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My vertical childbirth on a chair

I on May 4 this year Gave birth to the boy. Large - 4300 g, the real athlete, so and the husband at me not a tiny constitution. And business was so.

Laid down in maternity hospital still on April 25 with suspicion on perenoshenny pregnancy, doctors everything predicted childbirth, but no signs existed. Actually, on April 29 the tenth (!) month of my pregnancy already began, in maternity hospital me infinitely checked, listened, asked: “Well, when you, at last, will give rise?“ . And childbirth did not come and did not come, those who with me came around were already written out, and I all with a stomach go.

Yes, forgot to tell, vertical childbirth (at will, of course) and childbirth on a chair in particular practices in our maternity hospital. What is it? the special chair (or an obstetric chair) which is built in in a height over a floor Means. In a chair a hole, the woman in labor sits on it, excuse for comparison, but as on a toilet bowl, makes an effort, the child leaves in this hole where obstetricians also accept it. To sit on such chair at attempts and much easier to give birth, than at a classical prone position on a back. But it is fine, I will continue about childbirth.

On the Third of May zavroddomy, having learned that I still did not give rise, gave the order, a pier everything, it is necessary to cause fights artificially, perenoshenny pregnancy is dangerous both to mother and to the child. Having caused from city hospital of the best anesthesiologist and one skilled midwife, all came for me to chamber supposedly, to give birth went, we will artificially cause childbirth.

first labor at me. I go with them in rodzat, shakes all for fear, on fights even the hint was not. Having bared me belts are lower and having laid on a maternity table, told, we will puncture a bubble, then precisely fights will begin. Shakes me everything, even legs zadrygat supposedly “I am afraid, afraid“. Did not manage to think, punctured to me (by the way, it is not sick), waters as rushed from me. Here the end of the world began.

Sharply so zaskhvatyvat a stomach, excruciating pains as though the copper boils inside, everything burns and outside wants to escape (I hope, these lines pregnant for the first time are not read). It was hour in three days. Doctors were surprised supposedly even for fights nothing was necessary to stick, only waters let, all went. Fights me turn out from within, painfully very much, I shout, I ask anesthetic, and this best anesthesiologist - a pier, the child will suffer from it, you have already a perenoshenny pregnancy so suffer, will stick if absolutely it is bad.

He is, of course, a man, does not represent what is fights. I those minutes (no, hours) in soul a superfeminist was, even damned the husband (though in general very much I love it) supposedly from - for his one body I suffer such torments... Well. I lie, I shout, zavroddomy everything checks disclosure, still it is not enough, everything speaks. Somewhere by eight in the evening it is easier (slightly - slightly), and to eleven so twirled... mother is expensive... thought, breaks off already me.

K we rub nights everything, zavroddomy speaks, disclosure sufficient, it is possible to give birth. I make an effort, make an effort from all forces, sweat in three streams. But not here - that was. The baby will approach an exit, inside, mother will leave again... very sick to me. So about an hour proceeded, strongly did not allow to make an effort, were afraid, the child large, gaps can be big. Zavroddomom, itself having exhausted, gives such order:“ Everything, give it on a chair if is not present, then anesthesia and Caesarian, but the child then can already be lost“.

Which - as put me on this chair, the midwife and the anesthesiologist pressed on stomach sides in front, pushing the child, zavroddomy from below accepted, giving teams... in five minutes of attempts sharply the head appeared. Not really sharp, but steady attempt - all! It left... Ooh! As ran 200 km.

the Baby, weight - 4300 g, the boy. So far to it cut off an umbilical cord, - se, I sit on a chair, I cannot recover the breath. In about 20 minutes again of fight, weak, the afterbirth left. I was laid on a table again, examined, there is only one small razryvchik. Yes, the darling, told, you would give birth, lying on a back, all would be torn to pieces, tell thank you that we practice vertical childbirth.

there Passed five months, the son at us the athlete, eats my milk, I have it much, all at us thank God, the husband worships the son. I became interested in vertical childbirth since then, I sit in the decree, studied a lot of literature on this subject, rummaged all Internet, and I want to share my thoughts.

It appears p, classical horizontal childbirth on a back in old times did not exist simply, they were thought up in 18 century by the king of France Ludovic some there number. It appears, he liked to observe childbirth at the maids of honor court and that it was visible better, ordered to put them on a back (well, you will not envy husbands of these maids of honor, I about it told the husband, he speaks, to Ludovic to it they wanted to hurt a muzzle, probably, but could not, it is natural). From it the fashion also went for childbirth flatwise on a back, it is very convenient to obstetricians, but for the woman in labor - the most painful pose.

In old times gave birth standing, on cards, all fours, on the same chair, and there were no gaps. Childbirth was natural process as “to descend on - big“, only slightly more feasibly. Now, I think, the monument should be put to the one who began to revive vertical childbirth, though on a voluntary basis. I was told then, would give birth lying on a back, all would become torn, month could not sit, the child very large, and Caesarian - any Caesarian did not do the child good, it operation. And animals (any) in the nature flatwise on a back does not give birth. So vertical childbirth - the most natural, easy and fast.