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Experience of happy mother

Read several stories of our contestants and decided to share the history. The happy history because to my daughter 1 years and 2 months, and I still nurse the baby.

Pregnancy washing

was very long-awaited, I gave rise almost in 28 years. To such age in my consciousness the set of information on need and usefulness of breastfeeding therefore the spirit was only on a victory collected. During pregnancy I read all useful information about pregnancy from the Internet, visited the various sites on pregnancy and childbirth. Information the sea from which in practice it was necessary to choose the most valuable and useful.

And so, was given rise by me in the morning and for the first time fed the little girl in the evening. There was such feeling that everything that I read during pregnancy, my Natalya (daughter) read and perceived together with me and therefore knew as well as what should be done. The breast took well, and we did without cracks on nipples. First “a drop reasonable“ - cracks on nipples appear not from the fact that nipples are not prepared, and from the fact that the child incorrectly takes a nipple.

In maternity hospital kind neigbours podpaivat me tea with milk (that milk came), and it came absolutely unexpectedly and many. Therefore second “a drop reasonable“ - in the first days after the delivery to limit drink, and (tea with milk) I made sure of uselessness of drink already later.

One more question which stood an edge. Decantation. Whether it is necessary in general and if it is necessary when and what for? I was an ardent opponent of decantation (again - strange article on the Internet) got therefore also the milk pump was not got in advance.

the Extract from maternity hospital coincided with milk arrival. At my second size of a breast at an extract already less the fourth was not. Therefore all delights of a rastsezhivaniye were already in house conditions, and it was sick. Therefore, devonk expensive, you never learn in advance whether hard you have a breast, whether easily you rastseditsya. I just did not listen to one wise advice. Yet milk, in maternity hospital did not come, it is necessary to rastsezhivat a breast, but not milk came, and to open channels. Before each feeding, it is possible just to mass a breast clockwise, and then towards a nipple. I considered that I it at all to anything, for as paid.

the Daughter still sucked

not so strongly to cope with an objective therefore the manual milk pump came to the rescue (a pear, on good it was a pity for money, I knew that I all the same will not be decanted then) and, of course, the father had to work. There was it very difficult task, to learn to suck as it is done by the child.

But, anyway, we coped with this task, of course, not in one day. And then I relaxed, ceased to decant, before feeding the breast did not prepare, did not mass also temperature kept steady 39,5 three days. Decantations (attempt to clean hardenings) till two in the night, compresses from a leaf of cabbage with honey gave - the results. Then I began to make thrifty use of the breast more. Before feeding the breast massed, opened channels and decanted a little, literally lowered couple of streams that it was easier for child to suck, and the breast was easier devastated.

I Want to note

that all these measures were necessary in the first few months when there is a formation of a lactation when the child is still weak actively to suck while the self-regulating system is started at full capacity. And further milk is produced exactly so much how many it is necessary for the kid. And decantation is not necessary in general (if only mother does not need to leave) - third “a drop reasonable“.

of the Pacifier, a small bottle - this dowry I did not buy, I consider, when breastfeeding are absolutely useless things. Though is not present, we use the small bottles (presented) as the container for transportation “to drink“ something after 6 months, and saw at first from a spoon, and then from a mug.

the daughter never took

to the Nipple though, I will tell honestly, there were several desperate attempts to accustom a rebyatenka to a pacifier when already absolutely unbearable was when forces came to an end when you swing hour - swing, and she all, does not sleep in any way and cries. (It were difficulties not from - for breastfeeding, and our intra cranial pressure had an effect.) It was heavy: hands, waist...

the Daughter was much wiser than mother and in any did not take this pacifier (we had unique, a truth orthodontic, presented, in toys now). When the daughter was played, even found not at once that part which should be taken in a mouth. I look and laugh, since the childhood deprived the child, even does not know a pacifier what party to take.

at the age of 2,5 months my daughter began to refuse a breast. I found in the magazine article about refusal of a breast true and seeming, but for 100% I did not find the answer to our situation. And the next 6 weeks our feedings looked approximately so. Natalya was absolutely quiet until I did not take her on hands and did not begin to feed, even not to feed, and to try because as soon as she saw a breast, then began to cry heart-rendingly. And wanted to eat, pulled hands in a mouth, but to take a breast - in any. So I swung it - swung, long, while she began to fall asleep and such dozing could only feed and put to bed.

my mother all this observed

and was horrified just, maybe, she saw things more globally, maybe, very much worried about the granddaughter, too could not understand in what the reason, and spoke all the time: “Check milk, maybe, at you milk was gone“. But nothing could shake my confidence in success of our enterprise, and through 6 (!) weeks we returned to harbor of serenity. And therefore next “a drop reasonable“ - one of precepts of successful chest feeding - the correct psychological spirit of mother. And then the difficulties arising in parallel can be solved quietly, without panic and with strong belief in success.

further we already enjoyed

A each feeding together with the daughter because we with success overcame the arisen difficulties of breastfeeding.

At children about one year very strong recovery abilities, an organism with success copes with congenital pathologies, patrimonial injuries (if those, of course, were available). and very strong support is given to children by us, mothers who nurse the children. We give to children their immunity. Milk is and medicine in case of some intestinal infections (especially in the summer).

Now my daughter 1 years and 2 months, I feed her only for the night (I put to bed), at night when wakes up also in the morning. Sometimes after restless night visit treacherous thoughts to buy a pacifier, to teach the daughter to drink from a small bottle, etc. that it did not awake mother at night, but it quickly passes.

Everything described above became a certain summing up from the personal experience read and missed through a prism. If my story to someone is useful and will help to adjust breastfeeding, I will be very glad.

Healthy and quiet to you children.

Best regards, Svetlana Kudryashova and the daughter Natalyyushka .