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The pregnant student of

new academic year Began. Ranks of students were joined by future mothers who decided to make two important issues at once: to take out and give birth to the child and to receive specialty. According to statistical data, average age of approach of the first pregnancy at us in the country fluctuates from 19 to 25 years - just the most student`s age.

Pregnancy and study... Situation this very difficult. Quite often continuation of study is interfered by difficulties of the most different order - both physical, and psychological, and household.

to Study or not to study future mother? It is impossible to answer this question unambiguously: the decision is always situational and depends on many circumstances. However it is good to provide in advance those difficulties which it is possible to face in this situation.

your health

Always wants to hope for the best and not to think that your pregnancy will proceed not really - that easy and all stories of mother and girlfriends about toxicoses, spasms and other delights will avoid you. It is good if “interesting situation“ does not prove anything, except a beginner to increase a stomach. But what to do if nevertheless pregnancy proceeds with complications?

In - the first, complication to complication discord therefore it is worth being registered in a maternity welfare unit as soon as possible. By the way, the grant of 300 rub is paid to the women who were registered on term till 12 weeks of pregnancy.


After passing of the put inspection at different experts and receiving results of analyses the obstetrician - the gynecologist can make the forecast about course of pregnancy and advise this or that mode into which daily occupations at institute can not fit (for example, hospitalization or visit of a day hospital) - then to future mother it is necessary to take adequate measures and to take care of free visit of occupations or the academic holiday.


What can interfere with successful study?

  • the Toxicosis which is shown nausea, vomiting, an acute reaction on smells and a tobacco smoke.
  • Frequent feeling of hunger.
  • Scattered attention.
  • Feeling of fatigue.
  • Impossibility to sit long in one pose, for example at lecture, and it is frequent on an inconvenient bench.
  • of the Practician on harmful production that can be dangerous both for mother, and for future child.
  • of Epidemic and the oseena - winter peak of ORZ. As many students having “cold“ standing, coming to HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION. From here - an obvious opportunity to catch the infection which is transmitted vozdushno - a drop way.
  • Urgent need for medical care.

So, hospitalization can become a necessity at pregnancy interruption threat, a growth inhibition of a fruit and other complications. In other any cases of indispositions it is necessary to consider the fact that for these 9 months the physical state can change, - and it is quite natural. So, in the first trimester the female organism gets used to the new state therefore are possible nausea in the mornings, negative reaction to smells, unimportant health. But in the second trimester the organism adapts to a new state and the health improves. In the third trimester the increased body weight and the growing stomach begin to complicate life.

What it is possible to advise future mother who decided to continue study?

In the first trimester active physical activities as the ovum has to be attached to a uterus wall reliably are not really desirable

. It is anyway important to be guided by the state. Therefore improve the relations with department of physical culture in advance; cross-country is contraindicated to you now therefore it is necessary to secure with the reference from a maternity welfare unit.


How “to make secure“ during SARS epidemic

  • If are not objected by the doctor, eat garlic, polimitamina, use the food additives and herbal teas increasing protective properties of an organism.
  • Drink vitamin teas, dogrose infusion, juice. Natural juice of house preparation is especially useful: apple, carrot, pumpkin, cranberry.
  • Moisten with
  • air, air the room more often.
  • It is useful for li to dig in interferon in a nose or to put oksolinovy ointment. These actions are harmless to a fruit.
  • be in the fresh air More.
  • Pay attention to a diet, give preference to natural, natural products.
  • you Carry a gauze bandage if someone from house is sick.


In the first trimester infectious diseases of mother therefore it is important to pay attention to prevention of ORZ, flu, quinsy during this period are especially dangerous. In the period of epidemics at the slightest indisposition it is necessary to take the sick-list whenever possible. If someone from your members of household caught a cold or the fellow student goes to classes of the patient, take precautionary measures.

of “Trifle“ of life

Should be thought over how to secure itself on the way to institute as morning occupations are accompanied by rush hour in public transport. Perhaps, you have an opportunity to use an individual transport or to leave earlier, but future mother should not storm public transport at all.

not to suffer from hunger which problems the range of the student`s dining room far from ideas of dietary food cannot solve can be taken

with itself in containers food which can be not heated: vegetables salad, boiled low-fat meat, dried fruits and nuts (but not fancy bread and candies) for having a snack.

it is valid, more - less long stay in one pose can become the reason of many indispositions - dizzinesses, overfatigue of muscles of a neck, eyes, shoulders or a back. Therefore in advance warn teachers about the situation. Ask for permission to leave in case of need audience without the prevention not to draw attention of people around and not to disturb other students. Avoid long standing or sitting.

