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Who are they, our kids?

What is necessary for our kids - pencils? It is interesting to me why among parents there is an opinion that small children, i.e. aged from 0 till 3 years, it is just kids, and nothing should be taught them, well except what to hold a spoon and to go to a pot.

I consider that children should be trained already since the birth since the most important age since the birth and to 3 - x years, but not the next years as considers most of parents. The most telling argument of it that the brain actively grows in this age at the child. To 3 - m to years it already reaches 80% of weight of a brain of the adult. Therefore dews “in empty“ are impossible that it, it needs to be “loaded“ constantly. At once the saying was remembered:“ What you will seed, you will reap“. It is important not to miss opportunities for intellectual development at this time. Especially it is necessary to pay attention to intellectual development of children of early age.

the Most interesting, the fact that you “will enclose“ in this period in the child`s brain it “will issue“ this information sooner or later. Between these processes there can pass time from months to several years, but it surely will occur.

Admit at least to yourself that you were visited by thoughts:“ Yes what this small child can understand if he even, for example, to creep, go, talk, is not able“. And understands, and it in turn induces it to further opening.

according to scientists, prerequisites of mental capacities are put in the child`s nature for 50 - 60%. And it is emphasized that intellectual properties of the child from the birth have mainly creative character, but not all children gain due development. It appears, depends on education whether mental capacities of the kid and furthermore - what direction they will receive will develop in general.

For example, to my oldest daughter is 3 years old, and younger only 1 year, but I can tell that in education younger I do not allow those gaps which I made in education senior. For example, the oldest daughter I did not turn on the classical music, just we had no tape recorder, and life, younger from the first days, included, at first, when she fell asleep, then just during game, and now all day; quietly, only background. And I can tell with confidence that it developed ear for music. Once I sing any song, it catches motive and echoes and if to include classics, she begins not only to sing along, but also to dance.

Now it is a lot of house teachers of early development who if you have no time, come to you home and play, play, but are not engaged, with your child. Since the child learns the world through game. Game for development of the preschool child has crucial importance.

teachers include different techniques In the games, at present there is a lot of them. But are suitable for the smallest such as, M. Montessori`s technique, Dyenesh`s blocks, Kyuizener`s sticks, hearing of music, drawing etc. is simple. Actually mother, even in power to the father can be engaged in all this with the child, there would be a material. And if you have no material, grants, make-shifts (plastic bottles, sitchik, various grain, etc.) can help here .

Frankly speaking except that I play with children, my husband is engaged in education of the oldest daughter, and also to us the teacher comes. I, frankly speaking, was very lucky with it, at first sight it is visible that she very much loves children, my children go to it with pleasure. I want to give an example that younger accepts nobody, it has tears, hysterics at once.

To the oldest daughter we invited her in 10 months, progress shook even us with the husband. She in 2 years played the logical games calculated for children of 3 - 4 years. She even long should not explain rules, there is such feeling that she knows everything, somewhere at the subconscious level. For example, in 2,5 years it collected Nikitin`s squares which are calculated for children of 4 - 5 years. The husband bought it the children`s computer, she learned all letters, tries to write words now. We do not force to anything it, it became interesting to her, and we in turn praise it and we support.

Hunting to tell parents, develop the children, do not save time and money for education of clever generation. It is better to spend for their education now, than then to suffer all life a remorse that you missed such moment. Correctly say that in due time begun and correctly carried out education of children of early age is the most important condition of their full development.

Thus, intellectual education, aiming to influence mind of the child, well affects formation of its moral shape, esthetic development, acquisition of a habit to a healthy lifestyle.

Should warn parents that it is not necessary to overload with excessive knowledge on the content and volume, trying to develop at it any high abilities. At intensive training the child can acquire knowledge, achieve results, but it will cost physical and nervously - mental expenses. From here the rule which is obligatory for following follows: not to overload, not to overstrain the child`s brain, and also if the child does not want to play this game, then it is not necessary to impose it to it, try to offer later.

I Wish

success and patience in it not easy, but pleasant matter, in education of children!