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Childbirth on a chair: for and against

Quite recently I defended the master`s thesis in medical school on the subject “Optimization of Ways, Receptions and Methods of Conducting Childbirth“, and now as the candidate of medical sciences I want to share the reasons in brief.

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In my thesis to vertical childbirth. The story I want to call “Childbirth on a chair: pros and cons“.

It is known that today a classic method of childbirth is childbirth “lying on a back“ though that this reception became quite recently, up to the XX century in the world so did not deliver anywhere. It is not casual. Such way for the woman in labor the most painful - the child presses on a backbone and a waist, plus any help from usual terrestrial gravitation.

In my opinion, worse than this way can be unless a way - childbirth headfirst - when the woman in labor hangs on a horizontal bar headfirst and gives birth (strangely why this way still does not practice anywhere, to obstetricians it is very convenient, and on the woman in labor to spit). It I to the fact that in the situation “lying on a back“ to obstetricians to deliver very conveniently, and our women, without suspecting that there are ways of childbirth, easier for them, agree, writing off all torments for the fact that “and has to be“.

But, as we know, all wisdom goes from old times. And in old times never in such look delivered anywhere, all childbirth was exclusively vertical. Probably, therefore in old times our grandmothers - great-great-grandmothers gave birth without special torments to 10 and more children, in fields and haymakings, quickly and easily. And not therefore whether today childbirth at most of women is so painful, many very young girls in panic are afraid even of the word “childbirth“.


From the point of view of physics, at vertical childbirth to the woman in labor is strongly helped by terrestrial gravitation - the fruit under the influence of gravity easier leaves. Further, it is easier for woman in labor to make an effort, any person in vertical position operates the body better. As result - childbirth takes place quicker that already gives them plus in comparison with childbirth horizontal.

Let`s consider different types of vertical childbirth. In Russia gave birth, as a rule, in baths, standing and resting about a wall. At all pluses of childbirth there is minus - at least two persons have to accept childbirth - one accepts directly, the second holds the woman in labor as in a standing position the body of the person is unstable, and at fights and attempts any sharp movement is fraught with grave consequences for a fruit and mother and everything is transferred in a standing position, I think, not really comfortably.

Or other way - Chinese - on cards, the same minuses, plus extremely inconveniently to the obstetrician to accept the child. Childbirth is on all fours deprived of the main plus - the help of terrestrial gravitation, and it is possible to call them vertical very conditionally. It turns out, as vertical childbirth has many minuses before horizontal.

A year ago, being in Amsterdam in practice, in one of local maternity hospitals I saw a special chair on which deliver, the woman in labor sits on it, makes an effort, the child leaves in a special hole in a chair. Quickly and quite easily childbirth took place, any gaps, in five minutes the woman in labor already held the child on the hands.

having Already arrived to Russia, I rummaged a lot of information, drew conclusions that childbirth on a chair - the way of conducting childbirth deprived of shortcomings of both horizontal, and vertical childbirth. Steadily sitting, the woman in labor can not be afraid, having made the sharp movement, to put a trauma to the child in the body and to the body. Force of terrestrial gravitation helps it to make an effort, and in a sitting position of a muscle of a pelvic bottom and a crotch are in a state, the most convenient at a fruit exit that in turn reduces gaps and accelerates the course of childbirth. Fights are also easier transferred when the woman sits, and it is better to go in general to her at this time, but only not to lie. At the equipment of this maternity chair acceptance of childbirth becomes convenient and for obstetricians.

in conclusion I can tell

, lovely women if you have an opportunity to give rise vertically, in particular, on such chair (some maternity hospitals already actively introduce this innovation), without deliberating, agree. You receive in this case: faster result of childbirth (very few people derived pleasure from directly childbirth), much reduce chance of ruptures of a crotch (mending, then it is impossible to sit week - too unpleasantly), and finally childbirth will take place at you much easier and why to suffer.

But even entering such childbirth, obstetricians do not hurry to offer them as it is simpler to deliver on a back to them. You first of all have to think of yourself and of the child, easy childbirth is an easy childbirth not only for you, but also for your child. So solve.

candidate of medical sciences