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Double record

What is the program of “the double diploma“? For one it is an opportunity to receive “crusts“ at once of two faculties of one higher education institution, for another - “sum“ of bachelor`s degrees and the master. But there is also the third option - an opportunity at the same time to gain the diploma of domestic and western higher education institutions. About the last the speech will also go.

Initially the majority of the similar programs offered by our higher education institutions was tracing-papers of the western analogs, sometimes not considering the Russian reality at all. Some projects those also remained. Others changed, having become bilateral that favourably at once to both higher education institutions, and teachers, and listeners, and the companies. Strategy at the choice of the partner at each higher education institution and business - schools the. Everything depends on the purposes of educational institution and its specialization.“ At the choice of partners we proceed from need of own accurate positioning for space world business - educations, - Sergey Kalendzhyan, the director of the Higher school of corporate management of ANH at the Government of the Russian Federation says. - Undoubtedly, tens are tempting to work with schools of World War I. But whether we are ready to such interaction?“

“It not always turns out, - the rector of IEF “Synergy“ Mikhail Ioffe says. - For example, Oxford was never interested in partnership with someone: there and so students from around the world go. Besides not all programs suit us. There is a huge number of the business disciplines calculated on centuries-old experience of the developed capitalism to us the initial stage of formation of the market relations is more interesting“.

the Choice of the partner depends on the level and features of the offered program. If it is about the “elite“ program, look for higher education institution from the first twenty; about the first higher education - the “average“ higher education institution ready to work according to the scheme 3+1, 2+2 (the baccalaureate program when 2-3 years the student studies in domestic higher education institution, and the rest of the time - in higher education institution - the partner).

also the programs assuming a full course in the Russian higher education institution (departure abroad - at the request of the student) Exist.“ Such program gives the chance to gain the full diploma of the western university in Moscow - not all are able to afford to leave for two years the country“, - Elena Rakitkina, the manager of special projects of the Eniro RUSM company, the graduate of the Moscow international higher school of business of “MIRBIS“ (MMVShB of “MIRBIS“) noted.

What gives cooperation to domestic higher education institutions and business - to schools? “The western partners are a quality assurance business - educations, a source of modern techniques, textbooks, cases, examples advanced western business - practice“, - Mikhail Zaytsev, the head of the EMVA program of Institute of business and business administration of ANH at the Government of the Russian Federation considers.“ At interaction with foreign partners we are interested first of all in their know - how, the tested technologies, experience with graduates, the modern techniques of teaching based on use of active forms of education, - Sergey Kalendzhyan tells. - It is no secret that Russian business - schools exist rather not for long and have insufficient experience. But we can not invent the bicycle anew, and use practices of foreign partners“.

“If we want to integrate our students into the international economic space, it is necessary to cooperate with the western schools, - Mikhail Ioffe noted. - To enter the international market of education, we have to know what programs and standards are accepted there“. Joint projects promote it as well as possible.

In turn foreign higher education institutions are interested in expansion of the range of the programs, involvement of students, a gain of the new markets. It forces them to look narrowly more fixedly at the Russian colleagues, but also demands counter actions from domestic educational institutions.“ Our universities have to change the strategy and policy in favor of acceptance of foreign students. Because it is in many respects more favorable than a condition in our country, than abroad where to the left - to the right it is necessary to pay for each movement on dollar. Our conditions are more attractive to foreign students“, - Dmitry Shevchenko, the director of the Center of marketing and information management of Russian State Humanitarian University considers.

Training of foreign students is possible

on economic and business - to programs. But on engineering, medical and other specialties standards of education too different. Therefore before teaching the foreigner on the builder or the surgeon, it is necessary to estimate whether our educational standards suit him.

Good option is the training based on interaction with foreign experts, the companies and added with acquaintance to life and the atmosphere of life in the host country. Such experience is necessary not only to students. Many business - schools practice special training for teachers. “Informal contacts between the Russian teachers participating in the program, and our western colleagues give invaluable experience and indirectly promote teaching improvement of quality in general“, - Mikhail Zaytsev noted.

Is to what to learn also from us. During training foreign students visit the companies, study specifics of the market. Many start contacts here.

On others planet


of the Requirement to the list of obligatory objects and level of their teaching at us and abroad different. For example, the MVA domestic program provides 1000 hours in audience, and foreign - no more than 400 classroom hours, the rest - independent work.


Therefore for joint programs usually choose compromise option.“ Signing of agreements is preceded by a big preparatory work on comparison of curricula and programs of our higher education institution and school - the partner“, - Mikhail Zaytsev noted. On coordination of all nuances and search of the decision sometimes leaves two - three years.

the Problem of adaptation of the western programs is connected by

with impossibility to pass instantly, for example, to a Harvard method of training. Teachers, how many listeners are not ready to it not so much (as a rule, they are ready for lectures and are not ready that emphasis will be placed on obtaining practical skills). Besides, graduates note that the program of “the double diploma“ means requirements to structure of theses, depth and quality, more serious in comparison with the Russian analog, of the represented material.

the Foreign part of the program is not only new experience and knowledge, but also a number of psychological, ethical and material problems. A language barrier not only of them. In the first month of study abroad the student from any country feels specific shock - culture clash - from - for collisions of cultures. Elena Zubkova, the first vice rector for international relations of MMVShB of “MIRBIS“ tells:“ Imagine the person of twenty years who appeared in other country where the language, the culture, is not present any acquaintance or the loved one. Moreover it is necessary to live and pay on something the university hostel. And worries nobody that to you it is sad that it is necessary most to cook food and if before the end of the week there is not enough money, then it is necessary that somebody fed you. These are the household moments. But they are very important in the first months while the student did not adapt to new conditions“. Material difficulties can really become a serious problem - sometimes the cost of stay in the country is equal to the cost of the program.

Besides our students did not get used to system of free visit when the listener has the right to choose to what lectures to go. One more problem - standards of behavior. Dmitry Shevchenko tells:“ Abroad it is possible quietly to sit down to have dinner at one table with the teacher, “to play with it checkers“, but when lecture begins, all understand at once that there is a subordination. At us, having had dinner at one table, then cannot long disperse. We do not understand the roles: where formal communication where informal where work where leisure begins … And there all perfectly understand these differentiations. They have other mentality. And it is necessary to reckon with it“.

to Whom it is necessary to


“crust“, how many the new horizons which are opened by training in the program of “the double diploma“ is important

For students not so much.“ Having received at us the bachelor`s degree, - Dmitry Shevchenko says, - the student can study in a magistracy in any country. Besides existence of the second, foreign diploma considerably facilitates employment in Russia and gives the chance to get a job abroad“.

“At the first introduction lecture we were warned that almost all listeners of the program after its end will change a job, - Elena Rakitkina tells. - And it turned out. From the small company in which was the head of one of sales departments and was engaged in operational work I passed into the large company where I begin the new large-scale project in the sphere of B2B“.

Of course, programs of “the double diploma“ are more demanded by the staff of the multinational companies for whom it is not important from what you are the countries, and skills of business in world scales and language training are important. If to speak about concrete specialties, the diploma of the western higher education institution should be gained to the people working in such universal areas as management of the organization, marketing, logistics. And those who needs the special knowledge considering economic and legislative features of the country, all - should think of the diploma of domestic higher education institution.