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Rent of apartments

of the Relation of tenants of apartments with lessors are full of secrets and misunderstanding. That to avoid it, it is necessary to sign competently the contract and to provide in it possible situations. If not to take care of study of all questions with sufficient care and not to issue relationship with the homeowner as it is necessary - not to avoid troubles and efforts. Let`s remind that on number of swindles and frauds rent of housing concerns to leaders among operations in the market of real estate.

to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is necessary to pay attention to the most important details of the forthcoming transaction on hiring of the apartment.

To whose services should resort that rent of the apartment did not turn into “emergency situation“? Answer one: use services of the real estate agency which well proved within several years.

Work with the client in real estate agency usually begins

with consultation. The employee of firm gives the client exhaustive information on a condition of the relevant sector of the market today, explains, on as for what money the client can really count, and also how many he approximately of time will occupy search of option necessary to it.


allocates Further the agent who is engaged in selection of options of the apartment, to the necessary client, and agrees with owners about survey of apartments in time, convenient for the client. After selection of the apartment meeting requirements of the client, the agent carries out an inspection - watches all necessary documents, finds out who is registered in this apartment and who is an owner. Then the bilateral contract is formed. Having signed it, the lessor and the employer transfer each other keys and a payment for hiring of the apartment, the stipulated pledge, and also the commission companies is paid (usually 100% of the monthly cost of hiring).

Why does not recommend to remove

housing independently? Because you can easily fall a victim of fraud (not to mention that independently to pick up desirable option extremely difficult). Realtors undertake verification of all documents confirming the rights of the lessor for the apartment, control drawing up the lease, often help to resolve the conflict situations arising subsequently.

it is necessary for

For confirmation of powers of the lessor and ensuring legal purity of the transaction:

the Broker of agency has to inform you if not all owners are present when signing the contract. Here you have an option: or to sign the contract which is not providing purity of the transaction or to demand presence of all owners if it is possible, or, as a last resort, do not hesitate to insist on entering into the contract of point that the lessor signing the contract is authorized to act on behalf of all owners and bears a liability in case other owners make the complaint.


Competently made contract is necessary for both parties. The tenant in the presence of such document from “lodger“ deprived of civil rights turns into dear “tenant“ capable to protect the interests legally. The contract is also extremely important for the lessor. Letting of housing only at first sight seems business simple. Actually, carelessness and insufficient preparation for this process involve an array of problems.

Carrying out mutual settlements between you and the lessor has to be carefully stated

in the contract. Usually payment of the first month or the first two - to be made three months when signing the contract that has to be reflected in it. Besides, in the contract terms and the amount of the subsequent payments have to be recorded. Each your payment has to be confirmed further by receipts of the lessor in which it is specified what sum and for what term is paid by you.

If you rent apartment for long term, pay attention to that in the contract there was point on a liability of the lessor in case of early cancellation of the lease contract on its initiative.