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Mother wants at the sea

Well, here we also bought train tickets, it does not matter, that from the fourth time, and not absolutely there. The main thing - mother with two children wants to escape from cold and dirty Moscow on the solar South.

Options were the most various, but at the last minute, having read the latest announcement in “Tourism and rest“, we take the permit in Azovsky boarding house (Ukraine, the Crimea, Leninsky district, Ostanino`s station). I am bribed most of all not by(with) the price (360 rubles a day with food), and the fact that I with two children of 4,5 and 1,5 years will be met at station. And the father agreed to everything, having a presentiment also of the rest these two weeks!

It is valid, we were met, but at once it became visible that we rather early welcomed (was on June 11), and the main arrival will take place on June 18 so nothing was ready, they were not in time... It is necessary to tell that the owner of boarding house - the Muscovite, and too did not arrive yet at that time so he said then that he just was aware not of local affairs. Nevertheless, lodges, toilet and the dining room were prepared, purity is induced, and we did not make a claim on accommodation. However all small vacationers got to the core at once that two different changes, one of which prepares just awfully, work in the dining room, and the second - it is good, but is rare.

the Main lack of boarding house: the city of Shchelkino was visible in the distance, but is inaccessible. Every other day there the minibus on 30 rubles went to one party, it was possible to return only on it. And all!!! If not all understood at once, then I will tell more precisely - was not near either the village, or the market, or cafe, or shop. Of course, the administration of boarding house very much used it, selling in the bar a shish kebab and fruit at the unlimited prices.

the Public was generally with children therefore needed dairy products and fruit. Many including we, did not take with ourselves from the house a lot of money, being sure that is paid for everything in advance. On what local workers were indignant, a pier “beggars, arrived in the house-keeper - a class, so also naked“. Well, there was nothing to tear off from us! Though of residents of the nice and unfortunate city of Shchelkino - the city - “ghost“ of the Soviet nuclear power - I cannot complain. And any Ukrainian to us personally made nothing bad, it precisely.

Thank God, children do not notice household inconveniences. My “monkeys“ began to have fun in the train, and quickly accustomed to boarding house, got acquainted with all. At once ran at the sea, but it appeared slightly - to go slightly far across the field without carriage so we always carried after that younger on a carriage. Here my senior does not like to go to long distances, and at the end it was necessary to ask to take place him for the sake of mother of 15 minutes on the desert coast and to plunge.

was Protected wild, but in own way by beautiful: the mad quantity of cockleshells, are not present sand but only boundless hills from cockleshells! And on them cormorants important walk, the hubbub of a bird`s market sometimes reaches. The sea in this place deep, happens a storm that could not be expected from the Azov coast in any way. And with weather we were not lucky, it was cool, but any acclimatization, any diseases. In general everything was similar to our dacha... But the sea, the sea pays back all efforts, it feeds my dreams and pleases with memories of it, it always remains with me. Not children gathered full packages of cockleshells, and I - for memory, for long winter.

the Boarding house is recently remade by

from a summer camp, in the territory there is a thrown playground, not dangerous, but poor. And here to you all leisure: neither the organizer of cultural rest, nor video, nor library, only occasionally excursions, but for us it was irrelevant. Though all - we escaped on excursion to Koktebel for what small paid with travel sickness in the minibus. But took for a drive the senior on the big boat from Feodosiya to Koktebel, and mother was all eyes on places of the childhood, remembered how here it was good when still her parents were young people. This day I understood that I started all this not for nothing!

Though still: from an embankment and not in the car, with walk on three cars with a carriage, two children and all things... But I think that I not only amused myself, having gone to holiday, and received still a lot of things: the son became and is more adult, both is more responsible, and is closer, we somehow learned each other more, it became more interesting to us together. And the daughter - it always in our campaign! Mother Galya, Lyov`s son, daughter Ulya.

P. S. All of us are travelers now, we look for opportunities for further trips. Very much we want to acquaint the father, but it is impossible.