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Rest of one day: the Having visited Iridescent falls

on the Gremyachy Key, we decided to think up something similar again. Very fine it turned out: and it is interesting, and nearby. The father rummaged in the books, and we decided to visit the Iridescent falls. It is interesting that it is not equipped for visits with ladders - a handrail, etc., and is in the most real wood, and per se has no indexes.


forms it also of strong key streams which, merging together, fall from a high slope, and then fall into the river to Nar.

we go To a way in the following structure: we with the father and Timosha (2 g 3 months) . And our friends carry us by car: Denis, Olya (Timoshina godmother) and twelve-year-old Ksyusha.

the Road takes with

about two hours. All this time of Timoshk plays new machines therefore is not capricious at all.

Before the bridge through Nara we turn off road in search of congress to water. On the right - the oat field, at the left - the dense wood on a steep slope, but here it ended, and to us the landscape, as in a picture opens: meadows, the woods and blue - the blue river.

Carefully having moved down down, we choose for the parking the place on a meadow. Near us there are already two cars and couple of tents - owners still sleep. On the river some man catches fish; it is obviously dissatisfied that we arrived.

Literally two steps away from us the wood begins

. And right there we find the first spring to which Timoshka runs at once. And we with the father cannot wait to find falls therefore we right there go to investigation, having taken with ourselves Ksyusha. For fidelity we approach the fisher:
- Tell, it is far to falls?
- E, children and in general in other party from the bridge is necessary to you!

However our father is inclined to trust

to the guide more.

I here we go under a shade of trees... it just miracle: such impression that we appeared somewhere in the Crimea. The green veil does not pass a sunlight, air fresh and damp, and under legs, among dense thickets, streams of cold water murmur. They are different: small and rough - run up in different directions, merging together, run to the river.

I find

Ya the tumbled-down tree and long I admire its roots: they densely hang down over water and are similar to the flooded cave.

We jump from a stone on a stone, trying not to have wet feet.

Here noise of water becomes especially strong, and to us the falls in all its beauty open: three strong streams fall from five-meter height, breaking into small splashes. The vertical slope from constant moisture grew with a fluffy emerald moss. Probably, it would be exciting to bathe here, but water ice.

Having admired

, we clamber upward - there is a strong wish to find falls sources. We choose one of streams, and, without letting out it from a look, we rise above and above, clinging to trees. Water flow foams and jumps from a hummock on a hummock, licking stones: as small mountain small river! Slightly above it runs on a ditch - looking at its depth, it is only possible to assume that it is created here in the spring when snow descends. In a few minutes we, at last, find a triangular opening between stones from where the water stream escapes. And further - absolutely dry slope: it is simply amazing! Rise comes to an end soon, we come out of the wood and we appear on the familiar road near the oat field. Now to notice the main thing from where we left.

we Come back to our parking. The deceiver - the fisher escaped. Denis fries shish kebabs, Olya completes salad, and Timokh, seemingly, will live at a spring now. There its machines, and it removed, happy and wet carries a stick on a stream bottom. It is good that I took spare clothes.

Now we with Timosha play

, the father watches shish kebabs, and Denis with Olya and Ksyusha go on falls three together. Come back, full of impressions. They say that saw small already - photographed and released.

Shish kebabs are ready

, and we sit down to have dinner. Timoshka pulls out from - under the father a folding stool, sits down, eats the only piece of meat and again runs away to the stream.

- Wash down

though with juice! - I shout to it after. Yes where there - probably, will drink from a spring.

Well, now it is time to show the main sight to Timofey.

- Timosh, we will go to watch falls?

Goes reluctantly - probably is afraid that we will not return here.

we Take

with ourselves Ksyusha (she is lucky most - goes to the third time). Now we decide to rise at first upward, and to go down directly over falls.

Hardly we rise to the road, Tim right there dives in oats.

- Where Timosha? - theatrically I shout in different directions. - Fathers, Timosha was gone!
- Here it! - happy Timoshka jumps out. - Timosha has a lodge here!

I during our way, he that hides in ears and, jumping out, “frightens“ us, runs on the road near us. From where children have so many forces?

Here a tree which we remembered - we displace. It is heavy to Timoshke to go down - the father takes him on hands, and for an additional point of support selects a strong stick.

