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Children`s sport of

our firm “Children`s Sport“ is engaged already several years in sale of sports complexes and various accessories to them. It is possible to tell and write much about sports complexes (as, for example, about porridges of muesli or diapers - it is clear to all that it is very useful for children, but everyone solves for the child himself).

  1. For what needs a children`s sports complex to your child?
the Sports complex develops

at the child not only feeling of care, dexterity and force, it helps it to think, define figuratively the actions before their implementation and it is correct to carry out them. The child studies “responsibility for the actions“ since small years both in game, and in other situations. Carrying out exercises at first under supervision of parents, and then and independently, the child develops much quicker and more actively than the peers.

If you decided to get a sports complex, it is necessary to answer himself several questions before on this complex the child begins to be engaged.

  1. Wooden or metal complex?

the Main distinction of wooden and metal complexes - in convenience of assembly and durability. It is clear, that iron is stronger than a tree therefore the complex will serve longer and even adults will be able to be engaged on it. Blows about pieces of iron can be more painful, than about wooden crossbeams. But diameter of steps in a metal complex is less, than in wooden, and to the small child (1. 5 - 2 years) are easier to climb and study on it.

  1. Where to arrange it in the apartment?

From that how many the place you allocate under a house complex, will depend what complex will suit you and what will be its cost. The minimum space occupied by a complex - 0. 8õ0. 4 meters in a steady state and 1õ1 meters when children use it. It is the minimum configuration - a ladder, a horizontal bar, a swing, rings, a rope. More than a half of our buyers gets such option of a complex since it suits most of children. Usually such complexes put in a corridor. But if you can allocate more place, then pay attention to a complex 1. 5õ1 meter, complex 2õ1. The 5th meter in which there are more additional functions (a grid, bars, etc.) and on which several children can be engaged. These complexes put in nurseries.

  1. How to deliver and collect a complex?

Standard assembly of a children`s complex (in a raspor a floor - a ceiling) is possible for the man, and in 2 hours it can use. The main thing - very precisely to follow the instruction and to have keys, the screw-driver. But if fastening non-standard (a high complex, fastening without ceiling, fastening on big loading), then is better that it was made by specialists of firm who have a wide experience in installation of complexes. Delivery of complexes usually happens through firm (within MKAD it free), but even VAZ - 21043 holds 80% of house complexes therefore they can be taken away directly from a warehouse.

What additional accessories to buy
  1. for a complex?

the Obligatory accessory - a mat, better a little, for any complex. Rings, a swing, a ladder go in a set of standard delivery in the majority of complexes, but it is possible them and to buy in addition (if you have several children). In principle, the more will be various accessories on a sports complex, the it will be more interesting to the child to be engaged on it. It is possible to retrofit a complex an inclined board, a removable horizontal bar, removable bars, an expander, a roller board, a basketball ring, a trapeze.

  1. How to be engaged with the child on a complex?

Small children (1. 5 - 2 years) have to be engaged only under supervision of parents! After accustoming of the child to a complex it develops natural feeling of care and calculation which does not allow it to do “especially dangerous“ exercises. Children usually are engaged on a complex until are tired or will lose interest. And to small children we recommend to use a complex as a toy in the beginning, i.e. to play on it without a certain program of exercises. For more senior children there are different techniques of occupations which are in literature and on the different websites, but usually parents already know by what technique will be engaged from the child when plan to buy a complex not for the general development, and for concrete exercises.