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Housing needs to be chosen taking into account local infrastructure

Over the past few years the situation in the market of real estate cardinally changed: the Russian buyer of apartments learned to approach the choice of housing with the European pedantry. Qualifying standards every day become more and more. People, buying even inexpensive housing, want that it possessed a set of the qualities comparable about business - a class. From this point of view, the increasing value gains development of an infrastuktura of new buildings.

Transport is our everything

Time to the subway and quality of work of land transport are one of the defining factors of liquidity of apartments as in houses of economy class (many buyers have no cars), and business - a class (spare option in case of breakage of the car). Not smaller value have existence of the convenient entrances to the house and traffic congestion conducting to the center. In particular, construction of the fourth transport ring and outcome at the intersection of Lyublinskaya Street and Volgogradsky Avenue can significantly increase housing cost in the Areas of Pechatniki and Kuryanovo where at present the problem of transport availability is not solved: on the one hand, they are limited by the Moskva River, with another, - a branch line. The interesting way of overcoming of traffic jams was found by designers of the residential district “New Trekhgorka“: there it is provided to exclude the so-called transit movement. That is in the residential district only cars of its inhabitants or their guests will ply.

the Necessary element of infrastructure for houses business - a class is existence of a parking with enough places. Many understand that the city administration gradually toughens requirements to the drivers parking the transport. Perhaps, will cheaper pay a supervised parking, than penalties for violation of the rules of the parking soon. Motorists would also like to see near the house a sink, gas station, small car service and the parking for guests.

School - is closer than

, a supermarket - far away

Most of the people who decided to get the apartment still prefer to lodge in long ago the developed areas where there are no problems with social infrastructure: work of dry-cleaners, shoe workshops is adjusted, there are policlinics, shops and, of course, kindergartens and schools. And the last have to settle down as it is possible closer to the house, and the road to them to be the safest. While people want to see the round-the-clock shops and cafe within walking distance, but not in close proximity to the house. Reasons two: continuous noise at night and the insects extending from the wrong storage of products in a warehouse. Liquidity of housing seriously decreases if near the house the casino and clubs are located.

the City in the city

projects of complex building in many respects help to solve an infrastructure problem. According to experts “MIEL - Real estate“, among buyers of apartments business - and a premium - a class housing estates at which design developers put construction of all infrastructure elements, necessary for residents, use the greatest popularity. One of successful objects of complex building in Moscow - the area business - the class “The Grandee - Park“. Here, except 14 inhabited cases, children`s educational institutions, culturally - the leisure centers, shops and other enterprises of a services sector will be constructed. In the central part of the region of a complex the unique theme landscape park will be broken. The similar picture develops in the areas of “Krasnogorye“ which are under construction at present, “Balashikha - park“ and “Novokurkino“. Their infrastuktura include also fitness - the centers, banks and garages. In most cases builders try not to duplicate infrastructure of areas in the territory of a complex, and to develop inaccessible branches.

Housing estates with a wide set of the “closed“ enterprises of a services sector considerably will increase expenses on operation of the house. However degree of safety of residents, certainly, will raise.


the good management company (MC) - one of the most important elements of an internal infrastuktura

Choosing a housing estate, it makes sense to pay attention and to infrastructure of the house. Existence of own operational and repair services which are responsible for fire safety and operation of elevators, and also the good management company which is engaged in repair work and public service can become powerful argument in favor of this or that “city in the city“.

Often the most interesting sites for building the platforms located in areas which, according to the General plan, will be reconstructed become p>

With hope for bright future. Developers seek to find such place which by the time of the end of construction will become the comfortable and equipped residential district for construction of the house. So, the MIEL - Real Estate company participates in implementation of the project on Dybenko Street in the perspective Region of Khovrino which is attractive by a favorable ecological situation and convenient traffic intersections. The city authorities plan development of Khovrino: soon here the Dybenko Street metro station will be constructed. Reorganization of the territory provides not only reconstruction of engineering networks and constructions, but also carrying out nature protection actions and works on improvement. As a result the architectural appearance of the area will improve, the level of comfort of accommodation will increase.

“The buyer of housing of economy class for which the defining factor is the cost of square meter reaches compromise between the price and quality just in perspective areas“, - the marketing specialist of INKOM - Real Estate corporation Irina Egorova tells. - It is possible to give Kozhukhovo`s region in the east of Moscow as an example. Meanwhile the infrastructure is developed very poorly here, two kindergartens, school opened, there are no shops, products are on sale in “tonara“. Nevertheless, apartments in Kozhukhov`s new buildings are in great consumer demand. The average cost of square meter in houses of a popular series P - 44T - the lowest in Moscow also averages 1100 dollars for square meter, and all infrastructure was promised to be adjusted in 2006.

Opinion of experts:

  • of Konovalova Natalya, a press - the manager of Pik Group of companies :

    Development of social and commercial infrastructure has to be an indispensable condition of construction for each large developer. It is normal practice of civilized construction and, in our opinion, should not influence the real estate price.

  • Dmitry Kuznetsov, First Deputy CEO of CJSC MIAN Corporation :

    Today the Moscow authorities very rigidly approach standards of construction of infrastructure around new houses and residential districts therefore even if the builder builds only one house, he is obliged to improve at least the territory around it and to construct nearby a playground. As a rule, to it it is necessary at the same time and to reconstruct local communications, and at mass building - to develop social infrastructure.

  • Marina Makhonkova, the head of marketing and advertizing of Limited partnership “SU - 155 and the company“ :

    It is interesting that the ecology, in a certain measure, too is perceived by many buyers as a certain infrastructure. Most of our clients interests whether there is near the house a park zone, is how well-groomed and how the green territory of the area will be kept in an order.