was erased. And again, passing by carriages with kids, by the way you askance at long-haired girls by the form of our age, and there is a question - whether and all at us as it should be? Perhaps to consult at the expert?

The is become more senior by the daughter, the more arose fears, but already in connection with her activity.“ Do not creep - you will hit “, “ do not get up - you will fall “, “ do not touch - you will be soiled“ - as often similar phrases took off from my lips. My imagination drew terrible scenes, and I was ready to carry constantly the baby on hands if only nothing happened to it.

I it is only a drop in the ocean of my fears connected with the child. Torturing itself, I did not see and did not want to see that all this is negatively reflected in my child. Considering that I care for it, I thought generally of myself. And fears developed into hyper guardianship, and smothered it freedom, its own I.

Fortunately, having taken a detached view of a problem, having read thematic literature and having communicated to more skilled parents, I could understand myself and learn to treat the child as to the personality. And now I precisely know: everything will be OK!