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Let there will always be mother of

Where and with whom the kid carried out the most part of the life - with the grandmother, the nurse, in a garden or at home, - mother by all means will be the most important and most important figure for him, darling for whose approving gentle smile it is ready to give everything on light. It is possible and whether it is necessary to try to be ideal mother?

the Woman in labor becomes a mother during that instant when cut with it the umbilical cord connecting two lives. But there are a lot more years the hidden “spiritual umbilical cord“ between mother and the child will transmit signals of love, tenderness, alarm and pain. In modern society the role of mother becomes more and more various and many-sided. More and more seldom mother - the housewife who completely devotes herself to care of the child meets. The modern world became more dynamic and more rigid: often it is not enough one earnings in a family, and mothers go to work soon after the birth of the kid. Sometimes mother for work is driven not by(with) need, but professional ambitions. In many cases of mother run away from discomfort of monotonous and heavy routine which is called motherhood.

Many mothers ask that it is better for the preschool child: grow under supervision of mother or in a garden, among peers? The answer to this question is simple: each parent makes the decision which is optimum for his child. There are mothers in whose soul a measured rhythm of life of the baby, the tough schedule of feedings, changes of diapers, walks and bathings cause quiet affection. Career attracts them less, than motherhood.

Are mothers who need to be in the movement, to aspire forward, to be among the first on production, to spend time with girlfriends, to be aware of the latest cultural or political events. Such mother is tired most often by long communication with the kid. The irritation and fatigue connected with maternal cares - widespread and quite normal phenomenon is a shame to admit to much it, but. The main thing - to give itself in it the report and to take care of the good nurse or a day nursery for the kid. If mother correctly estimated the stocks of patience and excerpts, its chances to create strong confidential communication with the child much above, than at mother who is ashamed to admit even to itself that by the end of the third hour of “pat-a-cake“ and “Koloboks“ she is ready to howl from melancholy.

not that how many hours a day mother with the kid will see off, and what filled time which she finds for it Is important

. Each mother wants to see the child happy. Each mother sees it in own way. For one mother it is the high social status. She since the childhood hammers to the child into the head that he by all means has to become the doctor or the lawyer. All life of a family is subordinated to ambitious plans. Other mother puts financial welfare on the first place. It since small years focuses the child on that he was able to win any competition, was rigid and purposeful. Other mother sees happiness of the child in successful marriage: in dreams she draws to herself family with a great number of grandsons which will manage to keep way of ancestors. There are mothers who consciously try not to project the dreams of the future of children on their education. Their main task - to impart to children independence in judgments and acts, a sense of responsibility and confidence in the forces. For these mothers not so important what specialty will be chosen by the child where he will decide to live with whom he will cast in the lot. The main thing for these mothers - that the child as much as possible realized the potential, is skillful to make a right choice and to count on the forces. In a word, mothers are different and each of them is in own way good.

What you mother?

Mother - a star

This type of mothers - a favourite target for writers and creators of movies. It is purposeful, likes to be the focus of attention. It is very important to it to be good mother, but parental work is too monotonous and laborious for this purpose like women therefore such mother is disappointed in the parental qualities soon and is given before the life whirlwind which is carrying away it, becoming cold, inaccessible and derisive with the growing children.

Children of such mothers obviously or secretly suffer from

from a lack of maternal attention and heat, they go all out to draw attention of mother. Let only for a short instant, them are ready to receive from it even a box on the ear - if only she noticed them!

mother`s Son - stars most often hopelessly fallen in love by

it and molds from it an image of the great lady. Entering adolescence, he takes more desperate steps to draw its attention. Good scenario: he tries to fascinate and subdue it the achievements, intuitively knowing: mother - a star loves winners and despises a dullness. Bad scenario: the behavior connected with risk for life, experiments with drugs.

mother`s Daughter - stars desperately tries to compete to mother. Lack of a step and generosity from mother - stars can lead to the fact that the daughter will cease to trust in the forces, will develop in itself an inferiority complex, will stop developing the talents. Mother - a star often does not forgive the daughter of young beauty and impudent energy. At a good deal the closed and shy daughter early leaves a maternal shelter, early marries. At bad - daughters of such mothers are subject to nervous breakdowns, hysterics, grow unaccomodating, foolish, not self-assured.

