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Rest with treatment for 700 rubles a day - it is real!

the Holiday on a seashore was and remains the most attractive type of rest for the population of our northern country, and the coast of the Black Sea remained now the only opportunity to have a rest, without leaving Russia. During a summer season the resorts of Kuban can place over half a million vacationers at a time. And what in the winter?

That sanatorno - the resort complex consisting of more than 1200 medium-sized and large enterprises did not stand idle in off-season, professional shots were not lost, the governor of the region Tkachyov A. N. adopted by the Open South program . The essence of the program is that in the period of from October 15 to May 15 the leading health resorts of edge undertake the obligation to provide to services in food, accommodation and treatment in the price of 700 rubles a day .

Traditionally resorts of Krasnodar Krai specialize on lechebno - improving rest: treatment of diseases warmly - vascular system, blood, respiratory organs and digestion, skin, nervous system, a metabolism, gynecologic diseases, etc.

Besides treatment and the general improvement of an organism of a health resort of edge offer

the cosmetology programs developed with use of the latest technologies. Massages and hydromassages, bathtubs, mud masks, cleaning of an organism at the cellular level, various procedures for face care and a body will relieve you of cellulitis, stress consequences, will help to lose weight, will make you more attractive.

Each Kurortny district of Krasnodar Krai is in own way unique


Anapa is, first of all, the resort of children`s and family rest, practically all year there is a sunny weather here. Anapa possesses fine conditions for a balneoterapiya. In the resort there are large reserves of iodine-bromine and hydrosulphuric water. In Anapa treat patients with allergic diseases of respiratory organs also skin, the digestion suffering from chronic pneumonia and bronchitis, organism poisoning consequences. Methods of treatment of eczemas and psoriasis, diabetes are developed and are successfully applied.

Rest in Gelendzhik becomes more and more popular thanks to a fine location of the resort, well developed infrastructure of rest and entertainments. Gelendzhik is a cozy Gelendzhik bay with peschano - pebble beaches, the mountains which are reliably protecting the city from wind. The climate of dry subtropics, the sea, the modern medical equipment in health resorts, qualified personnel - all this gives ample opportunities for treatment in Gelendzhik of diseases warmly - vascular system, the top airways and lungs, oporno - the motive device, organs of hearing and sight.

Tuapsinsky District traditionally specializes in family rest and improvement. The main directions of treatment - a disease of the top airways, oporno - the motive device, peripheral nervous system, it is warm - vascular, gynecologic diseases, antistress programs.

Heart of the resort of Sochi - Matsesta where balneologists developed techniques of treatment of post-burn and post-operational hems, gynecologic diseases and diseases oporno - the motive device by means of Matsesta bathtubs.

the Road on the Krasnaya Polyana ski resort after opening of a tunnel takes with

only 20 minutes now. Ideal time is the period from January to March, there are practically no problems with snow: the average annual norm exceeds 5 meters.

the Resort the Hot Key is well-known for the medical mineral sources which successfully treat diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path, is warm - vascular system. Here the thalassotherapy - the improvement technique representing a kind of dirt - and balneotherapies with use of sea salts and seaweed is applied.

the Treatment which is carried out in resorts of the Azov coast promotes improvement of exchange processes of an organism, has anti-inflammatory, soothing, rassasyvayushchy effect and improves motive functions.

Detailed information on the resort enterprises of Krasnodar Krai, and also their coordinates, you can find on the website “Resorts of Kuban“

In order that to take advantage of the offer of the Open South program without intermediary firms all citizens could do, work of multichannel phone line is organized . Having dialed number (095) 956 - 81 - 18 , anyone can obtain information about lechebno - the improving programs used in this or that sanatorium and to make a reservation. After the switching which called on the city interesting it, the tariff for long distance call is not raised.