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Our secrets of bathing

Bathing of the child - important procedure. Water clears skin, removes stress. After bathing it is with pleasure slept. For each age - the rules and secrets of bathing. I will share the experience.

About one year we bathed the son every day. The son did not feel special delight, but also did not resist. Now to Sasha of 1 g and 4 m. Research of world around is well under way. Naturally, the son is soiled. And if to return purity to a face and hands still somehow it is possible, then nightly bathings turn into fight with desperate resistance. Poteshki, the rhymes used by me on the first year of life (“We wash, we wash the chimney sweep“, “Chizhyk-Pyzhik“, “Water, water, wash my face“) do not work any more. And it is necessary to wash, not to go the dirty creature. “Moydodyr“ of effect did not give too.

toys Began to use

. New which did not play before. The inflatable hare with carrot had special “success“ in us. I prepared a tray and called the son:“ Sasha, we will go to bathe hare“. In a few minutes the child who is carried away by bathing of hare did not notice how he is washed. But hare did not sustain “water procedures“ of more than a month and tore. It we did not find another. In the form of ducklings and other nice animals my son did not want to accept replacement. “Fights“ in a bathroom were started over again.

both arrangements, and basts - toys were used, nothing helped. In cool weather when the child rather pure, did not wash till several days.

the Solution was found by

absolutely incidentally: in the evening I prepared a tray, Sasha turned nearby and found bought by the father and for some reason the brush left in a bathroom for painting of windows. A usual brush with the wooden handle. As did not use it, it passed into my Sasha`s order. And there was unexpected. The son approached water, lowered in it a brush, took out, looked how liquid flows down, lowered again and in a moment already one leg stood in a bathroom, giving me a hand that I helped it to climb completely.

with bathing do not have Since then

problems - the brush became our faithful “friend“. It appears, the solution can be found in the most unexpected places.