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I write books for myself... Modern teenagers not too like to read

and badly know modern writers. But Dmitry Emets, probably, is a rare exception - children read its books with the great pleasure and look forward to each new book. The Eksmo publishing house kindly gave us an opportunity to communicate to the popular author.

Dmitry, your name is known to both children, and adults. Visitors of our website “7ya. ru“ quite regularly discuss your books. Looking through archives of conferences where parents of children of middle school age communicate, I met comparison you with Nosov:“ Tanya Grotter“ is “Vitya Maleev at school and now at home“ from our childhood. It seems to me, this quite flatter comparison.
your own children still small from where you scoop ideas for your books, in them are written very well out images and characters of teenagers?.
I write
Ya books for myself, or, more precisely, for the child in myself. Own children help me with it a little. Them at me four, but they still small. In total, probably, still ahead.

, From where then this knowledge?
I Think, I did not say goodbye to the world of the childhood and dream yet. I write not about somebody the abstract world, and about in what I exist.

Perhaps, you will a little tell about the family? Our website is called “7ya. ru“ therefore the family subject is very close to us.
the Family at me big. Vanka will be 7 years old, Natasha soon - five, Katya - three years, younger Olga - year. Such here big family. At us it is always awfully noisy...

As to you manages to work with

in house conditions?
It is natural, I have a study. But, by and large, if I do not hear background noise from the neighboring room, to me it is uncomfortable. Custom is second nature.

in What your spouse is engaged in

of the Spouse is a philologist. Both of us graduated from philological faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University. Got acquainted when I protected candidate, and Masha worked at our faculty and 3 graduated. And now and Mashka already in postgraduate study.

the Subject candidate was on the last third of the 19th century. But even before protection I understood that the literary vein in me is much stronger than scientific. It seems to me how the scientist, I am little. However the got education very much helps with an assessment of own books - can see them from outside and very soberly...

As far as I know, you live not in Moscow?
Well why? We are Muscovites, but the last 2 years we live in the Crimea, but it is temporary since it is impossible to give a good education to children there, but such life is good for small children. Climate, sea... We should move back to Moscow soon what I think not without internal shiver of. whether

Can learn the general circulation of the published your books?
Of course. Books about Tanya more than one million, and the general circulation of my books including about “Mefodiy Buslayev“, approaches 2 million are sold already. Perhaps, already also stepped over this mark.

A which of your heroes the most favourite?
U me all heroes favourite. Unloved at me is not present. If someone from heroes to me is uninteresting, I just do not let it in the work. However, sometimes I catch myself that villains to me it is more nice positive better are successful.

can only envy

of your working capacity...
Actually, I would not tell that I the most efficient of writers. Another thing is that I try to be very regular though first it was given me with great difficulty since I preferred to a regularity work as hard drinking. Now I work almost daily.
seems to me, the most important is to step over a barrier of the first line. Sometimes work goes, sometimes not. And it is still very important to stop for dive, in the highest point. Sometimes you write and you feel that it is a little more and you will begin to slip because you were tired. At this moment it is necessary to stop.

is occupied What is the time by writing of the book?
Approximately turns out 3. 5 - 4 months.

It is probable, you have some daily plan?
Yes, I have own standard, a format of pages and a small print. I very much love the Garamond font and this attachment to a font is very important for me. Earlier I loved Times New Roman, and now I write only using Garamond, 10 - y a size. Actually, a lot of things depend on with what font you write. If I read something others, then surely the text has to be written by other font. Garamond - as if mine.
When passes life at the computer, become attached to the screen. For example, I always work only at laptops, and I accept e-mail on the big computer. The laptop for me - something isolated, only mine, and other computer I use for things not creative.

you mentioned e-mail... In general, what place is taken by the Internet in your life?
takes the Huge place, and I already try to limit it. The Internet gives something only at the beginning, and further generally takes away.

you were connected by

to the Internet and what`s next?
Usually at first I accept mail. If there are any urgent messages, I respond to them if I not really urgent, can postpone for later. There is some quantity of the sites which I visit - at me huge “Chosen“, in several hundreds of references. As a rule, I go to 2 - 3 places: in LJ to see the friend - a tape, on Grotter. ru, on the website of Eksmo publishing house then as we threw out the TV, I look sometimes on the Tape. ru. I go online short swoops, and then I come back to the laptop and again I work. As soon as I feel some exhaustion, I allow myself to relax at the computer.