Mother - the star has to admit to itself that motherhood - not the only business to which she wants to devote herself honestly. It has to provide to the child optimum leaving, involve the quiet, silent, methodical nurse on service.

Mother - a star - the best teacher in creative occupations. Only it is necessary not to hurry with the conclusions and councils, and to watch more creativity of the child and to encourage him. It is capable to impart to the child fine taste if begins to include it in some of the issues. The child will be happy to go with mother - a star to an exhibition, to a concert, at cinema. The teenager will admire its business qualities and organizing talent. For it the main thing - not to push away it.

Mother - the girlfriend

C pleasure plays the fool with the children and willingly includes them in the entertainments. As a rule, if guests come, children sit at an adult table until fall asleep. Such mothers have no secrets from children. Mother - the girlfriend wants to be eternally young and without thoughts opens doors of the hospitable house for friends of the kid. She believes that the main thing is an interesting pastime. A diet of her children - mostly a sukhomyatka. The daily routine changes on mood of mother and at will of circumstances.

At preschool age children of such mother are often overexcited by

and badly adapt in children`s collective. They experience difficulties, communicating with tutors of a garden because did not get used to the accurate schedule.

Growing, such children have feeling of loneliness and melancholy because mother - the girlfriend belongs to all friends, the whole world, but not the child. Her inconstancy does the child not confident in the appeal and competence.

mother`s Daughter - girlfriends, becoming adult, most often creates the same uncomfortable house with darlings but who are a little started and sad children. Less often daughters grow up the responsible and stood mothers, it is very important to them to create harmonous and reliable family structure. Uneasy and seeking to do everything “on the five“, they look for a reliable support in structure. From them good lawyers, managers and bankers turn out.

mother`s Son - girlfriends. Even more painfully aloof sons of these women often feel. Quite often they are forced to put on themselves a mask of cynics to hide sharp awkwardness at the sight of mother who “looks a special look“ at his schoolmates. The dramatic and painful relations between mother - the girlfriend and her son are seldom resolved by a growing both. Usually their dispute drags on for many years, and both feel deceived, misunderstood, lonely. Having become the man, mother`s son - girlfriends is often inclined to choose to himself in the companion of eccentrical, bright and whimsical girls. Often he does not trust the partners and as a result chooses loneliness. If to it carries, it will find a support in the serious woman who is able to create the ordered life and is inclined to be guided in life by firm rules.

mothers - girlfriends have surprising advantages: optimism, ability with firmness to transfer strokes of bad luck. If to these fine qualities to add more mature attention to children, it will be just remarkable. The mature attention implies the following: the thought-over diet, the clothes corresponding to weather, a measured and constant rhythm of life, strict implementation of simple rules of the hostel and etiquette, respect for values of society.

Mother is a street traffic controller

If the profession of the street traffic controller is a thing of the past, then the number of mothers - traffic controllers does not become less. “Do not run - you will fall! Do not sit on a grass - you will catch a cold! Do not go on pools - you will get wet!“ Vigorous and active, such mother cannot reconcile to the fact that her child grows, and continues to treat him as with small.

As a rule, children of such mother are accustomed to independence much later, often are whimsical.

mother`s Son - the street traffic controller Synovyam of such mothers it is often difficult for p to make an important choice. Having found out the first warm hobbies of the son, mother hurries to get acquainted with his darling. The young man is waited by painful weeks of incessant criticism to his girl. In the future the son will try to hide serious hobby from mother. Quite often it finds rest, only when meets the woman - the copy of the mother, persistent, vigorous, dominating, having on all the strong opinion, solving everything individually. Such men it is accepted to call rokhlyam. As a rule, their natural kindness and sensitivity are not noticeable to their relatives, and their talents do not find full development, they are so not sure of own forces!

