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Hair after the delivery: metamorphoses pleasant and unpleasant

Hair (more true, not hair, but their bulbs) are very sensitive to hormonal conditions of an organism; besides, they very quickly “respond“ on any change of composition of blood of the person. Pregnancy, feeding and restoration after these periods call the whole scale of hormonal differences in an organism. And hair will surely react to these “cataclysms“.


during pregnancy as a result of increase in amount of women`s hormones and specific hormones of pregnancy thickens a horn layer of skin, on hair the quantity of scales therefore hair can become thicker also visually more dense increases. At the beginning of pregnancy greasiness of skin including head skin, and also production of specific adhesive which fastens hair scales among themselves amplifies increases. This period is characterized by the fact that hair cease to be set well in a hairdress, hold a wave worse, become grease quicker and create feeling of “heavy“. Dryness of hair during pregnancy is extremely unusual occurrence.

By the end of the first half of pregnancy the period of the strengthened growth and development of a fruit begins

. This stage takes everything in an organism, including mother`s hair.

Hair bulbs of round hair become very strong; they are able to hold a hair longer, than usually. Therefore head hair becomes more. Sometimes from - for very dense standing to each other hair can change the direction of the growth therefore there can be a feeling that on the head several tops at once, but it not so. Just hair grow in different directions and badly keep within.

the Last stage of changes of a condition of an organism in general and the beginning of return to usual functioning is the period of a lactation (feeding) and refusal of it.

In the first months after the delivery, as a rule, serious changes of a condition of hair in comparison with pregnancy do not happen therefore all above described phenomena are characteristic also for the first months after the delivery.

the Way to restoration

After 3 - 4 months after the delivery begins

return of a female organism to a usual hormonal state. The quantity of scales on skin, nails and hair becomes same as was before childbirth, the raised salootdeleniye disappears, there can sometimes be even a dryness of skin that causes an itch, easy burning. Oil masks for head skin will become the best means in this case. They can be done on the basis of castor, burdock, olive and peach oils. it is Very useful for p to do to

of once a month such mask. Add 1 egg yolk to 1 teaspoon of oil, mix everything and apply with a uniform layer on roots of dirty hair in 30 - 40 minutes prior to washing. From above put on a polyethylene hat (it is possible just a package) hair, and over polyethylene put on an old woolen cap or reel up a warm scarf, a scarf, an old terry towel. In 30 - 40 minutes wash away a mask shampoo.

During the same period (i.e. in 3 - 4 months after the delivery) very intensive stage of a hair loss begins p.

Many are very strongly frightened by

this process, but there is nothing to be afraid here - just bulbs returned to the usual functioning and ceased to gain the bigger weight of a hair.

Process of return of bulbs to a usual state at each woman takes place

individually. As a rule, it comes to the end in 6 - 8 months after the delivery or after the feeding termination.

Should notice

that process of an intensive hair loss takes place more promptly if the woman does not nurse. If the woman nurses the child till 9 - 12 months, this process can take place almost imperceptibly since alignment of a hormonal background goes more gradually, than at early refusal of breastfeeding.

How to be tonsured?

after the delivery when hair remain disobedient, as well as during pregnancy, a short hairstyle it is better to make

In the first months slightly deliberately negligent, with the sticking-out raznourovnevy locks. Then the unruliness of hair will “be beaten“ by a form and a type of the hairdress. When 3 - 4 months later seems after the delivery that many hair drops out, this illusion will be especially brightly expressed at owners of long braids therefore and here the hairstyle can serve good service.

needs to be remembered that the campaign to the hairdresser is always a small holiday for any woman. It always something brand new, always some chance to look more attractive. And at all not a secret that wellbeing and good development of the child directly depends on wellbeing and good mood of mother. Therefore when young mother in good mood, she feels sure, beautiful, attractive, and the kid behaves quietly. The campaign to the hairdresser is especially actual because after the delivery quite often there is a suppressed mood, a depression, and change of shape will help to cope with these troubles. It is necessary to register to the master only in advance not to waste time in turn, and to find the person who will sit with the kid. It is possible to agree about a campaign in a hairdressing salon with the girlfriend: until you get new shape, she will look after the baby. One more option to solve time problem - to call the master home.

concerning hairstyles: from the second half of pregnancy and to 3 - 4 months after the delivery the growth rate of hair doubles. So be not afraid!

we Choose by


to Dye hair during breastfeeding, as well as during pregnancy, it is possible, but the soft, sparing dyes better known under names “tinting“ or “ottenochny“.

