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My second childbirth with the husband of

In anticipation of a year of the son decided to lay out the story about childbirth here. While I was pregnant, to read such stories was one of my most my dear occupations. It turned out a little long and spontaneously what I apologize for.

the Baby at me very long-awaited. The difference with the eldest son turned out 9 years. At first the husband was against replenishment, then, when the desire became mutual, I could not become pregnant the whole year (everyone monthly with tears met), and, at last, long-awaited pregnancy. My pleasure was not a limit, and on the eighth week there was an abortion.

Then the whole year I could not depart, somehow psychologically could not force to go to the doctor, to be examined, pulled everything. Well, and when the doctor gave a green light after a preventive course of treatment (sores any did not find, and leukocytes were raised), became pregnant for the second month.

Still I remember

how looked at two stripes and trusted them, and did not trust, and pleased the husband in the evening, did not keep, though wanted to tell it not at once. On 11 - y to week I was hospitalized on preservation, with the same otsloyka again, as well as in last pregnancy. But there was absolutely other relation, and the otsloyka was much less. I want to tell girls from Yaroslavl that the first time on preservation I lay on the Embankment (at the place of residence), and all treatment consisted in acceptance of vitamin E and a valerian there. The same is given to the healthy girls passing three-day inspection.

the Second time I did to

ultrasonography in hospital Avtodiesel (these are about 3 - y children`s hospital) and was at once issued there on preservation. I had a paid chamber, but the price if to compare on the city, very moderate, and chamber very cozy as a room with beautiful linen, a cover on a convenient bed, with the TV and the refrigerator, with a separate toilet. But treatment, I think, there is identical to all. Well, I have a rest there, gained strength and in ten days was already at home with fine result of ultrasonography.

But all pregnancy I passed everything - in tension that something can occur not so; it seemed to me that the child moves a little, it is a lot of etc. I could relax only at the end of pregnancy when there was already a wish to give rise quicker. The husband tried to be to me more attentive, and in general this time did good to our relations moreover at the end I persuaded him to go with me for childbirth.

Exactly in 37 weeks, on September 20, we went in 9 - y maternity hospital to conclude the contract. The doctor, Frolova Oksana Valeryevna, gave me the phones and ordered to call at any time. Next day I made all tests, made KTG and ultrasonography, and here I was waited by an unpleasant surprise: Ultrasonography showed abundance of water that it is good not to eat. Type, the child small 2800 of, at most, 3 kg, and from - for abundance of water he will not grow up any more. And therefore while according to indications of KTG he feels well, it is better for me to give rise, but not to wait when to the child it can become bad.

Morally to childbirth that here then, I was not ready, and we decided to observe so far. After that I prepared two days packages on duty for myself and small, put affairs in order, with the husband there took place the emergency classes in preparation of couples for childbirth. (It was a condition of maternity hospital.) Occupations are cool, they very much inspired the husband, I was surprised how well he apprehended everything, to this special desire at it was not observed.

I here on Friday September 24 (I surprisingly well slept that practically did not happen recently) I went to the next inspection (KTG, etc.) . I still told parents that I well feel what my father answered that today, so I also will give rise. So it also left.

Oksana Valeryevna told that I have a disclosure of 3 cm, the child very low, and was surprised that I do not feel fights, and I indeed felt only training painless fights to which I got used, just they became frequent. Well, told me that there is nothing to pull more, and it is necessary to open a bubble since the worst option for me if waters depart at home, and can be loss of an umbilical cord, and to maternity hospital to me about 30 km. So everything needs to be done under control. I waited for the husband, we for 10 hours had still an occupation on which at me and the first two painful skhvatochka came. Well, took away me directly from occupation on all procedures. The bubble was punctured absolutely not painfully, waters was valid much.

so the baby grudged

for me, here, I think, intruded in his lodge, lowered water, he understands nothing, and now such bedlam will begin, and to the course back not any more.

As for all the rest, an enema is done at will, shave all (houses I did not manage to shave), the midwife got an edge new, rejected my machine, and took foam. The midwife Aleksandra Nikolaevna was engaged in me. Very correct, kind and, most important, professional of the business.

Allocated for

me in separate chamber, delivered to KTG, Kolya (husband) who is changed clothes under the doctor came there. In fights at me no frequency was observed, all of them were different both on force and on time. After KTG I began to go on chamber that process went quicker as to me it was told by the nurse: “Why to prolong pleasure?“ . The coolest that the husband to me to lie - and did not give that, and I at once so without restraint wanted to sleep, but he for some reason decided that for childbirth it is not a buzzing. Well, on a bed I broke hardly and when laid down, at me terribly cramped a foot, and for a long time. We with it could make nothing. Not on the cards was to me to have a sleep and more I did not risk to lay down.

In general on fights I as could, tried to relax and to breathe correctly, from any excess movements I was skryuchivat by even more. Kolya pressed to me stones on hips, very painful points there, and it somehow distracts, and I to him when fight became stronger, shouted: “Press!“, and if somehow at it left not so: “Do not press on me!“ . Jolly, well!

