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As Marusya of

Pregnancy was born washing proceeded not to tell that it is very bad, but get prettier it was impossible to call it. After the first unsuccessful pregnancy I very much wanted and was afraid to become pregnant. We with the husband ceased to be protected and waited, but nothing was impossible. To both of us was for 28 years. Began to think of adoption.

I here, having returned from holiday, I found a delay. I began to look for the good doctor at once. Alina Viktorovna Grabar became our guardian angel. It conducted me from the first days. Congenital pathology of adrenal glands therefore all pregnancy I accepted hormonal preparations was found in me. The neck of a uterus was open on a finger throughout all pregnancy therefore I practically did not get up. At first there was a threat of an abortion, then threat of premature birth. Each 2 weeks did me ultrasonography to look whether the internal pharynx of a uterus disperses.

Threat of premature birth hung over me constantly. Term was on May 21 - 23. When I told about it to mother, she declared that “May“ are not necessary to us, and it is necessary to give rise at the end of April. Together laughed and forgot. And here slowly we reached the 36th week. The mood was fine, the child was almost full-term, and all terrible was behind. I found the doctor at which was going to give birth in the 16th maternity hospital. She looked at me and speaks: we till May 3 are closed on a sink so come number 10. In advance you will lay down, we will prepare you. So I, happy that I have no place to hurry, enjoyed last month.

on the Twenty ninth of April in the evening, going to bed I thought: and tomorrow last day of April... Woke up at night (2 - 00) because that waters departed. Quickly woke the husband and I speak: gather, went to maternity hospital. He half asleep cannot understand. Then fast gathered, and we went to the 27th maternity hospital. It was closest to the house. Arrived, accepted me, and moved in prenatal. Looked on a chair - disclosure already at 4 cm. Told: you will give rise soon, and … left.

I Lie one. The terrible little room with green walls, is not present light, darkness. Fights are stronger and stronger, in 2 minutes on a minute. I call the doctor - and in reply silence... To a shouting: “Include though light!“. The nurse passing by:“ And what it to include, soon dawn“ (time 4 mornings). At first tried not to shout, suffered, there passed hour, one and a half, two... There is nobody, it is terrible to horror... Pain and darkness... Began to shout, thought though somebody will come. Anybody. Then became terribly thirsty. I cannot get out of a bed, began to shout that gave waters. And again silence. Torture by pain, darkness and thirst continued.

Time approached to 8 - 00, I feel that it begins to grieve. To a shouting that I will give rise on a bed now. I look, someone goes. Doctor. Man. Looked and speaks: one more skhvatochka of a prodysha, also we go to give birth. I was ready to kiss it. And it left somewhere. And again anybody. Went even minutes 30. Sil any did not remain. In a mouth - the Sahara Desert. Everything dried up to a stomach, the voice was gone.

Well everything, I think, it is necessary to give birth most, and began to make an effort. At once it became so good. Here from nowhere, some people run in and drag me on a chair. Badly I remember all events. Gave rise from the first attempt on a chair. Girl. 3150 g, 48 cm. Plopped on a stomach. She began to cry. And I have no forces even to touch it. 7 - 8 points on a scale Apgar. It is good.

One more fight - a placenta. Something was not pleasant to doctors. Manual intervention. I am carried somewhere... Bright light... Operating room … Anesthesia... Departed very badly. Language stuck and did not turn, the throat, in my opinion, stuck together. I ask to drink, there is no voice, any rustle. Speak, after an anesthesia it is impossible. I then would give everything for a water drink... Then sewed up already “I acquire“, I in a whisper tried to be indignant, but I was told that painfully should not be as the anesthesia up to the end did not depart. Sewed up quickly, only 3 seams of external.

was Taken out on a wheelchair to a corridor. I do not know how many I lay, but to chamber I was brought after 13 - 00, and I gave rise at 8 - 10 in the morning. All the time having felt thirsty... As soon as I appeared in chamber, reached the crane and drank, drank, and could not get drunk in any way. Could not talk even days therefore switched-off phone as forces and desire to communicate were not.

brought to

sweetie pie Next day, I was already full of strength, and yesterday`s nightmares were a bad dream, but when I saw my girl, I was terrified: all person was in bruises, in eyes skler were red color. I ran to the children`s doctor. She told that it happens when you cannot long give rise and constrain attempts. I was ready to carry maternity hospital...

the next day to me it was not brought. I long tried to learn that with my girl, but nobody told anything. I secretly made the way to the nursery and saw that it in the couveuse with oxygen. Went to shake the children`s doctor. Heart disease... The nosogubny triangle, handles and legs becomes blue. The earth left from - under legs. There are no doctors … May holidays. There is no resuscitation equipment. Began to ring round acquaintances. Through the tenth hands found the doctor in the 6th hospital which made a call in maternity hospital. I wrote the receipt, and Marusya was translated on 3 - and days.

Me was not put on the same day, and put on following. When we came with the husband in hospital to talk to the doctor, heard the following:“ I understand that for you it is the beloved child, but he is not a gift for doctors“. I tried to achieve the diagnosis, but said to me that it is necessary to conduct examination, and that the child very heavy. After we asked, than we can help, issued us 2 lists, in one drugs (on 10 thousand), in another pampers, nipples, creams and so forth for children (on 5 thousand). In principle, kopeks, but as it became clear then (from an extract), practically from drugs gave nothing to us.

Every day I went to feedings in 9 - 00, 12 - 00, 15 - 00, 18 - 00, 21 - 00. Marusya constantly slept. In a week I once saw its eyes, and yet she never cried. Campaigns to the doctor gave nothing new - very heavy girl. In a week I decided to take away it home what told the doctor about, she told: tomorrow we will make tests and we will look. Next day since morning my Mashka passed from a state “very heavy“ into “a satisfactory condition“, and on receipt we were let out home.

To the word: at us nothing was found!!! But at parting the doctor told: “It has a congenital allergy!“. Still I look for on what. So far was not on anything (fie - fie - fie). Yes, 2 more months we treated an intertrigo after hospital, there never washed children, pampers changed 4 times a day, and Mashka crapped 8 times. I from the nurse learned already then it though in 8 days of stay from us took 3 packs. But all this already trifles. Most important that already all behind. And we are 1 year old and 5 months.