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To give the child in a good charge of

the Choice of kindergarten, worthy to bring up the beloved child, - a complex challenge. But solvable. At first decide on the main issue: garden state or private? Also begin to act. The main thing - to be adjusted on a victory.

to Arrange to

the child in good kindergarten - a task quite real. I as the parent tell it to you. It is not necessary to become despondent and consider in advance that not to do without additional bribe in any way, and careful nurses and talented teachers died out as a class. The main thing - carefully to collect information, to bypass at least five gardens and to draw the corresponding conclusions. You remember: not only mental and physical health of the child, but also his trust to you depends on your choice.

Rich, poor and anybody`s

it was accepted to divide kindergartens on state, private and departmental Earlier. But the last as a weak link, today practically dropped out of this chain. Departments which was to contain in power the preschool institutions became extinct, having sold buildings of gardens to banks and other commercial institutions. And those departmental preschool institutions that are still live, often ask for districts, training for a new profession in usual, state, they are gradually left by the best teachers. Therefore if you thought to send the child to a departmental garden, you do not hurry. Certainly, if your department is not called “Gazprom“.

the State kindergartens can conditionally be divided on usual and specialized. The last differ in the fact that in them logopedists and orthopedists work, additional procedures like massage and remedial gymnastics, and group small, till 12-15 people can be carried out. Specialized state kindergarten can become a limit of dreams if you persistently wish to bring up the offspring in good preschool institution for small money. Such preschool institutions are available in each district of the capital. On Severo - the West of Moscow, for example, is logopedichesko - orthopedic kindergarten No. 915. It is difficult to get there, but it is possible. Record is carried out in February-March, selection - in April, will report about its result in May. Lucky are selected by special medical commission - logopedists and orthopedists. A competition into place - two - four children.

Arranging to

the successor in a specialized garden, it is worth stocking up with various references in advance: superfluous they will not be. But “the state medal“ has also a back. For example, the monthly payment for kindergarten at first can seem to parents optimists is insignificant small. It is valid that it 150 rubles in comparison with the same $300-400 for a private garden? But you do not hurry to rejoice. If the manager of your garden - the person careful and responsible, then literally at the first PTA meeting explain to you: it is quite good to pay every month in addition for protection (well if it is not PSF - more expensive will leave), and in the end of the year to make repair in group.

Usually for the solution of additional financial problems the state kindergartens create the boards of trustees through which parents also transfer funds into the account. So in a month from you not 150, but 450-500 rubles will be due any more. Rather niggardly parent will fairly be indignant: why supposedly do not warn about it in advance? The answer is simple: have no right. And suddenly you are indignant and will run to complain to higher instances?

If you are ready to pay

more than official 150 rubles for the state garden, but it is less than $300 for private, it is possible to arrange the child in the state preschool institution at some lyceum. Today of such symbioses (a kindergarten + lyceum, a kindergarten + elementary school) in the capital is more than enough, and their existence is explained by the prosaic lack of space. Often lyceums ask under a roof of poor kindergartens, renting at them the room. It is pleasant to lyceums, it is useful for gardens - their little pupils literally from younger groups begin to join ranks of the beginning school students.

But should be paid

for this pleasure. Visit of lyceum at the state kindergarten costs approximately 2000 rubles a month. You need it or not, solve - often the program of lyceum copies the standard program of a usual garden. English is taught not with average there, and from younger group, increase quantity of lessons of drawing and music. Essentially new anything. My neigbour Natasha suited the four-year-old daughter in the state garden No. 1596. In group 22 persons, more than are enough teachers, nurses - deficiency. For all academic year, the neigbour counted, they with the husband paid 7000 rubles. The competition was not any, just on the eve of September 1 they with the husband “brought“ in a garden an envelope with 150 American “rubles“ - but could, according to Natasha and not do it.


As for private gardens - all expenses are in advance included in the total amount estimated in dollars, and the management within a year will not collect from you 100 rubles on oxygen cocktails or on 50 - on massage cream. The monthly payment of $300 is considered quite moderate. By the way, in many private gardens there is a so-called entrance fee. Happens also from $3000. But not each manager of a private garden admits it in the first conversation.


Private gardens besides smart living conditions, pools, training and gyms provide considerably a bigger package of services, up to the round-the-clock stay of children, a half board, delivery by the bus in a garden and back. In such institutions there are a lot of obligatory occupations including language. And the medical restrictions set by state officials and directed to preservation of health of children, to “private traders“ not the decree.

By the way, in the state kindergarten as, however, and in private, all necessary for occupations are bought by parents. A difference only in what shops will be acquired the same color paper, brushes and paints with pencils. Montessori or Vasilyev`s


the Majority of the state kindergartens is engaged in

with children according to the program of Vasilyeva which technique is based on game. It includes mathematics, fiction, development of the speech, physical culture, music, the fine arts, choreography, a foreign language (from average group), development of logical thinking, folklore and early training in reading. The main thing for a good state garden - to hold teachers who receive scanty salaries. They should pay extra, including from a parental pocket. And still often interfere with active development of children in the state gardens notorious sanitarno - epidemiological standards in which, for example, it is told that the child of four years has to be engaged in reading no more than 15 minutes of times a week. These “red tags“ often infuriate managers who are forced to use cunning and give classes “illegally“, consciously breaking “careful“ state installations. Otherwise it will turn out that children from the public and private preschool institutions are in advance put in different starting conditions by preparation for school.

