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Everything scratches! How to distinguish and cure itch at children of

Already several days in behavior of the kid something not so. In the afternoon it is active, plays with pleasure and walks. But at its night as if substitute: the child becomes whimsical, sleeps badly and constantly scratches skin in different places. What it can be connected with? If it is about similar symptoms, then it is quite possible that the baby caught... itch.

the disease Nature

Itch (scabies) - an infectious disease which causative agent is the parasite 1 - a scabby tick. Among its obvious characteristics - a night itch, education on skin of the scabby courses (in the form of the direct or twisting line from 1 mm to several centimeters in size, white or it is dirty - gray color on which forward end it is possible to see the female of a tick translucent through skin in the form of a black point), and also - rash in the form of small small knots and bubbles. With the naked eye the tick is not visible as he reaches size only 0,25 x 0,35 mm. The scabby tick parasitizes on the person, and within a short period of time can be on pillows, clothes, door handles, in bed linen.

of 1 the Parasite - the organism using as the power supply and/or habitat other organisms.

of the Way of infection

Some parents believe that itch can catch from pets (dogs, hamsters), but it is not true.

the Source of infection is the sick person and his things (bed linen, towels, basts etc.) . Most often infection occurs at contact with the diseased (if it is necessary to sleep in one bed or to look after him). It is a direct way of transfer of a disease. But it is possible to catch also without communication with the patient - through objects of use and bedding. In this case it is possible to speak about an indirect way of infection.

also the whole centers of itch - for example Can appear if in a family from the first diseased other relatives, both adults, and children catch. And, the child, the higher at him probability of infection is younger. The disease outbreak can arise also in any collective - in preschool institution, at school, in hospital. Extra focal cases of infection with itch (in baths, trains, hotels) - very unusual occurrence. However such opportunity is not excluded: the scabby tick can be given at consecutive contact of a flow of people with bedding and objects of a toilet on which it is capable to remain some time.

of Display of an illness

Having been p on skin of the person, scabby ticks gnaw through it at once and begin to eat intensively. Females at the same time lay eggs. Life expectancy at a female - 1,5 months, and during this time she manages to lay about 40 - 50 eggs. In several days from them there are larvae which come to a surface of skin and turn into adult ticks - males and females. The new cycle of moving on other sites of an integument begins.

the Disease is shown by

on average in 2 weeks after infection. The first and one of its most important symptoms - a skin itch on all body, especially in those places where the tick moves. At night the itch amplifies as the greatest activity of a female of a scabby tick falls on this time. Children involuntarily comb skin in a dream, and to places of these having combed the infection can get, purulent crusts will appear. Kids badly sleep at night, get up sluggish, whimsical in the morning, but to this time of day the itch decreases. Sometimes the requirement to scratch is shown not so strongly, children do not complain, and parents long do not notice that kids are ill. If parasites exist on a body of the person long time, on skin the old scabby courses in the form of dry superficial cracks come to light. However, in that case when the prescription of a disease does not exceed two weeks, the scabby courses can and be not seen. However itch has also other external signs. In places of stings of pincers there are small (to 1 mm) rashes similar to small knots, and also in the form of bubbles of pink color or under skin color. From - for having combed they become covered by reddish crusts.

“Typical“ places for scabby rashes are sites with a fine skin: interdigital folds and luchezapyastny bends on brushes, and also a stomach, a back, buttocks, an internal surface of hips; quite often the penis and a scrotum become covered by rash. At kids of a rash can arise on a face, on a breast, about axillary hollows.

needs to show

At emergence of similar symptoms of the child to the doctor, first of all the children`s dermatologist.

of the Possibility of diagnostics

It is frequent doctors of all specialties, facing itch symptoms, make diagnostic mistakes. Especially - if the sick child already has allergic diseases of skin which are followed by an itch. In such situations physicians sometimes do not conduct laboratory researches and establish the diagnosis “allergy“, “allergic dermatitis 2 “, with the corresponding course of treatment: write out antiallergic preparations, forbid washing, recommend to grease skin with hormonal ointments. But these measures only worsen a course of disease.

Itch is revealed on set of a number of signs. In - the first, on the basis of characteristic symptoms (such as an itch, the scabby courses, rash in the form of small small knots and bubbles with the corresponding localization), in - the second, - in the absence of effect of treatment antiallergic and resolvents, including hormonal ointments, and at last, - in the presence of the patients with itch in the child`s environment. On the basis of all above-mentioned the diagnosis itch is made and the corresponding treatment is appointed.

of 2 Dermatitis - a skin inflammation.

Laboratory research is conducted by

as follows: the tick is taken from the scabby course by a disposable sterile needle for injections or scratched out by a sterile edge. Soskob is located on glass where the drop of alkali or lactic acid was put previously, and it is looked through under a microscope. It is possible to see the whole tick, his separate fragments or eggs.

Treatment of itch

Medical procedures are usually carried out by

in house conditions. Naturally, all of them are directed to destruction of the activator. The most effective of modern remedies are BENZILBENZOAT, SPREGAL and PERMETRIN (MEDIFOKS). Each of these drugs has the features.

Benzilbenzoat`s Suspension (10% for children, 20% for adults)

a release Form . Is on sale ready to the use, resembles milk superficially, it is easily and evenly applied on skin, has no smell, quickly dries.

Application . Benzylbenzoate in number of 100 g is once applied in 1 - y and 4 - y day of treatment. Before each rubbing in of the patient it is necessary to expiate. The second and third days are free from treatment.

