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It is necessary to know the own worth of

of People - it, as we know, sounds is proud, but is even more proud in modern society the word “professional“ sounds. And each expert has the concrete market price. Though also nuances are possible...

Information solves everything

If you still do not know the cost of own qualification, immediately conduct small market research. It needs to be made, on the one hand, not to create vain illusions into the account, and with another - not to allow hard-fisted employers to parasitize on own ignorance.

should be Begun with

with monitoring of the vacancies published in specialized editions and the Internet (it is also possible to use a zarplatomer - such service is on many profile websites). From these sources it is easy to gather useful information which will allow you to sketch idea of inquiries of the market and those opportunities which you have. But representation will be very approximate. For anybody not a secret that often employees receive the most part of money in envelopes. Besides a salary it is necessary to consider also system of compensations, bonuses, options, health insurances and other. Sometimes the similar set of extra charges much more exceeds a basic salary of the employee. Influence a salary and many other objective and subjective factors. Quite often real salary significantly differs from that which as a peculiar bait the careless employer specifies in the announcement. The large role is played by the identity of the person, in particular his ability to prove brilliantly during interview with the personnel officer or the employer and during passing of a trial period. Researches of psychologists unambiguously demonstrate that in many cases the person charming and just nice is given higher starting salary, than to the same good expert, but not able to present favourably himself.

It is also frequent, especially on elite positions, announcements of vacancies do not contain information on the concrete sum at all, it is replaced by the mysterious formulation “A salary high by results of interview“ or “The salary is discussed“. It means for the knowing person that the ceiling of its income will depend directly on that benefit which he guarantees to the company employing it.

in the press are regularly published Today by the reviews of salaries on Moscow, Russia, segments of the market, the directions of business prepared by the personnel and consulting companies etc. But besides such expert estimates should not be perceived unambiguously: it is necessary to do the amendment on market condition, specifics of the companies, their policy for personnel, the sum which they are ready to pay employees now, a development stage on which there is this or that structure, etc. All listed factors should be considered adequately to estimate the obtained data and not to make quick decisions. It is very good if, having checked similar calculations, you suddenly understand that you are worthy to go behind a salary with collector bags, but not to hide from the wife of a grist. But it is necessary to realize that the ideal model and real life is as speak in Odessa, two big differences.

the Important source of information are friends, acquaintances, the former classmates or colleagues from the next office, more precisely those from them who works in one with you a segment of the market or in one direction. However, the corporate culture of many companies rigidly punishes workers for disclosure of similar information, but in private conversation behind a glass of beer the old friend for certain will tell you several curious figures.

One more practical advice - before starting collection of information instead of combing a taiga, itself should set specific conditions of search, for example:“ I want to work in commercial structure, only in the large Russian company with the untwisted brand; he agrees to irregular working hours; it is ready to consider only corresponding to my qualification and experience of the offer“. It is approximate option. Everyone for himself solves to how rigid criteria his potential position has to answer, but, respectively, the search framework is wider, the dispersion of salaries is more.

Of what the professional`s cost consists?


As it was already told, productivity of his work - that profit which it can bring seriously influences the employee`s salary, especially in business and finance companies. If the sales manager finds a job, then usually look at the sales volumes reached by him on the former place of work if it is about logistics - are interested in effective schemes of deliveries and purchases which he used for optimization of activity of firm, having saved the former employer solid means. On the person having reputation of the tsar Midas that is capable everything around himself to turn into gold, the real hunting with involvement of the best headhunters (headhunters) sometimes is developed, and the cost of such expert depending on the scale of its activity is comparable with the price of the good football player.

the price of the professional is influenced by his human reputation: psychological compatibility, loyalty in relation to the administration, clients, business partners. As for education, here all very individually: whom? that will be satisfied by your words and who? that will demand the diploma and not what? nibud, and MVA - the most prestigious program of training of managers in the world - or MSU. However, if you already well proved in the market, then you will hardly begin to be estimated according to the diploma. Only at beginners the salary often depends on a crust. The successful person can not know any foreign language at all and have behind shoulders three classes tserkovno - parish school, and will promise the moon to it, and having caught such expert to the state, will put it to direct employees with Harvard and Cambridge diplomas.

the Major factors influencing the expert`s cost are that

(values are given in process of decrease them):

Should be considered also that depending on a profile of activity of the company the hierarchy of valuable qualities of the employee can change, but all the same its basis will remain firm as experience, communications and loyalty to the management - properties which are demanded practically everywhere.