Correctly you sit. To fit well on a chair which back is an emphasis for a backbone, with hand-rail and a firm seat. It is not necessary to cross the legs. If it is convenient, use a support under legs.

All laboratory works connected with harmful production or which are taking place in dangerous shops, the pregnant student has the right to hand over theoretically. For this purpose it is necessary to bring the reference from the doctor certified of institute policlinic or a first-aid post.

In higher education institutions, as well as in all public places, places, specially allotted for smoking, which future mother should avoid are.

Surely report

in a medical office which is in any higher education institution, about the situation - there can take if necessary pressure, temperature or to check a uterus tone, and in case of need will call “ambulance“.

Administrative instances

very popular belief that teachers treat pregnant students and graduate students indulgently and, without wishing to complicate them life Exists, put offsets and examinations automatically once again not to concern future mother. This version, pleasant for future mothers, unfortunately, cannot be considered as the absolute phenomenon therefore you should not count on it. And it not absence of culture of the attitude towards the pregnant woman is the very fair requirement stated in the charter of the majority of higher education institutions: hardly the young specialist with the diploma has the right to explain then that he does not know that or it because on these subjects in connection with pregnancy was absent, and reckoned to it this subject from mercy. Therefore it is the best of all for future mother to proceed initially from the thesis of equality of all students, but not to stake on condescension of teachers.

However quite lawful ways of simplification of life in higher education institution exist. Them it is necessary to know and work, considering them.

Can write the application in dean`s office, having specified good reasons (to which category both pregnancy, and care of the child till three years belong), with a request to establish the individual schedule of visit of occupations and examination for pregnancy. Under the law, this question remains to the discretion of administration: she can resolve and can not allow free visit of objects or make the individual schedule of occupations. Therefore this issue should be resolved not backdating, having saved up a large number of truancies which will lead only to complication of relationship with administration, and as soon as possible as soon as the pregnancy fact was confirmed. It is necessary to consider that obligatory visit of occupations is provided in the charter of the majority of higher education institutions and at violation of the charter of higher education institution (according to St. 16 federal laws “About the higher and postgraduate education“) the dean`s office has the right to deduct the student for truancies.

If the estimated term of childbirth gets for the period of session, it is possible to write the application for its early delivery. In dean`s office according to the statement of the pregnant student will appoint the individual schedule of examinations and offsets. The main complexity is that in the majority of educational institutions the individual schedule of examinations is appointed only if admission to all examinations are got and all necessary laboratory and practical works are handed over. Therefore you should study the last subjects independently.

Communicate with teachers: they are quite capable to understand position. Ask them to advise at the individual schedule or early delivery of session on what from all training course to pay special attention.

Session to future mother is obliged to prolong for time of documentary confirmed sick-list also.

How to be with the hostel?

any complications connected with the fact that the pregnant student under the law has to move to the hostel of family type and as in Russia the housing problem is still one of the most painful are really possible

Here, here - problems begin: the administration of the usual student`s hostel will insist on moving to family - because of insufficient sanitarno - hygienic conditions (in case of check penalties and punishments are possible), and in hostels of family type there are not always free rooms, i.e. they are absent most often.

, from 16 weeks of pregnancy according to the statement confirmed with the reference from the doctor, the student the certain room with a window, the battery of a central heating, two sockets and radio has to be provided to

On medical norms. Besides, the room in which there lives future mother has to be located near the refrigerator (if it is not in the room), phone, a toilet and a shower and if in the hostel there is no elevator, then it is necessary to move the student on lower floor. By the way, the pregnant woman have no right to attract to socially - to useful work (to a zakleyka and washing of windows, watch in kitchen, cleaning of public places and to night watches).


What to do at toxicoses?

With manifestation of the first symptoms of toxicosis address the obstetrician - the gynecologist (treatment of early toxicoses will be out in a maternity welfare unit). Usually in time the begun therapy allows to liquidate troubles quickly. During this period walks are very useful. it is better for p to eat

fractionally, in the small portions, and the food has to be not hotter and give pleasure. Usual student`s “having a snack“ with no drink needs to be excluded. Be regularly weighed and if weight is sharply lost - it is a distress signal. There can be unrestrained vomiting. It is impossible to lead up before, and therefore urgently see a doctor.

Under what conditions the place in the hostel does not remain? If the student issued the academic holiday. But if she continues to study, and she was put in hospital on preservation, even for long term, then the place in the hostel remains throughout all term of the sick-list.


the Reason for the emergency request for the help to the obstetrician - the gynecologist are:

  • the pulling, skhvatkoobrazny pains in the bottom of a stomach in a waist,
  • bloody allocations from a genital tract,
  • flashing of “front sights“ before eyes, a headache,
  • the termination of stirs of a fruit.