Additional measures . In the course of treatment the patient needs to replace next-to-skin and bed linen twice: after the first processing (in the first day) and in two days after the second rubbing in, that is for the sixth day of treatment. After that the patient has to be washed up repeatedly.


a release Form - an aerosol. Application. Treatment is, as a rule, carried out once. It is enough one bottle for treatment of a family from 3 - x the person. A barrel it is necessary to keep at arm`s length 20 - 30 cm from the patient`s skin. At the same time it is necessary to consider that small children can be frightened of the streams directed to them.

Permethrin (Medifoks)

release Form . Is on sale in a bottle (24 ml) on which divisions are put. Before each application of this preparation it is necessary to prepare an emulsion; to mix a third of a bottle (is determined by divisions) from 100 ml of boiled water of room temperature. To apply on skin once a day 3 days in a row. For the fourth day of the patient has to take a shower and carry out change of next-to-skin and bed linen. The preparation is contraindicated to children till 2 months.

Application . It is used as well as other antiscabby means.

the Effect of treatment (provided that preparations are applied correctly) usually comes through very short term - till 1 week. By this time 91% of patients completely recover. The itch disappears already on 2 - y day. However in some cases this symptom can remain within 2 weeks, without being connected with a certain time of day. If at the same time there are no fresh scabby rashes, such itch call postscabby. Its emergence is a result of allergic reaction of an organism to a tick and products of his activity. Such patients are not infectious for people around, and repeated treatment against itch is not necessary for them. To take off unpleasant effects, such patient recommend to accept any of antiallergic preparations, sometimes in combination with hormonal ointments (for example, ADVANTAN) or the means moistening skin (for example, TOPIKREM).


the Instruction

  1. is better to Apply itch medicine to parents in the evening, before going to bed. It is connected with a daily rhythm of the causative agent of a disease. At such disease at children head skin and faces therefore it is necessary to apply a preparation on all integument can be affected. The small after processing of skin need to put on a baby`s undershirt with the sewn-up sleeves or mittens (mitten) that they did not take a hand with medicine in a mouth or did not rub an eye. If antiscabby means all - got on mucous membranes, it is necessary to wash out eyes, a mouth, the nasal courses flowing water.
  2. should Wash with
  3. the patient and to change bed linen before an initiation of treatment and after its termination. The child is washed under a shower with soap, dry wipe a towel then put (and if it is required - easily rub) medicine on skin of all body, beginning from above - the head, a face, a trunk, extremities. All procedures need to be carried out in disposable gloves which then are thrown out.
  4. should Put to
  5. a preparation only with a hand (not a tampon or a napkin). Medicine has to be applied on skin not less than for 12 hours.
  6. Treatment of the patients revealed in one center and also members of their families (even if the last have no visible displays of an illness) is carried out by
  7. at the same time to avoid repeated infection. The sick child has to have a separate bed, a towel. In the room where it is, damp cleaning of a floor is obligatory. Bed and the underwear is boiled and ironed the hot iron.

Disinfection (disinfecting)

the use objects which are Subject to boiling for it needs to be boiled within 5 minutes from the moment of boiling. Outerwear (dresses, suits, trousers, sweaters etc.) it is necessary to iron the hot iron on both sides, not excepting pockets. Things inaccessible to similar processing, - soft toys, outerwear - a coat, fur coats, products from skin and suede - it is possible to place in the closed plastic bag for three days. And daily damp cleaning in the room of the patient needs to be done 1 - 2% mylno - soda solution, wiping with it not only a floor, but also furnishings.

If it is about the disease center (in a family or in collective), then upon termination of treatment the doctor has to inform on an itch case sanitarno - epidemiological service that her experts carried out final disinfection of the room. Representatives of SES process things (including mattresses, pillows, blankets and so forth) furniture and a floor special disinfecting liquid, however it can spoil them. Therefore more optimal variant - to hold this event independently, by means of an aerosol And - STEAM (200 ml), the alletrin containing isomers as active ingredient in concentration of 0,32%.

A - STEAM is intended for disinfection of clothes and bedding of patients with itch, but in need of it it is possible to use also for processing of rooms in which inspections of such patients were performed. It is only necessary to spray bottle contents on all surface of the products which are not subject to boiling (it is outerwear, mattresses, pillows, blankets) or on a surface of a floor and other objects to which the patient adjoined (door handles, chairs, upholstered furniture etc.) . Bedding and clothes are exposed to bilateral processing.

Means does not leave to

spots on fabrics, after its use things do not need to be washed. The textile products disinfected by a preparation A - STEAM, can be used in several hours after processing. And to avoid irritation of airways, it is necessary to open windows in the room where dispersion is made.

Prevention of itch

can Stop distribution of this unpleasant disease if to provide appropriate control of it. In this sense professional surveys in children`s collectives, policlinics are very effective, during inclusion on treatment in a hospital and at survey of school students at the beginning of academic year.

needs to reveal a source of infection, the people contacting to patients.

I if in the center of infection there is new diseased, preventive treatment will be appointed to all who contacted to caught. If itch symptoms are found in the child in kindergarten, a day nursery or at school, it needs to be discharged of visit of child care facility until the course of treatment ends. The decision on the admission in children`s collective after recovery is made by the dermatologist.

Here, perhaps, and all main information on an artful and unpleasant illness - itch. And in conclusion there is a wish to wish to all children and adults that this “acquaintance“ and remained theoretical.