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Young lover: craze or natural desire?

Opinion that women prefer more mature men, became outdated. When we are in teenage age, there are strong reasons for the choice of more skilled partner. The matter is that boys reach the pubertatny period after girls, also their emotional development so lags behind. And even when we are 20 years old, all the same our choice stops on young people is more senior: they are more provided, they already for certain have a car, the apartment, besides, to them it is possible to talk about something, except computer games and sport. But after a while the situation cardinally changes.

Now in increasing frequency under the influence of a modern way of life of the woman are whenever possible delayed by time of creation of a family and the child`s birth. And it very often leads to the shift of an age boundary towards the adult woman, but not the man. If in 1963 only in 15% of married couples the woman, for the first time marrying, was more senior than the man, then in 1998 their number increased up to 28%. For the same period of time the number of marriages where the woman was six men more senior or more years, increased twice. At the conclusion of second marriage of the bride are most often more senior than grooms. And it is official statistics. Though if the man threw the wife for the sake of the very young beauty, it would be more clear and more habitual to us.

in many respects current situation is connected by

with improvement of financial position and independence of women. We ceased to need men as earlier. Plus to everything young lovers can give us much more pleasures in a bed. Men reach peak of sexual activity in 19 years, that is for ten years before women. Now thanks to change of views of traditional marriage (when the man is more senior than the woman) married couples had an opportunity to reach full sexual harmony in marriage.

the Choice of the mature husband for the very young beauty should not touch so strongly the adult women dreaming to give birth to the child because, according to recent researches, not only women have internal clocks (which activity begins to calm down after 35), but also at men. Earlier all thought that men can be suppliers of healthy sperm though all the life. Research institutes analysed data of 8 500 couples wishing to bring the child and it turned out that after 24 years annually at men for 3% an opportunity to conceive the healthy child falls. So also men`s internal clocks begin to reduce speed after 30 years. Besides, scientists found out the surprising facts which speak about considerable influence of man`s health on future child, and it is not less at all, than mothers.

the Male reproductive system is arranged to

in such a way that suddenly appeared unhealthy spermatozoa are destroyed in a man`s organism. The conducted researches showed that after 35 years this function in a male body begins to die away, thereby allowing the mutating, low-quality spermatozoa to get to an ovum and to impregnate it. Unfortunately, for this reason cases of the birth of sick children become frequent.

Moreover, researchers proved that children are obliged to elderly fathers by schizophrenia. Having analysed 700 thousand people, scientists found out that 15% of cases of schizophrenia are observed at people whose fathers by the time of conception already celebrated the 30 - the anniversary. To Nye - York researches showed that in comparison with 25 - summer at 50 - summer fathers by 3 times the risk of the birth of the child with this disease increases.

So scientists found

a way to calm the women postponing the birth of the first child until the best times. Get an education, travel, do career and when you understand that are ready to become mother, find the young father to your child. If except the healthy father for the child you want to receive the good lover, give preference to the man more young you at least for about six years. Besides, then the number of widows will be reduced (men die before women, as if it was sad). That`s all theses in favor of young people!


whether there correspond your sexual requirements and desires to opportunities of your partner.

the Comment of the sexologist

Today couples in which the woman is much more senior than the partner in increasing frequency meet. If to consider this situation from the point of view of a physiological and sexual maturity of partners, then, one may say, that it has under itself serious scientifically - the reasonable facts.

female sexuality reaches

of Apogee approximately at the age of 35 - 40 years, man`s - in 20 - 30 years. On the sexual requirements and opportunities the adult woman and the young man - as equals. Therefore the young lover gives it more pleasures, than the age-mate or the man is more senior. And this most important in such relations. The comfort in sexual life brings to the woman and psychological tranquility. Though in reality the situation looks absolutely in a different way. Most often the young lover changes the adult passion to the right and on the left, quite often infecting it with some venereal illness, but, anyway, jealousy scenes in this situation for the woman - continuation of her “youth“. And it means that all emotions pass for it under a plus. As plus it is possible to consider also the fact that usually young lovers are most often very active in a bed. For them there is nothing inaccessible or forbidden. The adult partner usually on the offer to replace traditional sex, for example, on anal or makes love can not just refuse the car, but also to assume that someone taught you to it. The thinking of the man is arranged in such a way that we perceive female activity as something indecent and unnatural. Though in our imaginations women are usually initiative. And in reality all - we consider that swear at families such “perversions“ are inadmissible. Therefore the young lover is a guarantee of absence of boredom and monotony in a bed.

But on each plus surely also minus is. The adult women having the young lover have to remember that their sexual activity will not last eternally, this time span, unfortunately, is small (about 5 - 10 years). Over time your libido will begin to die away, gradually coming to naught. Of course, it is possible to prolong it - sports loadings, the healthy nutrition and medicamentous means will help to support sexual desire at the level. Therefore, bringing the young lover, think positively, and you learn to derive pleasure from what you have!

the Curious facts
Where without soulmate?

of the Woman, with own hand made the way in life to popularity and wealth, are able to afford to choose! Naturally, they choose younger!

the Actress Demi Moore is 15 years more senior than Asheton Kutcher, Madonna is 10 years more senior than the husband and the producer Guy Richie. The husband J. K. Rolling, Neill Myureey, is younger than it for 6 years, and the famous singer Justin Timberlake is 9 years younger than the beauty - the girlfriend Cameron Diaz. The performer of one of leading roles in the movie “Sex and the City“ of Kym Ketrall after a gap with the husband told:“ To women is more senior 40 most of all approach 20 - summer men. They are vigorous and are not held down, they like to be with the independent and imperious woman. So now I stare at young people“. Even such dear and influential actress as Susan Serendon, married the man more young than for 12 years. And Franziska Anis (Rayfa Fayensa is 18 years more senior) does not understand at all why still pay attention to an age difference.

Such striking examples have to help us to believe

in themselves, the sexuality and ability to attract men of any age. So if earlier the child`s birth was an ultimate goal of the serious relations, then now the woman who received control over the financial and professional position can demand also one more - that to it it was very good with the beloved.