Other widespread problem of future and taken place parents in the hostel - registration of the newborn. The majority of dormitories, even family type, try to avoid registration of newborn children is again - is connected with lack of necessary conditions. If the student is married and the father of future child is constantly registered in this city, the administration of higher education institution and the hostel can refuse to you a registration of the newborn child in the hostel, insisting on registration of the kid at the place of residence of the husband. But if the student - single mother or her husband nonresident also has temporary registration in the hostel, the administration has no right to refuse registration of the child.


the Relaxation in 10 minutes

to avoid a stress or its negative consequences, try, having come back home, to make the following:

  1. Sit down in a chair, relax and have quietly a rest.
  2. Make to yourself tea or other favourite drink and drag out tea drinking at least for 10 minutes, trying in this interval of time not to think of anything serious.
  3. Listen to the favourite music, trying to plunge completely into it, having disconnected from strangers and especially from unpleasant thoughts.
  4. If close houses, drink tea together with them and have quietly a talk about something abstract. Do not solve the problems at once upon return home - you will be able to find a way out of deadlock situation after there passes a little time and tension of day of work will fall down.
  5. Take a walk in the fresh air.

Psychological tension: rules of self-defense

It is natural that solution of this sort of problems demands strong nerves, energy, endurance - and all this except directly process of study which also demands tension and sometimes considerable - lectures, seminars, large volume of information for the analysis and assimilation, the tests and examinations which are followed at least by nervousness even at good degree of readiness. The student in educational process - the person dependent and therefore especially subject to a stress as a result of influence of all these factors. Therefore for the pregnant student nervousness and a stress - are most adverse, it is worth talking about it separately. That future mother seeking get an education could cope with all this, it is necessary to know some rules of self-defense.

So, the stress is a tension of an organism, i.e. the answer of an organism to requirement (stressful situation) imposed on it. It can arise as result of an overstrain before session, impossibility to solve household problems etc., but at the pregnant woman it is aggravated with such natural physiological reasons as hypererethism of nervous system and the reduced immunity. From there are frequent tears passing into hysterics, inadequate reaction in case of a stressful situation and respectively more serious consequences.

Here several receptions worked psychologists helping to be prepared in due time for a stressogenny event or a life situation and to weaken their negative impact on an organism.

First of all it is necessary to understand and accept the fact that serious changes in that and number negative, - an integral part of life as well as events joyful, positive.

Then sufficient information on a possibility of approach of similar situations is necessary for

, it is possible to think over approximately knowing the forthcoming events the reactions to them, for example, on passing an examination, conversation with the dean, protection course, etc.

Think over the solution of a housing problem how to prevent concrete vital dangers that there was no possible critical situation, or try to find ways of its mitigation: before conversation with the dean learn from eyewitnesses as it is better to conduct it, before examination learn from undergraduates as the specific teacher holds exam and as it is better for it to hand over etc. It is the best of all to interfere actively with the situation causing a stress, to try to solve it or to correct.

you do not hurry to draw premature hasty conclusions, do not make decisions in a temper, in a condition of nervousness or hysteria before the expected events began. Do not try in the run-up to the event, proceeding from the assumptions, to do hasty conclusions - solve problems in process of their receipt.

Should configure itself to the successful solution of any problems: you are capable to solve the most part of the situations causing a stress, without resorting to foreign help.

I one more important aspect: it is very important to future mother to have a sufficient stock of energy and will powers for the solution of difficult situations is one of the main conditions of active resilience to a stress. Active lifestyle promotes creation in an organism of a protective background against a stress, improving thereby activity of adaptation forces of an organism. Besides, favorable opportunities for development of ability to control of the behavior, the reactions and for independent mastering a stress are created. Therefore you should not neglect even the most elementary sports activities.

the reliable emotional backs helping to find self-reliance and providing you emotional and moral support are necessary for

For weakening of negative impact of a stressful situation.

to Overcome stressogenny life situations some public institutes can help: for example, courses of future mothers, consultations for young spouses etc. Besides employment in the first half of day quite allows to attend school and to communicate with future mothers, sharing the problems.

Remember that stressogenny life situations quicker and better those who are able to use relaxation methods seize. It is the most reliable way of preparation of fight against them therefore it is worth talking about them separately.

needs to establish to

of the House good tradition: having come back home after study, at once to carry out a relaxation.

Of course, everyday life of future mother continuing study you will not call especially easy, but, in general opinion, it is all the same easier to study, than to work therefore the pregnant student has every chance to become the happy owner of the diploma and happy young mother at the same time.