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Circulation of young mummy on torments of

Breastfeeding... Perhaps, it was easier for me to take out and give rise, than to adjust it. But I coped.

we Will begin

with the fact that I did not prepare a breast before childbirth in any way. Though there was enough theoretical knowledge and strong desire to nurse. In success, knowing the annoying character, I trusted. In spite of the fact that the husband skeptically looked at my small breast with the pulled-in nipples and the general diminutiveness. Oh, prejudices, prejudices, but where without them.

For the first time the daughter was put to a breast in half an hour after the birth. She just stuck and sucked until the midwife tore off it already. The second time I applied it already in chamber. It was necessary to call to the aid the midwife because at most, though the book lay at me before a nose, it did not turn out.

the Daughter appeared the lover to be eaten, and at the same time and to have a sleep and pee, without coming off a meal. On average, applying at us lasted one or one and a half hours. From such eagerness at me in two days there arrived so much milk that there were nagrubany breasts, and manually it was impossible to be decanted already, even by means of the doctor. The daughter refused to help too me therefore it was necessary to resort to the help of a milk pump. Hurrah, in fifteen minutes of painless decantation the problem was solved.

Unfortunately, misfortunes never come alone. Huge cracks on nipples were added to all above-mentioned. Therefore each feeding for me turned into torture. That cracks began to heal, on a family council the decision to feed the daughter on the mode, each three hours, and to allow to suck no more than half an hour was made. And I incessantly smeared a breast with “Bepanten“.

Poor child. She demanded a breast more often, slept badly, cried. In completion to everything in three weeks after the delivery its weight increased only by 150 grams. The pediatrician appointed dokorm. The mother-in-law with the husband and my mother agreed with her, and I rose against this decision. How many was tears, quarrels and misunderstanding. The remarks “you have not enough milk, the child starves“ became usual. Cracks already began to heal, and I at own risk began to feed her on demand and only the milk. And the daughter constantly demanded. Sucked, without coming off, at least for three hours! Then a break about half an hour and again for about five hours.

Me was constantly hungry

, to sleep. But the daughter did not release me for a second. I prepared, ate with the child on hands. On the rest I just had neither forces, nor time. Still I do not understand how I did not go crazy. Only at night she slept without breast. And I to increase a lactation, on an alarm clock got up at three o`clock in the morning, was decanted in a small bottle and fed the sleepy daughter since it slept tight and a breast, even vsunuty in a mouth did not suck.

For the next week the daughter recovered on 450 grams. All of us - gained the necessary 600 grams! The doctor told that we entered dokorm in time, and I mentally exulted: “I have enough milk, she recovered only on my milk!“ . By this time I learned to feed lying and began to get enough sleep though the daughter continued to suck me for hours without a break. But gradually time of feeding began to be reduced, and breaks between feedings to increase. About three months I continued to be decanted for improvement of a lactation at night and in the evenings. Then the lactation became stable, and need for decantation disappeared. The child perfectly put on weight, was active and cheerful. No gripes, swellings etc. at us were trace and. Before half a year I fed her with only milk and to this age she trebled the weight! And feeding by a breast turned for me into a true pleasure.

now I with a hardness can tell, nurse

I any woman can, and for this purpose it is necessary:

to feed with
  1. on demand. I know from own bitter experience that when I fed on the mode, my child did not gain necessary weight, and the amount of milk sharply decreased;
  2. to exclude baby`s dummies. It is not necessary to accustom the child to derive pleasure in the substitute way;
  3. not to finish feeding the child;
  4. to believe
  5. in itself (turn a deaf ear to remarks of well-wishers about the size of your bust, heredity, an insufficient lactation etc.);
  6. tranquility, only tranquility.

Listen to councils only those who have behind shoulders a successful experience of GV and the healthy child.