Often young, quickly developing companies offer the employees higher salaries, than their solid competitors. To the beginners storming the market it is vital to win round initiative and talented pros, and risky prospects, as a rule, should be compensated by higher compensation, than on average on the market. The stable companies pay employees (it does not belong to a top - to managers) usually on the lower average market level. But they guarantee to people reliability, instill in them confidence in tomorrow, and also promise a certain social package.

of the Star cost much

All love success. So if you are successful in the business, your price as professional will constantly grow. For example, Egor was invited in large capital publishing house to create and untwist the new project - the magazine calculated on a wide range of professionals in the field of television, radio - and the Internet - technologies. Shortly before this moment this publishing house had a bitter experience: here made attempt to advance the narrow-purpose magazine focused on experts only in the field of a cable television on the market. So quite difficult, risky and major problem was coming Egor. But in ten months the magazine under its management surely got on feet, won popularity in the professional environment and began to make profit due to advertizing. Such miracle managed to be made thanks to successful editorial policy and the established relations of the new editor-in-chief. Therefore Egor not too was surprised when once, at peak of success of the magazine, on his desktop phone rang out. The insinuating voice in a tube after a small complementary row suggested the editor to pass into the competing publishing house for a salary which exceeded its present almost twice. Besides, the solid percent from advertizing was promised it. For Egor the call of the headhunter became a sure sign of the fact that its chances as the professional are extremely high.

the Question of a salary is actual

first of all for middle managers - those who are guided first of all by a basic salary and compensations. If to speak about a top - positions, then here involve absolutely other motivation. You can have a salary, small for your status, and at the same time a strong binding to result. Following the results of a year you are capable to receive so powerful bonus that the main salary will seem small surcharge... on beer.

Information has to work with

important to know to itself the actual price, but it is even more important to be able to use such information. Especially it is actual before the first meeting with the employer. The similar awareness will allow you to behave more surely and relaxedly. However you do not hurry to start conversation on money. At first show to the employer that you are interested first of all work: at a well-chosen moment ask several competent questions, having let know that you well are guided in a perspective, or share the vision of future duties. It is necessary to interest the employer in the services, and only then it is admissible to pass to discussion of financial questions.

It is good if before interview you manage to collect a maximum of information on the company: its stories, prospects, well and, of course, about salary level on the position interesting you. It will designate borders for maneuver at once and will allow to play at the right time without the bargaining the laid-up card - to refer to the fact that as the expert with it? that experience and such? that qualifications you apply for such here salary. Your sure and, the main thing, a motivated position almost for certain will cause reciprocal understanding from the interlocutor. It is especially important to p to be

informed in those cases if the employer foggy hints that payment of your work depends on you. Often the unfair employers prospering on deception of trustful people resort to similar tricks. Therefore it is better to resolve an issue of that at once, your work how exactly will begin to be paid.

Quite often the personnel officer looks intense at discussion of a salary and waits for concrete figures from you. Therefore be ready to call the sum. It is important that you specified really reasonable price for your case, otherwise you will put yourself in a huge disadvantage at once. Spare cash to you all the same will not begin to be paid, and the overestimated inquiries will interpret as manifestation of lightness or even adventurism of nature.

Often interview reminds

a psychological duel. Your task - to manage to get to itself favorable starting conditions, and the purpose of your opponent in the person of the owner of the company or the HR manager - to play you and for smaller money to catch to itself the necessary expert. Therefore you do not hurry to open cards at once - wait and listen. It is necessary to know also accurately the minimum sum below which you do not intend to fall under no circumstances and to have an approximate idea of a ceiling of the claims. But, once again we will repeat, you do not hurry to sound them, without having learned previously from the employer of plans for the account. And that is why. Let`s say in what? the moment you will tell that: “Everything suits me, and I agree to a salary not lower than 300 dollars“. Your statement can be interpreted as readiness to receive so much. Therefore if you are put in position when it is required to express immediately that is called blindly, answer so better:“ I consider that 500 dollars are a normal salary for such work. But I am ready to discussion of a question“. But, having designated a ceiling, be ready to motivated to prove legitimacy of the claims. All aforesaid keeps within the rule of the successful bargaining which contradicts the known gangster truth:“ The one who shoots the first wins“. Your task - to try to force other party of the first to make you the proposal and at an opportunity to go thinly a bull.

Avoid also excessive enthusiasm which is expressed in demonstration of readiness to work for any money if only only to work. It, of course, very praise-worthy aspiration, especially if you long were out of work. But the employer can decide that you settle to him from a full hopelessness. And if the success attracts to itself all, then will want to undertake a role of salvation army not everyone.

the Price to himself, darling, it is necessary to know always

the Time of people it seems is happy with the life, work and its payment, but all the same with interest perceives each proposal of the recruiter and even on? silent from the administration goes to interview. From the point of view of corporate morals such behavior can be considered unambiguously as unethical and in general adjoining on treachery of a native brand. Psychologists, on the contrary, will tell that this expert arrives wisely, constantly feeding feeling of own professional value. And still: it is quite possible that the real place of work, despite all its external advantages, already than? that ceased suit this employee. The professional, really in love with the work, will hardly spend time for visit of offices of recruitment agencies at least just from elementary human laziness. Means, there is at least a subconscious feeling of alarm, perhaps, uncertainty in tomorrow. The person who knows that he even in case of dismissal will receive the new favorable offer at once gets rid of many fears and doubts, becomes more free in adoption of important production decisions. Besides, he advocates the interests before the management more surely, having a spare parachute behind shoulders. Therefore actively communicate with colleagues, react to interesting offers, place the summary on thematic the Internet? the websites, in databases of recruitment agencies, respond to proposals of recruiters, you go to interview. At the same time to you it is not obligatory to tell every time “yes“ at all - to feel the value and the unlimited horizon of opportunities much more important.