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Photocourses for those who are in love with the photo

As it is pleasant, having returned from holiday, to show to friends and colleagues freshly printed photos, to answer their numerous questions and together with them anew to endure the best moments of recent rest! But, despite enthusiastic responses of people around, the turned-out pictures seem only pale reflection of reality. And so there is a wish to keep for itself favourite places and the pleasant moments in all beauty!

However not all photos turn out such by what they were conceived. One of them too dark, others indistinct, and the third in general it is unclear where and why were made. And even the most modern cameras not only do not solve a problem, but also, on the contrary, aggravate a situation, independently to understand all settings to the beginner sometimes not in power. Therefore if you want to do pictures which it is proud would look from frames, but did not develop in a distant box, craft subtleties should learn from professionals.

the training programs Offered by numerous photocourses and photoschools are calculated by

on various extents of preparation from zero to advanced.

So, for example, the course “From Elements to Skill“ of the first degree is intended to

for those who only open for themselves the conquering world of photoart. Under the leadership of skilled teachers former “teapots“ will learn to be guided in variety of the existing photoequipment: learn about merits and demerits of digital and analog cameras, about various types of view-finders, lenses and light filters. Will explain to listeners the reasons of distortion of the image and feature of lighting depending on conditions of shootings, and also the principle of work of flash. Besides, the beginning photographers will be able to get acquainted with composition bases. It is important that the program of occupations besides technical aspects included also creative. Of course, the talent is necessary for the photo, as well as for any other art form, but data on sharpness depth, a golden ratio, the principles of creation of prospect and creation of volume in a shot will be not so superfluous.

So, at one of schools, having a little accustomed with basic knowledge and having experimented with a camera, it is possible to pass the second step of a course, having expanded the knowledge of area of various genres of shooting. However it is better to choose the combined course including both stages especially as such program considerably - 760 c.u. in a ruble equivalent whereas separately it is necessary to pay 460 and 590 c.u. for each of steps respectively will cost cheaper at once. Anyway, to turn from the fan into the expert, not less than 18 weeks will be required.


In a case when there is no need to begin training from scratch, it is better to give preference of one of the express - programs which will allow to bring a desirable type of the photo practically to perfection. At choice will offer you such objects as “Equipment and a portrait“, “Landscape, genre and portraiture with natural light“, “Travel - the photo“, and also the special course devoted is black - to a white photo.

If the photo turned from a hobby into work for a long time, then the course “Professional Advertising Photo“ will be as it is impossible by the way. Training includes a wide range of questions which it is necessary to face daily in the course of work, - from problems when using the lighting equipment to difficulties at communication with captious customers and whimsical models. Except the theory and practice are included in the program the 11th master - classes on which the leading photographers will share secrets of various genres of shooting: wedding, catalog, reporting, nu and even food (gastronomic pictures). Judging by responses of students, educational process so takes that many decide to make photography the primary activity.

By the way, even very skilled photographers in pictures have minor defects. Fortunately, it is easy to correct them on the computer by means of the special Adobe PhotoShop program. This program - big help to those who want to bring ready work to perfection or to add interesting special effects. As it is better to make it not to spoil naturalness of a shot and not to turn work into heartless computer graphics, will also tell on occupations.

Most likely, parents, having like art to stop a moment, will want to attach to it and the offsprings. The problem can be solved, having sent children to courses for children and youth aged from 14 till 17 years. The tuition fee makes 1500 rub.

In general to bases of the photo will teach

on any specialized courses, but their programs will differ in a set and depth of coverage of subjects, level of teachers, the number of practical studio work and, certainly, cost. Therefore before making a final choice, it is necessary to examine the detailed maintenance of a course and to make the decision proceeding from the requirements. For example, the designers and architects having experience with a chamber, most likely, will prefer the master - the course “Photographing of Interiors“. And the skilled experts who are looking for new sources of inspiration will be helped by the classes “Art methods in the modern photo“ given in the same place.

By the way, training at photocourses not it and simple as it can seem, and demands the most serious relation. Therefore it is better not to skip classes, and to devote all free time to exercises, an eye has to learn to excrete from environment worthy perpetuating shots. Only in this case the spent means and efforts will not go to waste: instead of sad types in pictures the real landscapes will flaunt, and portraits will stop resembling caricatures and will become pride of a family album. Besides, unexpectedly hobby can bring in the income. If not to set to itself a task to professionally master photocraft, skills received on occupations surely will be useful and will bring the sea of pleasant emotions and will enrich life with pleasure of creativity.