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At the beginning there was an apple. Our history also began with it. Researchers, of course, claim that the apple-tree appeared in Asia Minor, from there moved to Palestine and Egypt and then was settled worldwide. But any intelligent person knows: the first apple-tree was found in the Eden, so, was always.


and rescue of hostesses

are Told, in especially bumper-crop years of edition of specialized editions are filled up with letters: “Rescue! Prompt: where to put apples?!“ However, the apologist sadovo - country ideology of Oktyabrin Ganichkin claims that only greedy summer residents ask such question. It does not leave none of friends without jam jar. The elementary, and because the most tasty: apples to clear, wipe, put in a pan, to add sugar (300 g on a mashed potatoes kilogram); to cook before solidification, to cool, shift in glass jars and to close paper. (Grateful guests can answer such noble gesture with a gift - for example, a ceramic posudinka with the cover in the form of apple intended just for graceful roasting of these fruit.)

However to ask a question, where to put apples, really quite strange. And business here not in greed. Since age-old times in Russia there was a holiday Apple Saviour (to broad not religious masses it was remembered by the fact that in 1991 coincided with the first day of putsch, on August 19). For Apple Saviour sometimes arranged exclusively “apple“ table: prepared both the first, and the second, and compote, and sweet from apples.

A today when in the world there are more than ten thousand species of apple-trees, especially it is awkward to p to listen to all these plaintive “what with them to do“. The competent hostess could open apple restaurant in which menu would intertwine kitchen “fusion“, a new “natural“ wave, dietary ideology and a haute minimalist cuisine. Everything that this hostess would need to know, - with what ours differ an antonovka, a polosatka and Sinop, Argentina vinesap, the American grenn Smith, and also Turkish golden delishes, mountainous almaatinsky “gold“ and some other. And then it by means of several reference books and guides to kitchens of the world would make invaluable - and safe - the menu.

Bring to

the menu!

In the card of drinks undoubted leaders: it supposedly rejuvenates, clears kidneys and promotes merging of bones after changes. Besides, kvass just tasty. That to prepare it, 30 sour apples, 5 l of water, 400 g of sugar, 25 g of yeast, raisin will be required. To cut, fill in the crude apples together with a core with boiled water, to cool, filter. To put yeast, to mix and put to the warm place. When fermentation begins, to add sugar and to leave at several o`clock. To remove foam and to pour kvass on bottles, having put in each 2 - 3 highlights.

But as aperitif (as the restaurant, of course, would become fashionable and the secular public would like to begin the long lunches with the “warming“ drink) cocktails on the basis of “Eppl Brendi“, the most fragrant brandy which ripened in an ancient oak barrel would be very good


someone would choose by

On snack apple soup with trickled pastries from a semolina. 200 g of apples to clear, cut segments. To boil thoroughly separately a peel with spices (cinnamon, a carnation, an orange dried peel), to add 100 g of sugar, again to boil thoroughly, put the segments of apples prepared and kept in sugar. When apples become soft, to fill in soup with the starch divorced cold water and to cool. To prepare trickled pastries from a semolina, eggs, margarine and a nutmeg. Soup, of course, turns out sweet - according to the majority of east systems of improvement, it is necessary to eat quite so, from sweet to salty. But if it seems to someone unusual, then in our menu there are many quite familiar salads.

In general it is considered p that apple impacts special relish to any salad. (You remember, in “Office romance“? “And at me this salad turns out more tasty! It is necessary to add a grated apple to it!“ ). But there are several combinations, literally for the apples created. For example: sweet red pepper, sheep cheese and mayonnaise / cream as gas station. Or: green tomatoes, iceberg salad and olive oil. And still: cabbage of a kohlrabi, fresh sprouts of soy, sesame sunflower seeds, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, olive oil.

More difficult snack are, for example, cheese from apples with honey (the ancient recipe according to which sour apples in a pot long weary in the furnace, then wipe with honey and cook; add candied fruits to the turned-out weight, to a tack, ginger and pepper and two days maintain under a press). Or pancakes on beer - the name making magic impact on men. Beer is added to dough at the very first stage, and karamelizirovanny apples - at a baking stage.

apples are used by

In main courses more moderately, than in snack. Mainly - as sauce. Chinese turned sour - sweet sauce (small polished apple mixes up with pineapple, apple juice, honey, tomato paste and vinegar, it is carried to boiling and it is boiled) is ideally suited to a pike perch and other white fish. In the French tradition apple sauce for cutlets on - Norman prepares from apples, cream and a Calvados - Norman apple vodka. And east Europeans do simple, tasty and quite dietary chicken ragout, adding carrots, peas, onions and apples to chicken.

to the Convinced vegetarians at apple restaurant chatn - hot dense spice of the Indian invention which composition, except apples, includes melted butter, ginger, cinnamon, an anise, raisin, dried hot pepper, a carnation, a turmeric, sugar and water would offer

some intricate rice with apple.

Well and of course, at such restaurant would know the most correct recipe of preparation of soaked apples. They would become a house specialty, and, perhaps, the translucent ranetka in a graceful plateau would move as a compliment from the chief to each visitor. Quite good idea, truth?

  • apples Salad with a celery and nuts
  • Focaccia with apples and raisin
  • the Goose with apples on - Norman
  • the Carp mirror with apples
  • Cream from avocado and apples with shrimps

Sweet dreams

Though, I think, sweet dishes would be weakness of the owner of apple restaurant. Because best of all apple feels in desserts and any dessert becomes refined and gentle with the minimum participation of apple. And therefore that I am sure: a charlotte - that unique dish which cannot bother. And maybe, because I already see myself in an image of the owner of apple restaurant (in a vintage dress, with a pearl thread on a neck and starched to a fartuchka from Moschino) and I represent how I will give freedom of the imagination.

