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The escaped milk of

Hello, mummies, real and future! I want to tell how I managed to return the “escaped“ milk.

U me. Before operation the doctor asked: “You want to feed?“. I, of course, was surprised, could not even present that perhaps in a different way, on as heard the answer: “Means, you will be!“ . And so I believed in it that already next day at me milk came though promised me only every other day:-).

the Child lay with me therefore feeding was on demand provided. As the uterus in labor was not, explained to me that it will be long reduced back. But I can correct a situation, putting to a breast of a malyshik more often (sucking stimulates). No, of course, if I want will fail few weeks in maternity hospital, it is possible to feed also at 3 o`clock time if he does not ask.

Well is not present

! In - the first, I already there spent enough time, and in - the second, in several days New Year! I want home so, the kid, help mummy, and I will return the favor, I promise!

the First two weeks of problems did not know

- was enough for a cub, and I nursed one for time. But then I faced that the quantity of a milk does not increase, and needs of the child very much even increased. My mistake was what the child did not ask often, and I did not begin to insist. Is enough for it, we houses. What else is necessary? And the lactation is adjusted more than 2 weeks. One could not nurse then.

A on the fourth week milk in general began to vanish. Yes here also the husband went to business trip, and the grandmother got sick - to help there is nobody. On one feeding the kid needed 90 - 100 ml, and I have because of nerves only 20 ml from both breasts. Where to take the rest? And he lies, looks at me, and so hungry eyes - hungry...

Went to the doctor, that tried to calm me supposedly Germans do not recommend to nurse at all, ecology there and so on. And mother in Germany gave birth to me and, by the way, fed only month. So it did not turn out to feed at me, it is necessary to calm down and buy mix.

I Cried the remained evening, asked forgiveness for the little hungry kitten. Long asked and all roared... Could not fall asleep, it as puziko empty, I, from a remorse. Therefore there was time to think. And I thought up! Let Germans do not feed, let be covered with ecology. And I will do everything possible, I promised it! I will take - I am for rent a milk pump, in maternity hospital gave advertizing. Eventually, I lose nothing any more. I call, I consult, I order.

of the Girl, already in couple of days my kid was the most full! And, above all what anything special I for this purpose did not do. Just “ate up“ behind it after I feed him. It is heavy to it to rassasyvat. And so so far he sucks the second breast, I decant that over which it already “worked“, and then I give it from a small bottle.

So the milk pump for us became the real rescue. Plus plentiful warm drink. I cannot tell that I had enough a rest, but fattened me!

Here the theory that C-section babies are bottle-fed babies and if also their mothers was iskusstvennitsa, then there are no chances at all so was not confirmed by

. Hormones. Who only thought up it?

to us 9 months and if not “escaped“ milk in 4 weeks, we still would not know what is mix. Next time I will take a milk pump directly in maternity hospital.

in conclusion I want to tell

to all who are not sure, to ask more precisely: “You want to feed? Means, you will be!“. We wish you bon appetit!