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For lazy mothers of

I gave birth to Senka in 28 years. To this event, of course, re-read mountains of literature and for herself decided that if it works, I will nurse that. Also it turned out so that I fed him about one year and three months, and, without decanting milk at all.

Here my history. So, it my boy happened, born, to me made Cesarean section, and everything passed normally. The child to me was brought only on second day and at once put to a breast. Also left with me.

About horror, I did not know that with it to do (as it at me the first), it was quiet, but it seemed to me that it hungry, and I periodically put it to a breast. Yes, I will notice, nurses explained to me how the child has to hold a breast correctly: the nipple has to be between language and an upper lip, and otherwise “you will have a sky in diamonds“. At first nipples, of course, hurt all the same, but then everything passed.

So far we were with the kid in maternity hospital, I put it to a breast as often as possible, and I already then practically had no excess milk which needed to be decanted. Having arrived home, I continued according to the same scheme. Having disdained all schedules of feedings, fed when the kid wanted it. It could be both in half an hour, and in an hour, each feeding gave different breasts.

the Most interesting that I gathered exactly so much milk how many it was necessary for the kid. And present how it is convenient! It is not necessary to sterilize small bottles, to buy mixes and other what mothers of bottle-fed babies face. Yes, of course, it is necessary to hold a diet, not to drink alcohol and not to smoke. But that it means in comparison with advantages!

And so, with age the kid himself defined the schedule of feedings, and we ate in 3 - 4 hour, and milk only the necessary quantity was gathered. Only thing, my advice to nursing mothers: if time of feeding did not approach, and milk was already gathered much, it is possible to decant slightly, absolutely slightly - slightly, and to drink liquids less. To the contrary, if it is not enough milk, it is necessary to drink more. Generally, ourselves can regulate all process of feeding.

From 6 months I became, as well as it is necessary, to enter a feeding up and to replace with it feedings. At first lunch, then afternoon snack, then breakfast and dinner. And after a year fed only for the night. And milk at me decreased too gradually. Now my sonny is 1 years old and six months, he is a strong kid. I already do not feed him, milk still is, but does not disturb.