Can restore, for example, ancient recipes of preparation of the French fruit jelly. The word “fruit jelly“, by the way, in a close translation means “carefully prepared dish of color of apples“. The recipe was thought up, of course, not French - they spotted during crusades as Asians evaporate on the sun apple and quince juice on metal dishes. These marmeladina of brownish color were similar to thin plates, to the boards fitted by bull skin. But taste were divine. French during an era of blossoming of confectionery art prepared tens of types of the of “firm jam“: with glaze, zhelirovanny, condensed, viscous … With technical progress people learned to do fruit jelly of everything, but confectioners claim what real can still be received only from apples, a quince and apricots.

From a variety of apple desserts takes the breath away. From these fruit prepare figs (the same fruit jelly, but in it is both a thin skin, and pieces of fruits, and even sunflower seeds), and a fruit candy, and a zephyr, and mousse, and an elder, and jelly. Absolutely special sweets - so-called dry jam. If to take out apples from jam, to allow syrup to flow down and dry, fruits confits will turn out. You will sprinkle these fruit with sugar - there will be already fruits candis. Fruits glaces - the “varnished“ fruit covered with syrup and again dried up.


For all above described transformations best of all are suitable sour grades of apples like antonovsky, and here for pastries and roasting sweet are ideal and turned sour - sweet, such as “bolduin“, “gravenstein“, “golden delishes“, “Macintosh“, “roum byyut“.

Here too can be engaged in recovery of ancient recipes. Baking and roasting was just by the Russian part. Here one of our old recipes, already when reading which dark avenues, a verandah with the lamp shade, evening tea drinking are represented. And with pleasure heart clenches. To take good strong apples, to clear, take out a core so that fruits remained whole. To put them in the pan oiled, to pour a little water, to add cinnamon, sugar and slightly - slightly cognac. To cook on light fire that apples remained whole. When they are ready, to lay out in a deep dish, to put a fruit jelly spoon from apricots or plums in each apple, a sugared lemon crust. Istoloch biscuits and to strew with them apples. To glaze the prepared in advance dense vanilla or lemon cream. The combination of the baked apples and dense cream very often occurs in ancient Russian recipes, by the way. It is necessary to try.


of Reflection of Sunday half a day

I at last, allow me to draw a portrait of the constant guest of apple restaurant. This is the young man or the young woman with an excellent figure, fine skin, a magnificent head of hear and a snow-white smile. At least, such image is created by doctors when tell about advantage of apples - and that ideally the person has to eat not less than 60 kilograms a year. Apples, they say, is a symbol of youth and longevity. In 100 grams of apple puree - only 55 calories, and apple diets are considered nearly as the most effective especially as it is quite possible to replace with three apples breakfasts and dinners.

the whole direction of nonconventional medicine which investigates possibilities of treatment by apples Exists. Apparently, quite successful. In any case, it is known that the help of apples happens invaluable at gastritises and recovering from heart attacks, and also at violation of work of intestines. And about communication “apples - teeth“ and so know all.

Besides, women since Eve and Elena used apples in the cosmetic purposes. To make a face pack of polished apple, a yolk and a spoon of cream or of apple, protein and a spoon of olive oil - hobby of lazy Sunday half a day!

this laziest Sunday midday when the summer already says goodbye to the following time, and apples fall on a grass, both smells of a fire, and pulls far fogs, it is so pleasant to lie in a hammock and to dream. For example, about own restaurant. Or about what amazing apples pie can be made for evening tea drinking.


- the C apples of the relation at me ambiguous. Generally I am not their passionate fan. I love only firm, very juicy. And that they had a taste turned sour - sweet. However, all this does not belong to small sour apples from my classic - the bicycle childhood. I climbed behind them trees and when I looked at their red barrels, it seemed to me: here now I will get that, the most distant, and there will be to me happiness. And happiness was valid.

having Already become adult, I learned that these apples are called paradise, and agreed: not for nothing. At that age when all that was initially connected with paradise apples - temptations, love, temptations became close to me, - I conceived a liking for a charlotte. This fragrant pie subdued me the simplicity, low cost and the fact that made indelible impression on my gentlemen. Only there was some occasion - a calendar holiday or family celebration, - and even the most resistant fell to my legs and appealed: “A charlotte on a table!“ I always complied with these requests - process of creation of an oven masterpiece was a burden on me at all not. To a certain moment I even considered amount of the made pies, but when it passed for one hundred - got off. And as soon as I did not experiment with this charlotte: added to egg sponge bananas, cherry, chopped chocolate and nuts, a dried peel of oranges, cardamom and a nutmeg. After apples were cut, sprinkled them lemon juice, poured sugar with cinnamon and put couple of spoons of honey.

Almost always I baked two pies at once and interlaid them with baked apples, strawberry in chocolate glaze, a zephyr or fruit syrup. And I dreamed that at metro stations apples will be on sale by the piece, in the beautiful rustling pieces of paper. What my surprise when in Paris I found Pomze shop was.

This unique place. Only one apple juices in it - six types, ciders - more than thirty, plus to it fruits with a tattoo, the real gold apples and so many fragrant, spicy and sweet … There as if my apple imaginations were realized. Now I dream that Pomze will appear also in Moscow. And, maybe, I will open one more secret of seduction of firm gentlemen.