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I love a mother`s breast, and I cannot but embrace it! My pregnancy took place

not really smoothly, and I very much worried that I will have no milk. I very carefully looked after the breast: did contrast douches, oiled nipples special, and the breast rubbed with cream against extensions, did massage, tried as it could.

When our sonny was born, it was put to a breast at once. Of course, he did not begin to suck, but it were fine minutes. We were transferred to chamber and told to begin to feed Oh, as I was frightened: to take on hands, to put to a breast it appeared not so simply.

But my sonny was the real toiler, and, represent (!) the first time sucked the whole 2 hours! At me already tears flew, bolnovato was, but it is pleasant. I looked in its eyes, and only during feeding I understood: yes! This is my son, my sonny, my part.

U us in maternity hospital joint stay of mother and child, and it is healthy, I consider, so has to be everywhere. My kid sucked a breast when and how many he wanted it. The most important that milk at me appeared soon, and in it a merit of my sonny as he sucked and sucked.

there Passed 4 months, now he embraces my breast and fun-lovingly hides for it when he plays. This huge pleasure and pleasure, no, are not work - it is rest! Rest of two for us!

I study

Ya on the 5th course, it is necessary to carry with itself everywhere my child as the son got used to embrace sisy at least once in an hour. Here and we live, Philip or with mother in the car, or with the husband near the case ride, and I run on lecture. Feeding gives me huge pleasure, and the most important is an advantage to my kid.

All tell

why to you it is necessary, pass to mixes! It will be easier! It is easier than nothing, these minutes the happiest when synulya the breast is enough with handles, sucks, plays! I will feed to the last: about one year, so about one year, to two, so to two! This such happiness, you run out from occupations, and he waits for you, you one and only and unique. Knows already where to look for, is enough for a sweater and smiles!

Decantation takes with

me a lot of time, so manually it is long process, and there is a wish to feed with breast milk very much.

Feed with

the kids, cherish the breast, look after her that the dairy rivers flew also at you!