A for what purpose you go to LJ? It is rather simple to em to read
- I have some circle of acquaintances. It is not pleasant to me when the semi-official organ begins. The magazine is interesting to me by the anonymity, an opportunity to communicate without pressure with different people.

U you own magazine is?
Yes, I have the magazine, but in it there is nothing literary, especially personal diary. There is no sense to give on it the reference. If there it is too crowded, to me will be ceased to want to happen there. For those to whom my books are interesting there is an official site which is quite visited and regularly updated. And the huge forum on the website is too.

Among teenagers the website grotter is quite popular

. ru to Whom came idea of creation of this website?
Once long ago I had own website - I was engaged a web a little - design, very much amateurish, and made to myself the website by means of Front Page, but this website was impractical... Idea of creation of the website grotter. ru belonged to Eksmo publishing house. It was in general one of the first websites “Eksmo“ made under the specific author. It was quite viable, now on it already more than 11 million clicks accumulated on the counter. Daily on the website there are about one thousand visitors.
Periodically we arrange meetings at a forum, and now there was already a certain circle of visitors who go to the website as for work. It amuses me a little, on the Internet there are a lot of other interesting places. The Internet - communication is not less attractive, than communication in real. Though, of course, nothing can replace communication in real.

But, you see, at virtual communication a set of pluses...
It is undoubted, virtual communication has the advantages.

What people are visitors of the website grotter. ru?
Judging by statistics and letters which to me come (and monthly I receive up to one thousand e-mails and 300 - 400 paper), I see that my audience is an age from 12 to 25 years. There are letters from people absolutely adult and even elderly that too pleases. And if to take audience of the website, then these are on average 13 - 20 years - generally school students - seniors and students.

What they write you?
letters of two types Happen: pragmatical (for example, “When there will be the next book?“ ) and more sincere. I respond to letters of readers seldom though I read them always with interest. Besides, when you respond to the long sincere letter briefly, literally in couple of lines, it is much simpler to offend the person, than to please... It seems to me, it is necessary to adhere to a certain position - or not to enter into a correspondence absolutely, or to answer all, and it is impossible. whether

Manages to receive from letters of readers any ideas for books? Is not present
, alas. Probably, it is impossible because the problem of creation of an image of the hero is a problem of character. I hunt not for ideas, and for characters. And as for purely subject textures, it already again. If there is a character, the plot will be born by itself.

we Will return to your readers. Whether during creation of the book you in a look have that will read it not only children, but also adults? Probably, it somehow raises a level of requirements?
Certainly. The hypothetical age of my readers is 9 - 99 years. Speaking more globally, all books I try to write so that most to derive from this process pleasure. If you begin to write for someone, for any specific children or concrete generation, it is obviously losing option. The book written on fatigue and the book written without internal contents will not be necessary to either the author, or readers.

U “Thani Grotter“ also foreign history is?
the Book appeared in Belgium, but was forbidden in Holland. Actually, on it all also ended. The foreign history “Thani Grotter“ had no continuation. But, maybe, it and to the best.“ Tanya Grotter“ stylistically very Russian book is also terribly dependent on language. In translation she could lose much not to mention that it should explain stupidly to the foreign reader, who such, for example, Koshchey or the Baba-yaga.
will be finished the translation of “Mefodiy Buslayev“ Soon, we will look whether it will sound is not present. whether


plans continuation “Thani Grotter“?
So far in this series 10 books appeared. I do not plan to continue series yet, but sometimes very much I miss Tanka... Everything will depend on whether I will have an internal need to continue a series. So far I want to be engaged in something in another. My next project - series “Mefodiy Buslayev“. Three books already appeared. It “Magician of midnight“, “Roll of desires“ and here quite recently “The third rider of a gloom“. Other books - and them there will be not less than six - so far live in the computer.


To a question of series - whether plans creation of television series about Tanya Grotter or Mefodiy? It seems to me, teenagers would be glad

Such talk arose, and repeatedly, but yet I can tell nothing distinct. If the TV series is removed, I would like that it was not just soap. Not to do without special effects since all this is a fantasy, and special effects strongly raise the price of process. In general, it is quite serious barrier to undertakings. But which - as will not turn out here.

Dmitry, big to you thanks for a meeting. Let`s hope that the third book about “Mefodiy Buslayev“ which was just published will not be late in bookstores.