mother`s Daughter - the street traffic controller Docheri of such women or gradually become similar to the quarrelsome and ubiquitous mothers, or grow up lacking initiative and obedient women who badly imagine independent life, are afraid of it and try not to face it longer.

mother - the street traffic controller has many advantages: she is vigorous, tightened, informed. Its councils are very exact and correct. Only she needs to learn to keep councils around until the growing-up children do not ask it for the help. Here then its hour of triumph will come: her competence and native wit will be appreciated. Such mother has to trust the children, give them as much as possible independence. Let are mistaken - they have to know taste of both victories, and defeats.

Mother - the victim

you unmistakably recognize her. As a rule, she is dressed not on fashion. Its poor clothes not always indicate a lean purse: just she considers that all best has to be surely given to children. As a rule, she buys a lot of food to please all members of household. String-bags and bags delay hands, by a taxi of money it is a pity. Obliging, it works without cease.

But behind a mask of the victim the secret despot disappears. To it the son scrubbed all Sunday morning the room. Mother - the victim, he is mild and grateful having smiled, in the face of it takes a broom and will defiantly sweep out from a corner from where - that the appeared dust ball. The triumphing mother`s smile - the victims means one: without me nobody will cope with cleaning... On a face of the son it is possible to read the following:“ And I so tried... Yes well it, this cleaning. It is not pleasant - let itself scrubs“.

Approximately also mother`s husband - the victims also argues. He already got used that from the market it always brings “not that meat“ that bread in a bakery - he and that “wrong“ bought.

mother`s Son - the victims difficult meets with women: in - the first, he is afraid to hurt them. In - the second, its experience prompts to it: behind female fragility insistence and despotism are covered. When he marries, he is comprehended by disappointment: his wife is insufficiently devoted, obliging. It involuntarily compares it to own mother, and, seemingly, comparison not in favor of the partner.

adult sons of mothers are more rare than

- the victims find pleasure in the company of careless and optimistical women who, maybe, conduct economy worse, but do not force to be exhausted from feeling of fault. Sons of mothers - the victims seldom succeed in the professional sphere. Quite often old sense of guilt overcomes them to such an extent that they try to muffle it cruel acts. At many criminals of mother “were ready for the child for everything“.

mother`s Daughter - the victims most often suffers from very low self-assessment: she perfectly understands that to it not to reach mother`s heights neither in housekeeping, nor in economy. What she made, mentally always equals on mother. Also loses in comparison with it. However, among daughters of mothers - the victims also competent women who most often find the calling grow up, working with children or sick people. And fault they sublimate a sense of responsibility in constructive altruism. Over the years they become more indulgent to the mothers and are capable to create with them the kind friendly relations.

Mother - the victim has to understand in time: her altruism - invaluable quality, but it has to have limits. Its own interests and desires are as important as needs of her children and the husband. It should go to a number of compromises with by itself and people around: the mote in a corner does not spoil all life! Whatever the husband brought from an epicure - it is edible. Notice: mothers - the victims punish themselves. For what? However, except them, about it the nobility follows nobody.

Lonely mother

Lonely mother can find

in herself lines of any of the described types. She should remember that in a family with two parents any “deficiencies of mother“ are a little softened with presence of the second adult. Mother is angry - the father is quiet. Mother is responsible - the father is careless. Mother is strict - the father is generous. Mother is vigorous - the father is thoughtful. Or on the contrary. Another is important: parents - partners create more balanced family unity, develop a certain balance which allows seniors to cope with the difficulties and crises less considerably for children.

If mother - the only parent, then any her shortcoming becomes more noticeable, more notable. Therefore if there is the slightest opportunity to keep the decent relations with the child`s father, please, use this opportunity! If the father does not suffer from severe forms of a mental disorder, not the addict, not the alcoholic, do everything possible that he took feasible part in education of the child.

Mother who brings up the child one has to try to find

among tried friends and relatives of people who understand it, want to help. From group of people it is possible “to stick together“ gradually what is so necessary in the partner.