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Why the child shirks school

Ya I am in blank despair. My child ceased to attend 12 years school two years ago, began to lie, looking directly in eyes. Perhaps my child is sick? No arrangements help. Tikhanina, Moscow area.

. Also there is a lot of reasons for which children shirk school as reasons for which adults shirk execution of these or those duties. There are affairs more interestingly either weather too good, or mood too bad. Perhaps, duties too not to liking. Perhaps, is not present the slightest belief in success - also time to spend nothing. Probably, each adult will remember at least one case when it on “absolutely objective“ circumstances was late or missed an undesirable meeting; too late remembered need to call on unpleasant business.

to Guess what induces your child to shirk school, it is almost useless. Much simpler and effective way - to ask. If the child trusts you and at least a little bit hopes for your ability to help, he will tell everything with feeling of a great relief. If does not tell, there is a sense to ask all who can know something. But at the same time reel up to yourself on a mustache: your main problem at all not that the child shirks school and that he does not trust you and does not hope for you.

What measures should take, depends entirely on the reasons of truancies. For example, if the child skips lessons, boring from his point of view, from time to time, his progress does not suffer, teachers not in a claim, and he spends time for occupations intelligent and not reprehensible, then it is possible just to legalize such truancies. That is to ask the child to inform you in advance.

Quite another matter if the child shirks school because it is teased or pokolachivat by schoolmates; or because at this time he smokes “grass“ in a gate; or because the teacher ordered not to be without parents. In any of these cases measures should be taken, and very serious.

As is shown by experience, councils of the family and acquaintances are most often useless. But them it is possible to address for a consolation and sympathy. Only it is not necessary to confuse one to another. If friends and relatives sympathetically nod to you, from this does not follow that the plans discussed by you at this moment are good and it is necessary to start their realization immediately.