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Formula of an ideal figure

It is no secret that the majority of us are dissatisfied with the weight. At a modern rhythm of life we practically have no opportunity to eat properly as for preparation of dietary dishes there is not enough time.

the Diet - the easiest way to get rid of excess weight. Low-calorie diets enjoy the greatest popularity. However similar diets owing to shortage of protein, restriction already of rather poor range of vitamins and minerals in food and low caloric content can lead an organism to a stress which will develop into result opposite to the desirable. It is important for safe weight reduction that the organism received necessary substances in the minimum quantity of calories.

One of the most progressive directions in modern dietology - weight reduction due to increase in consumption of protein. The idea is in daily to receive necessary amount of protein without excess calories. The norm of protein pays off proceeding from a sex, age, a structure of a body, an index of body weight and other indicators. The individual norm of protein gives to the chance to control weight.

Why protein?

of Squirrels - the main construction material of cages of an organism.

Products with the high content of proteins send to a brain signals which within several hours interfere with emergence of feeling of hunger, and they are stronger than those that are sent by carbohydrates and fats. Besides, the high content of proteins and low - carbohydrates in your organism will help to accelerate a metabolism that promotes fast combustion of fats. Protein helps to transform fat to the tightened muscles, and they, in turn, burn more calories, than fat therefore even at rest you will get rid of excess weight. And here if you with food use insufficient amount of protein, it can damage to heart and muscles that is the main problem of so-called “hungry“ diets.

How many protein it is necessary for the person?

of the Woman men - in 150 g need approximately in 100 g of a protein daily. The individual quantity depends on a way of life, a structure of a body and a condition of an organism. The problem is that protein from food is badly acquired by an organism (at most for 75%), and even at dietary chicken meat except protein there is enough fat. Therefore not only the poor segments of the population which are killed from bread on potato (according to the research of Institute of food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science conducted in 2005), but also the wealthy Russians eating dietary products have deficiency of protein. It is almost impossible to receive enough protein with usual food. How to add the diet with protein without excess calories?

the Individual approach to control of weight

at our disposal is Today ShapeWorksTM - the new individualized program of the balanced food. It provides an organism with qualitative protein and a totality of necessary nutritious elements in a small amount of calories.

the ShapeWorksTM Program consists of three components. The first component is a nutritious cocktail the Formula 1. It is possible to replace with cocktail one meal a day, for example, a breakfast, and for weight reduction - also a lunch or a dinner. One meal a day remains usual. Cocktail contains cellulose, vitamins and minerals, 16 grams of qualitative protein, all main amino acids, and also special substances which accelerate combustion of fats. There are four tastes of cocktail which can be diversified still, mixing cocktail on a different basis (milk, kefir juice), adding various fruit, trying to obtain different consistences - from drink to dense mousse.

the Second component is a multivitamin Formula 2 complex which is easily acquired by an organism and daily fills vitaminno - a mineral imbalance, promotes immunity strengthening (ahead “a season of colds“).

the Third component - the protein mix Formula 3. This product especially will be pleasant to athletes as contains soy and serumal protein. But this product “is shown“ all as consumption of protein in a diet of the average Russian (according to Institute of food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science) - is much lower than norm. This proteinaceous powder is convenient that it can be added as to cocktail, and practically in any other food as it is easily dissolved, without leaving either taste, or a smell.

at the same time does not need to refuse usual food. The only thing - is necessary all - there are more fruit and vegetables less greasy food. And especially for sweet teeth and those who cannot do during the day without having a snack there is a proteinaceous bar which is pretending to be chocolate, but actually - almost pure protein.

of Advantage of the ShapeWorksTM program:

  • At least calories without feeling of hunger,
  • of Squirrels which helps “to mold“ an ideal figure,
  • All vitamins and minerals for support of an organism and strengthening of immunity,
  • Excellent taste, simplicity and convenience in application.