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Whether the car seat for Antoshki of

“Is worth a children`s car seat it to spend on its purchase the time and money?“ - I asked this question to myself in that day when from maternity hospital we returned three together: I, my husband and long-awaited small warm svertochek - our son Antosha. Collected the sea of information - the press, the Internet, acquaintances and friends among whom there are, by the way, several highly skilled children`s doctors. One, by the way, - from Filatovsky hospital, the surgeon. Long and carefully analyzed the received data - a professional “teacher`s“ habit, and now I consider a duty to share.

With cradles more and more or less clear: all of them are very similar, designed for babies from 0 to 9 kg. Are established against the movement course, it is desirable - on a back seat. If all - is desire to establish a cradle in front that the child was nearby, it is necessary to disconnect a safety cushion. Situation in a cradle - only lying: so load of a backbone is minimized and does not harm the kid.

When the child will grow up, the situation with the choice becomes more difficult. All producers, naturally, declare the production as the best. But whether so it?

the European specialists in children`s safety unanimously claim that only the children`s car seat is capable to keep life and health to the kid in case of accident because all security aids which equipped cars even if the most modern, are designed only for adult passengers whose growth is not lower than 150 cm. Use of these means in relation to small children is inadmissible. For example, the shot of a safety cushion can send easily to a knockout of the adult passenger and what to speak about the kid... If during trips to hold the child on hands, then the parent not only will not hold the child in an emergency, but also will put to the kid with the weight the hardest injuries (this fact is proved krash - tests). It is impossible to be fastened together with the child also categorically.

I obtained Most of all information in PEKAPO salon, a lot of things in life of a pereosoznal, each argument was reasoned and confirmed with tests, video strikes: when low-quality “skorlupk“ collapse at blow and the dummy takes off as a bullet... Only according to traffic police, in a year in Russia as a result of road accident nearly 800 children perish (the whole school!!!) . And how many it is not considered or wounded? When you learn it, a jimjams... And there is a strong wish to believe that in relation to my family this statistics has no and will not have any relation. Well, there will be enough horrors, will pass to things with more everyday.

knows to All that a sitting position - the most adverse situation for a backbone. It is especially harmful for absolutely still a weak young organism. And if in the car the special children`s chair is not established, then the child in it sits obviously incorrectly because standard automobile chairs are calculated on so-so - harmonous - so-so - high - so-so - healthy - the unpretentious consumer. And no adjustments are capable to adjust it to your kid. Present yourself in a chair which is 3 - 4 times more than you. Conveniently? And when legs have no support, hang down and become numb how it is long possible to stay?

If hands, a trunk, the head of the child have no support, he sits, having bent, internals are squeezed more usual, blood circulation worsens, access of oxygen and nutrients in an organism is broken, the child quickly is tired and even falls asleep, but it is an unhealthy dream. The situation is aggravated also with the fact that at any car there is a jolting and different microvibration which can be not noticeable to us at all or is too weak that we paid attention to it. But we will wound a backbone of the small child much stronger, than the adult`s backbone, and harmful effects on it can turn back serious problems with health in the future.

I will explain

Now: the backbone of the kid consists generally of cartilaginous tissue, all sheaves are very elastic, and the muscular corset is developed poorly. During driving pressure upon intervertebral disks which amplifies from - for microjoltings, plus the wrong landing increases. From - for it vertebras of the child adopt the unnatural provision, jamming a nervous column and the nervous terminations. Long colds, decrease in immunity, dysfunction of a thyroid gland, development of bronchitis and, of course, serious violations of a bearing can become result subsequently.

Opinion of doctors on this matter the is as follows: only thing that helps the child to sit in the car correctly, this children`s car seat. It is designed in such a way that reduces loadings at the expense of semi-lying situation, it can have a podressorenny basis and, it is absolutely healthy if the car seat has the orthopedic certificate. And it only one - Rekaro - Start.

There now, dealt with a chair. Now it was necessary to seat the child there and there will be a full order. Here - that at many parents the main problems also begin. The child fidgets, is capricious, flatly refuses to be fastened. I will tell at once - this situation is unfamiliar to me, my Antosha with pleasure and self-respect takes seat in the personal car seat and without any problems gives itself to fasten. Why? Just he does not know how it is possible to go differently in the car. It has before eyes an example - own parents to whom it, as well as any small child, seeks to imitate. And his parents never dare to go not fastened. Everything is very simple - your child will behave as you will bring up him.

But happens that the child refuses to sit in a car seat because it really inconvenient. What to do in this case? Draw conclusions... Inconvenient - means, low-quality. Low-quality, because cheap. Dear friends, safety cannot cost little. The main requirements which we impose to a children`s car seat, - the maximum safety through the maximum comfort. As a rule, these things of a trudnosovmestima. And it is no wonder that producers of consumer goods place emphasis on something one (if at all do), disregarding not less important second component.

So can, my son is not capricious also because goes in a qualitative, comfortable and safe chair? Of course. I long looked narrowly, estimated, doubted, chose and, at the end - the ends, chose the producer by the principle: quality - German, specialization - narrow, experience - huge, arguments - convincing.

Therefore Antosha I carry

in Rekaro - Start and very much is happy with it. It is designed for children from 9 months to 12 years. It only at first sight seems that it is cheaper and more reasonable to buy an inexpensive chair. Simple example: acquaintances bought a chair in the market of such nice, cheerful rastsvetochka, and their child flatly refused to sit down in it. Therefore “inexpensive“ purchase on a balcony becomes dusty now.

We with the husband when bought a car seat, understood that it costs expensive, but we use it four years and (fie - fie - fie) we have no complaints and complaints. From all girlfriends who according to my advice bought this chair nobody regretted. And Germans added the built-in audio system to all already available Rekaro`s advantages. The child on the way listens to favourite fairy tales and time for whims he does not have. When we bought, it was not yet. To whom it is interesting, can address to PEKAPO salon and obtain at them information - as they say, do not take for demand of money. Generally, it is worth taking an interest, and further you will make a choice.