But in general with the loved one it seems to

easier and easier, and memoirs at me very warm. Though then all it did not seem to me so easy. On the one hand I was glad that it is not necessary to wait and be afraid more of childbirth, and on the other hand understood that will be still more painful further and there are no place to disappear to me already. Behind a door women in labor periodically shouted. And I all thought that here now my husband will tremble from these shouts and will escape. But he kept full calm, in breaks joked, tried to distract me somehow.

me was taken away Then on a chair, disclosure of 6 cm, on a chair I relaxed, and at me all fights got to somewhere, waited, waited, nipples twisted, twisted, did not wait. From a chair began to get down, twisted me, and later while went to a shower, there took place 5 fights short, but very notable. I in general understood that fights came to me generally because that I moved, especially if changed somehow position of a body. But it was decided that everything at me goes slowly, and gave a quarter of some tablet (I had a doctor from night watch, and I think that strongly there was no wish to be detained by her).

after that I endured several strong contractions, and waited for everything when I am even stronger so unbearable, did not wait. Suddenly very strong attempts began, here I was frightened, shouted a little bit. Whispered to Coca that me grieves and that he called the doctor. Disclosure was full, the husband helped me to reach a rodzal where it was correctly asked to wait in a corridor until I am prepared allegedly.

Here I understood that to let in rodzat it do not want as there still the girl gave birth though, in principle, at us had to be separate rodzat. If I insisted, I think, it would be let, but to me had no time for it. Just I had enough understanding that it absolutely nearby, and soon all this will end, at that time. In general, unlike first labor, attempts seemed to me more difficult than fights. But, in principle, everything passed quickly, somewhere from the fourth attempt the kid was born. Head, then coat hanger and such simplification...

the Kid slipped out and at once cried, I, it is visible, somehow sat down, looked at it and by a strict voice told:“ Bring the husband“. It would be unfair if he did not see the child at this moment. Kolya was brought instantly, despite the girl who at this moment was already sewn up.

to the Kid sucked away slime and put to me on a stomach, I still asked why it such blue on what all were indignant, and I understood that I did not see blue children. Then asked permissions at the father to cut an umbilical cord (waited when it otpulsirut), and then I gave birth a placenta. In first labor I do not remember this moment at all, and this time it was necessary to be extinguished still, but everything quickly enough passed. Kolka still asked whether completely the placenta left, whether speak rapidly everything on the place, business such.

my Doctor was very happy with

, told that to me still to give birth and birth. I ironed the baby, the husband ironed me, the moment of course unforgettable. But here I began to be examined regarding gaps, and this - mother, do not grieve! Only relaxed that all behind, and they I acquire all begin to look. Here Kolkina hands were also useful to me, I bit them a little bit. I got off with a graze on a uterus neck, in the place where cauterized an erosion, it was necessary to sew up, but processings any it was not necessary to me then, and so everything is remarkable, any gaps.

Forgot to write

that the kid was put to a breast, and he very well began to suck at once! 50 cm and 3230 kg! And spoke, at most 3 kg. Though the child and full-term on weight, told that it immature is a little, somewhere for 36 - 37 weeks, all - rather early we were born a little. And across Apgar 9 / 9 points. Also wrote out us for the 4th day.

in general impressions about childbirth remained with me positive, Sanka in 3,5 hours was born (since a bubble puncture). My husband in general tells now all that I gave rise very easily and quickly, and he still to whom would help. In maternity hospital in principle also everything suited me, except a bed. Bed - as in army, in the center a hole, and, considering that all children are with mother and many sleep with mothers, not really - that it is convenient. The father named our Malchishechka by Sashka, was told me: “You called the senior, I younger, objections are not accepted“. At first resisted, and now and most it is pleasant to me.

Understanding that I gave birth to the sonny for whom we so long waited, came to me only for 2 - 3 day. The miracle was made! For the first time I cried with happiness! Thank God for it! We lay in separate chamber, and I fastened on it a suit, socks at once, such beauty!

we Slept with him together, as we continue to do still. Very conveniently! (synulyu I too very much waited for the senior, brought him to me only next day after the delivery, and in spite of the fact that childbirth was heavy, I all night long could not fall asleep and did not turn off the light, waited for everything when synulyu bring.)

As for the relation of the senior to younger, we very about it worried since at the beginning of my pregnancy Artyom very negatively apprehended this news. Said that wants nobody. Adjusted it, perhaps, who... Gradually we overpersuaded him, said how it is exciting to have the brother that he is a little man too and wants to live. Still helped us that his many friends have brothers, sisters, and here at the neighbor who is 14 years old and he, clear, the authority, too the brother was born, and that nursed him, and ours looked at all this. Well and to childbirth the spirit of it already was absolutely another, we still bought a gift to birthday of the brother to it. And now he irons it, kisses, on hands tries to hold, runs when that cries, and everything is surprised what Sasha small. And I in return try also attention it especially not to deprive, and I help to do homework, and I read the book for the night. So now I am a happy mummy of two boys - sentyabrit!