Hardly eyes get used to lighting change - I notice something special on a penyochka! It is a red shaggy caterpillar, more similar to a guinea pig. It does not hurry anywhere and as though poses. I aim at it the camera, but my legs move down down, and hands shiver. Probably, nothing good will turn out - as it is bad to forget a support!

- Watch

that I found! - the father from below shouts. I go down to it. On the tumbled-down tree the surprising mushroom grows: it is white - yellow, with oval openings, all in the small outgrowths similar to needles. It not only is beautiful, but also exhales gentle sweetish aroma. Here it is valid, behind miracles it is not obligatory to go at the other end of the world!

Having gone down to familiar stones, we stop to take rest. We show to Timosha the key beating from - under lands.

- Falls! - shines Tim. there is no
- falls yet ahead!

I here, having overcome the most difficult part of descent, we, at last, at falls.

At first Timokhe is pleasant to

. He points a finger upward, and something heatedly speaks - from - for noise of water is badly heard. But, once the father washed to him the soiled leg cold water, at once begins to move back back and gets up at some distance.

A I very much want to bathe - otherwise for certain then I will regret. I undress, I go into wet stones, and few times I am quickly rinsed. Ice water burns; I jump out on air - hot.

Others example is infectious

- after me under water Ksyusha climbs. Then the father bathes. Timoshka looks with interest, but does not approach closer.

we Dry, we change clothes. Perhaps, it is time to go especially as Timokh already asks on the stream, and the family from above goes down: the father, mother and two children - we will not disturb them.

we come back To the parking through the wood. The father with Timoshka on hands so dexterously jumps through streams that we with Ksyukhoy hardly keep up with it. And me in the head thoughts about a kangaroo for some reason climb.

Having passed a difficult site of a way, we come to a luzhok near the river. Our father for entire happiness decides to bathe and here. Ksyusha too.

Here small, water rather warm, but a bottom stony, and very abrupt descent to water. We from Timoshkaya sit ashore and we throw pebbles into water. Well, all were bought?

we Pass

by our neighbors with tents. In chaise lounges two men of a severe look sit and, looking somewhere afar, silently smoke. The young woman with the friendly person sorts things, and the boy of years of three walks nearby - in my opinion, it is boring for it.

Oh... only I for a minute distracted - lost Timofey from a look. And he, appears, already climbs to investigate foreign tent.

- Timosha, we will go! Watch how the father far left! - I pull out it for a leg, and we run to catch up with the father.

- Mother! Foreign boy Timosha climbed in our tent! - the surprised boy`s voice reaches us.

Here we also returned. While we were not, Denis with Olya did not miss too - played the flying plateau. Ksyusha right there joins them.

Well, apparently, it is time for p to realize one more idea. The matter is that we have a small paddling pool, and in Moscow the thought came to my mind to take it with itself. It is impossible to put it under falls, of course, from - for stones and other roughnesses, but under a spring - quite.

I here we with the father spread a plastic circle, we straighten sides, and water begins to fill the pool. Costs Tim right there with the burning eyes. Water is poured to the brim, poured, and runs further in the habitual way.

rough activity Right there begins

. Machines find the underwater parking. Timoshka wets a stick in the pool, throws pebbles there. And, at last, just sups water, squating.

- Faugh, as ugly! You are unless a doggie?
- the Doggie! - Timokh is not appeased.

Such impression that the child did not drink day two. I bring it a plastic glass: “Drink though from a glass!“

Well, it is time to gather home? Where there - Timoshka began to enjoy. Besides, now it has a glass from which it is so exciting to splash out water. I though sit at some distance, but every time “scaredly“ I scream, and Timokh squeals from delight - as fine it frightens mother!

However any holiday comes to an end. And now: though there is no wish, and it is time to go. Today Sunday; the later - the more cars will be at entry into Moscow. Good-bye, falls!

Well, here we and houses! And I did not learn whether there were traffic jams - fell asleep. On a front seat Olya, on back we slept: Ksyusha on my shoulder, I on father`s, and across, on our knees, with pleasure snuffled Timoshka. However, Denis assures, as he took a nap driving while nobody saw, but I hope that he jokes.

As much everything wants to look and as there are not enough days off! So where we will go next time? What you will tell, Timosh?

Journey to the Iridescent falls. From Moscow to go on old Kaluzhskoye Highway (And - 101) to. Father`s (apprx. 83 km). The falls are opposite to the village before the highway bridge, on the left coast Plank beds.