Rus Articles Journal

Picnic of

outdoors I Like to have a rest in Russia! In the homeland of so many wonderful corners which on beauty will not be compared to any abroad! Departure on the nature with fishing, spending the night and a meeting of dawn on Volga was best of all remembered. I tried to state this story in verses, I hope, they will please you and will lighten mood.

Somewhere there, behind a distance blue,
Where the edge of heaven disappeared,
magic and real,
At all the non-standard wood Is.

Where trees are torn by

Under a forest green shelter,
There around a fire of big
of Times for May we gathered.

All friends serially of
Mounted guard

Food prevented - free,
A on a post - who has a rest.

of the Friend the train came, his
A caught a cold also a trace. its
A as did not happen,
Just here was - and is not present.

I where our friend disappeared?
Perhaps who it stole?
Perhaps he went astray?
Washed down, with the woman went on a spree?

Long all it looked for

I felt sorry for all it.
was abused - damned,
cursed in all it.

I was found behind the quiet small river:
Here it, nice! Hey, meet!
In this dark town,
he Drank from a thermos tea!

At the wife a voice a was call,
It is heard even for one hundred versts.
All shouted: “Ah, geek!
Where you were, an unruly dog?

You to us tore all nerves,
to Drown you in a pond!
March into place, wolf plywood!“
A fugitive all: “I will not go!“

We even all were struck dumb,
Even ran a shiver -
I was strainedly cried out:
“It as so you will not go?!“


“And here so, me bothered,
Beer, eggs, shish kebabs,
Ya decided to descend on the left, Tea to drink
here at the river.“


“Well, let`s be reconciled, Tell
to us that for tea? the Wood, rest why to us to be angry,
Better tea treat with

A drink was pleasant!
In this tea was all sense,
All shish kebab our fragrant
Turned into a piece of coal.

of Egg, bread was pulled down by birds, -
arranged a banquet:
This tea often dreams us,
Though there passed few years.

tea then Took off to us fatigue,
It that day encouraged all of us.
Yes, news last here, -
the Friend invited to tea of all.

we Will sit, laugh,
to Drink its crown tea.
the Occasion is now to meet,
the First toast: “Give some tea!“