Of course, are serious restrictions, for example for brunettes who got used to be painted in blondes, - here ottenochny means it is impossible to achieve the necessary result. But it is not necessary to become despondent. Time of changes - so time of changes. Why it is temporary (and there - as will go) not to replace color, for example, with chestnut? Or red...

the Tinting paints do not get to blood - they remain on a hair surface therefore are absolutely safe for the kid as there is even no small probability of their penetration into breast milk.

during feeding hair-dyeing is possible in the so-called “contactless“ ways

. These are various types of highlighting when paints are applied on a lock of hair, otstupya 01 - 0,7 from bulbs. This equipment, of course, is available only to professionals since dyes are applied under a certain corner so that head skin and a rostkovy bulb remain untouched, but not painted over roots it is not visible from - for angular an inclination: each hair in a lock turns out painted at different length.

of Feedback at hair with a bulb does not exist. Therefore paint remains only on already grown zone of hair, without being absorbed and without getting into blood.

Of course, indisputable leaders of hair-dyeing in the period of a lactation remain natural dyes - henna and a basma.

the Easy clarifying properties strong broths of leaves of a birch and rhubarb possess.

Ochre golden can turn out on light-a fair hair when rinsing by broth from an onions peel.

If you suffer from allergic reactions or hypersensibility to smells, before coloring it is necessary to consult with the doctor and the hairdresser: more careful choice of paints, firms and ways of coloring will be necessary for you.

the “Correct“ laying

For laying can use

by all means on a water basis, but not on alcohol as means on a water basis are not absorbed!

Now about chemical waves. Once again I will remind that “feedback“ of hair with a bulb does not exist: as they say, “that grew, grew“. Therefore the chemical wave during breastfeeding can be done. The chemical composition is never applied on head skin or is close to bulbs therefore danger of penetration of structure into blood does not exist.

Norm and pathology

Very many women complain that hair became after the delivery worse, than before pregnancy. Actually it seldom happens the truth since if hormones returned to the usual rhythm, then nothing has to change. Most likely, during pregnancy the woman managed to get used to a heavy, thick, thick hair, having forgotten what they were earlier. And when after loss of these heavy hair hair easier, thin and fluffy grow, she draws a conclusion that hair became worse.

But happens that consequences of pregnancy and childbirth are really reflected in a hormonal condition of an organism. In this case hair actually become more rare, weak, thin and fragile. Important “satellites“ of such trouble is an emergence of stronger pilosis on a body: hair begin to grow on hips, buttocks, a waist, around nipples, on a breast, a chin and over an upper lip. Skin becomes thicker, porous, pustulous rashes develop. Legs often swell, hurt. It is impossible to get rid of excess kilograms, even keeping the most rigid diet. Here in this case, only if after the delivery passed over a year, it makes sense to address the endocrinologist and to pass necessary inspections of the hormonal status.

If we exorcized

about excess weight, I can tell with full confidence that hair “feel“ this problem. Approach to normal weight brings strengthening of a hair bulb almost on a third! Increase in body weight after the delivery the reason of violations of growth and development of hair becomes very frequent. To grow thin rather slightly - and hair right there will become a thick.

as a measure which will help to restore health of hair can recommend to use as much as possible cottage cheese, dairy products, vegetables and boiled meat. It is not necessary to apply any special vitamins - enough the usual polyvitaminic preparations recommended for women after the delivery.

I in conclusion one more council: it is not necessary to be afraid of anything. Our fears - a source of our failures. Be more courageous, experiment, you seek to change something in the shape to the best.

B you now changes happen, so support them!