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Natural disasters eyes of our children

Hurricanes, floods, tsunami, earthquakes, wildfires... Perhaps, through one hundred years people will learn to protect themselves from natural disasters. But since death Pompeii and till today all of us are also vulnerable. Wounds from an earthquake in Armenia, floods in the south of Russia and in Europe, a tsunami in Hugo - East Asia are still fresh, and we with alarm listen again to news: “The first dams restored on East coast of the USA after the hurricane Katrina in several days are destroyed by the typhoon Rita“... The elements strike blow behind blow, without allowing people to sigh quietly.

Every year the Ministry of Emergency Situations makes the forecast for emergency situations in Russia. In the forecast for 2005 there are such words:“ Repeatability of natural hazards and processes is maximum for the entire period of supervision in the last decade“. The greatest number of natural emergencies is predicted in the territory of Southern and Far East (on 40 - 50 emergencies) federal districts. whether

Should saying

that children need protection as nobody else. First of all, it is kids who appeared around accident. But in this article it will be a question not only of them. The reporting from the place of natural disaster which the child will see on the TV or will hear on radio can make very painful impression on it and cause a number of psychological problems. How to work to parents when from alarm in the head climbs anything, except proper words for children? How to teach the child it is reasonable to behave at threat of natural disaster?

“Mother, I am afraid...“

Of course if your child lives not in vacuum, completely will not manage to isolate it from disturbing information. In this case everything that it concerns him is the best of all to discuss with it and disturbs. For your child you are a defender and the source of information, much more useful, than the TV because in a news of a thing are quite often dramatized and presented in the shocking look. If you allow the child to watch news programs, do it in very small amounts better at your presence that was with whom to discuss inevitably arising questions.

How to build conversation if your child is frightened by threat of natural disaster?


Unfortunately, at all desire any parent cannot guarantee 100% safety of the child. But clear text it is not necessary to report about it to children. Better to say so:“ We will do everything possible for your safety“. It is especially important to hear it to small children. Such statement will help them to calm down and will relieve of painful thoughts on a subject “What happens to me? Who will rescue me?“ .

Always explain to children a situation with quiet tone, carefully hide from them that you are afraid too. Accompany words with embraces and friendly strokings, it will help children to feel with safety.

Let children ask

Suggest kids to ask you about everything that disturbs them. If you do not know answers to some questions, try to address printing editions, the Internet, friends or even doctors. The TV as we told above, it is better to use in limited quantities and in the presence of adults not to give in to panic.


the Nature can be unusually fine, and in the same measure awful. It is unlikely you want that your child tested panic horror before any natural phenomena. Therefore it is necessary to explain to him that such earthquake, a hurricane or a tsunami why they occur. To tell that people learned to adapt to these natural disasters and some measure to be protected from them. It is possible to talk that as a result of cataclysms the shape and a landscape of Earth is formed, but the periods of activity are replaced by the periods of calm and tranquility.

Children suffer not only from fear of the nature, but also from powerlessness to help those who really suffered from natural disaster. Address to some charitable organization, whether it be “A red cross“ or “Doctors without borders“, and list a donation to victims of this or that cataclysm. If it is about the event which took place in the far-away country tell the child something about this corner of the globe, about its population and culture.

When parents at work

Almost each child of younger school age appears houses one from time to time. None of us consider this option desirable, but nevertheless so is. These minutes and hours the school student is especially vulnerable and defenseless in the face of unusual situations. Certainly, there are some things which the child has to know to manage to report to adults about himself.

Can make several universal recommendations for parents which want to ensure safety of children in the absence. These councils will help children to behave adequately in difficult situations.

Write down phones of service of rescue, ambulance, militia, gas service. Include mobile, house and working numbers of the immediate family and reliable friends in the list. Ask these people whether it is possible to count on them in a case a swagger - a major? Whether they know that the child can ask them for the help? Do we have information, necessary for the emergency help (number of your mobile phone, your exact address, etc.) ?

If the list of the emergency telephone numbers does not hang on the place visible to the child (better at each of telephone sets), hang up it there now. Write your address in the same place. The grandmother captured by panic or the nurse can not remember your exact address, causing service of rescue by phone.

Is the rule it is useful for all, but it is especially important for the people living in regions with the increased probability of natural disasters. Get the “emergency“ notebook and you hold it in kitchen. Write down instructions there how to work to members of your family at emergence typical a swagger - major situations. (For example if your district is threatened by floodings during a spring flood, write to a notebook to whom you can leave and how there to call.) Each family ideally has a good acquaintance or the relative living in other district. Write down its contact information in a notebook and mark:“ help in other city“.


For what needs this notebook? If accident develops promptly, and it is necessary to leave urgently the house, having taken a minimum of things, you will not manage to take care of everything at once. And to put a notebook in a pocket - business of three seconds.

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Sometimes state of emergency happens to