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As the husband and the neighbor delivered me

there was it in August of this year. Childbirth at me was expected in about 2 weeks still therefore we with the husband went to have a rest to the dacha (it in 50 km from the city) with only one main goal - to properly have a rest and gain strength before childbirth. (The city at us - Cherepovets, very smoky and ecologically dirty.)

On the Tenth of August very strong thunder-storm with the heavy rain began

in the evening, the road to giving soil therefore during a rain on it to pass it is unreal simply, and I in general am afraid of a thunder-storm, I think, only fights would not begin. But of what was afraid, it happened, sharply zaskhvatyvat a stomach. I speak to the husband, that turned pale everything, grabbed the mobile phone - what there, in those places and hardly communication takes in a clear weather, and during bad weather and even less so. Generally, to contact the ambulance a fiasco too, it is dangerous to leave by car on such road (at us 99 - thawing, but not the jeep) too, such here circumstances, for the life of me.

the Husband then on neighbors began to rush, there is nobody, only the neighbor one to fish arrived (Wednesday was, dachas empty, in general a village country small very much, dachas 20 all somewhere). Generally, trouble, the husband explained to the neighbor, a pier and so what to do, phones do not work, it is dangerous to leave in such weather, childbirth with might and main already began. The neighbor (he is a cop former, and cops, it appears, learn to deliver) explained what theoretically it is able to do, the truth was practically not necessary.

they Came running, at me already waters departed, I lie and I shout, all crude. Those quickly bared my back (not especially pleasantly before foreign man with a naked crotch to lie, but the situation was that is told, not to complexes). My fights amplified, I shout as cut, the husband put water to be heated, the neighbor speaks, still early, the vagina did not reveal up to the end... Generally, it became clear that it is necessary not to drive off, deliver here, far from a civilization already anywhere.

well became simply intolerable

of Hour through two fights, I shout, in soul I damn all men (they are supposedly reptiles, made plevenky the businessman to themselves in pleasure, and the woman then suffer so, even if and for the sake of the child`s birth). Well it is fine though horror as it was sick, but perfectly felt that men are nervous strongly too, my Vitalik so in general on the verge of a nervous breakdown, but keeps.

twelve night the neighbor told

K, disclosure all supposedly sufficient, let`s make an effort... Then learned that it is called the second stage of childbirth, it is easier than the first what there... I make an effort and I shout as abnormal. The baby leaves, again leaves inside, and so minutes forty (the husband told then), from me sweat literally the river flows (never in life so sweated and men all sweaty, horror). And then Vitalik (good fellow) introduced the idea ingenious just (it him never any ingenious thoughts visited that) - supposedly somewhere read vertical childbirth that only it and helps with such cases.

the Neighbour (his Andrey call) tells

my blessed supposedly lift and hold by armpits, but strong hold, your child inside. Vitalik lifted from a bed me, holds by armpits, as if lifts from situation as at squat, Andrey massage of a bottom of a stomach tries to cause attempts, I have in a stomach well just natural fire, shout, painfully... I feel, sharply down pulled. The baby once again began to leave, Andrey orders to Vitalik supposedly strong now hold, and to me - tuzhsya it is strong.

Ya I make an effort, sweat the river, I shout, I feel, the head left, Andrey speaks, even stronger, I hold it already, I make an effort, make an effort, bang! sharp simplification, all... I gave rise... Our sonny of sklizkiya all. Men me put, I have an otdyshka as though ran ten marathon runnings, an umbilical cord they to the child cut, on hours of the half-third of night, the baby began to roar... Thank God...

the Afterbirth at me then the husband accepted

, quickly heated a bath, me washed up, for the morning weather was adjusted, brought to maternity hospital to Cherepovets, in three days wrote out us. And the husband delivered then a floor of a box of vodka to this Andrey, so thanked, and is for what, I and delivered a monument to it, my blessed so could not make everything, I think... Wanted even to name Andrey of the son, but Andrey objected, we named Denis.

Now we are fine, Deniska the second month went, my milk chest there is a lot of, everything is good, nobody, thank God, is ill.

When the second time I will become pregnant, in 4 months I will not leave the city anywhere, for what this Andrey together with my husband all made well, simply God needs to be thanked. No, all - is correct that cops are trained to deliver, I think, it needs to train in all educational institutions, sometimes it very much can be useful.