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At you twins grow...

Appearance of the child in a family are an event with which are connected not only happiness and pleasure, but also a set of cares and duties which need to be carried out round the clock. And, as a rule, these problems more busy mother. The birth of two kids demands at once the help and the doubled efforts from all family members - fathers, grandmothers, aunts... However, when the mode is adjusted, efforts of the first weeks remain behind, parents of twins enjoy the doubled happiness which they not for the world will not exchange with those at whom one child grows.

what problems you can face from the first day of stay of the house and how to facilitate to yourself life.

First of all, do not refuse from any help - let the grandmother or the aunt of twins will live at you several months, or ask neighbors to buy at least regularly to you products and other necessary things. It is desirable that at first the father of twins could take vacation for several weeks to encourage the wife and to help it to restore after the delivery forces, rising to kids at night.

of Feeding

Experience shows that in a case with twins it is necessary to establish as soon as possible the strict schedule and to feed children or at the same time, or one at once behind another (in case of simultaneous feeding by mix it is possible to distribute duties so that mother always fed one child, and her assistant - always another, then at you will not be confusions). If you nurse, then it is possible to feed both at the same time, and in turn, but in practice often happens that mother does not have milk for two, and all the same it is necessary to finish feeding mix from a small bottle. I advise from the first day to get a notebook in which you will regularly note time of meal and amount of the drunk milk of each child, to note bathings, and also character of a chair and number of times...

Can hang up special leaflets over beds and to daily update them. It is possible to do marks and in plastic boards. Many mothers claim that only in this case perhaps it is correct to look after children, without having mixed them. Special value is got by this method in case kids got sick, and they should give medicine. Here danger to give to one child a double dose that can have much more serious consequences, than, for example, miss one feeding or not expiate one child, and to wash another twice is big - it happens quite often.


All admire

twins, pay attention to them, it is pleasant to all when twins are equally dressed and equally look. But in it there are also negative moments as over time at twins the impression can be made that the only source of their appeal - their similarity that they are pleasant to people around only as couple of well dressed identical kids. It can deprive of them identity at more advanced age and turn into the real problem when to them, all - it is necessary to be separated to establish own families. Therefore from the earliest age parents should encourage distinctions and individual traits of each of twins.

First of all, try to name children, unlike on sounding; and at communication with them try to call everyone by name, do not address them “children“ or “twins“.

Try to dress from the earliest age children differently. For the smallest it is simpler to choose everything a dowry of two various flowers - it will serve to you good service as it at first will help to distinguish children. Allocate to kids separate beds as soon as possible, periodically place them in different rooms. Get to children separate boxes for clothes.

to Toys should paying to

of the Toy special attention too. Some parents buy two identical toys because differently children quarrel and take offense at each other. Other parents, on the contrary, buy different toys, and children from the very beginning are able to share them with each other.

the Arena

the Arena unusually valuable thing in a family where twins as the creeping kids for some reason seek to move in opposite directions grow, and can just not follow them. Do not give to children of heavy and sharp objects as when they beat with them each other, they do not understand how it can be dangerous.

Language of twins

the Most important point in development of such children is the fact that the twin never is one: whether he sits at a table, bathes or walks whether thinks out some games, always watches its actions and another takes in them part, being at the same time an accomplice and the viewer. Children are unseparable in all actions and if parents call one, two resort. Often one of twins speaks “we“, meaning himself. Twins begin to speak “I“ later, than other children. At the same time often confuse it to the word “you“. Difficulties in self-distinction are shown also in another: if in a specular reflection the child in 3 years sees himself, then one of twins in 5 years believes that he sees reflection of other twin (to heterosexual twins slightly easier here, than same-sex). It is natural that all these moments cannot but leave the mark on development of twins. If children usually begin to speak to communicate with world around, then twins quite are content with society of each other, often invent own system of communication: views, unclear words, gestures. On the one hand, it is very amusing, but with another - it can lead to later development of the real language and even to some delay of speech development therefore parents need to pay on it special attention and not to satisfy requests of twins until they are stated in normal language.

Constantly having near at hand the companion for games and conversations who understands it, the twin much less, than other children, needs external contacts that, on the one hand, allows them to keep a certain distance to other children, and with another - more and more ties them to each other. It creates them various difficulties in adulthood, and here the main objective of parents consists in helping children to find identity and to teach them to be happy separately from each other.

Approximately from three-year age gradually accustom them to separation - for example, going to shop, take one with yourself, and leave another with the grandmother. Next time - on the contrary. From the very first days lives try to pay attention to everyone that will help to reveal any addictions of each child that in the subsequent to develop specific features of each of twins (for example, to drive them in different circles or sections).

B of one of the previous articles I wrote that the main thing in education of the child - to teach him to do completely without parents. The case with twins demands from parents twice more wisdom, patience and a step as the destiny of two children depends at once on it, and your ability will help to bring up to the child to have the identity and the destiny and will make him the independent person.

I Wish

success in this difficult and responsible business. You love the children, and everything at you will turn out.