Private gardens are engaged in

across Montessori, Glen Doman. Quite often teachers in such gardens (for example, in “Gulliver“) have author`s practices according to collective programs of training.

At each program - the indisputable advantages. But choose not the program - choose those who will be engaged with the child. The main minus of “fancy“ gardens - the tutors who were training for a new profession from teachers. If “sell“ you such option - run, without having forgotten to take the child. Why? Because the kindergarten should not turn for the child into school at all. School teachers do not own a game technique. And game in preschool institution - the main training issue. At school the main thing - discipline, coaching. In kindergarten - communication, entertainment. Do not force the kid too early and to mature quickly. As the head of the kindergarten of the compensating type No. 915 Lyudmila Kiselyova, many tutors who did not “get accustomed“ in the public preschool institutions speaks go to work to private:“ Usually it is people with authoritative bents, and with children it is necessary to be able to find a common language in any kindergarten, both in private, and in state“.

About a daily bread

developed the uniform ten-day menu For the state gardens Institute of Food of the Russian Academy of Sciences. To it not to consider complaints. For example, in it there is no cheese at all, recently also kissels disappeared from there (as nutritionists explain, “because we have too many children with an excess weight“). At the Soviet power, old residents - tutors say, there was a summer menu for which special funds were allocated. There is no such luxury in state gardens today. So the “state“ menu “in the winter and in the summer in one color - beet“ as cooks of gardens joke. According to the order the daily diet of the preschool child includes 150 g of fruit. For 50 rubles a day which were allocated for each kindergartner by our state especially you do not poshikut.

As for the dainties offered pupils of commercial kindergartens, the menu as well as all other fundamental documents (like the contract with parents), managers borrow in the same state gardens. The menu, of course, there is richer and more various. But it is quite good to timid parents to learn in advance as well as what are going to feed their child in expensive garden with. Consult to the nutritionist, especially if the child is picky in food or has an allergy.

Selection criteria

Location . If you do not drive the car, the road to a garden should not take more than 20 minutes. By itself, near it there cannot be industrial facilities, buildings, garbage cans, gas stations. The territory has to be fenced, without large holes in a fence, entrance gate - strong to be locked. A large number of trees and shady corners - a two-edged sword (dampness, mosquitoes, darkness in rooms).

Fullness . As a rule, 10-15 people in group are only in private (commercial) gardens and kindergartens of the compensating type. If say to you that 30 people are written down, but go only 15-20, reflect: it either lie, or testimony of high incidence.

Living conditions . Take an interest at familiar mothers on what children sleep (beds or folding beds) whether it is possible to curtail a roll a carpet (if, for example, the child with an allergy) as the game space (whether the tutor can see all children at once) is equipped, whether warmly in the winter whether disconnect electricity and water, whether personal towels are allocated to children. Walk on the building (pay attention to a dampness smell) and a playground (whether there is no garbage, the broken swing). On appearance of a garden it is possible to understand how the manager watches conditions in which there will be your child (comparison of repair in her office and in other part of the building can appear very informative). Safety issues have huge value: cases and regiments have to be reliably fixed, bunk beds - to have fences, and sockets - caps. Not superfluous will be to find out whether it is authorized to parents to be present at a garden the first days (an optimal variant - to spend with the child time before the lunch) whether it is possible to pass days without the certificate of an illness and, eventually, to bring the pot.

Food . The budgetary kindergartens receive identical grants for food. A considerable role is played by presence at kindergarten of the sponsor which can partially cover expenses on food. Among inexpensive preschool institutions best of all feed in gardens for children with “the weakened health“. More budgetary funds are allocated for them. Will offer you three meals a day (a breakfast, a lunch, an afternoon snack). In private and sanatorium kindergartens the situation is better: in a diet daily fruit, an obligatory dinner.

Personnel . It is ideal when two teachers and one assistant fall on one group of kids. Quite often you can meet only the nurse and the teacher. But it is yet not an occasion to refuse kindergarten. Observe the treatment of the tutor of children on walk, talk to it directly, let will tell about an educational program. Even from short communication it is possible to draw conclusions on the person, his ability to communicate and the attitude towards children. Elderly teachers of old Soviet school (many of them are not capable to apprehend the child as the personality) have to cause fears and the young mummies acting as Arina Rodionovna, whose children go to the same group (clear who gets an attention maximum). Besides, try to find out how punish and encourage kids; whether the teacher can be late if you do not manage to take away the child, etc. Also do not forget that in kindergarten by all means there has to be at least one medic!

As you suited to

the child in a garden? We placed this question at one of parental forums (www. eva. ru).

Elena: “I late bethought - began to bypass regional kindergartens when the daughter was eight months old. It is horror: today the campaign in the last from them, the eleventh took place. And again there are no places. In state gardens ask a bribe - $1000. But I have no such money. And even if it will be possible “to beat down the price“ to $600-700, for me it is the very heavy sum. For smaller money as skilled mummies speak, just will not look at you. What to do - I do not represent“.

of the Maya:“ It is possible to agree with the teacher from a garden, to give her 100-200 c.u. that she told the manager as if you her sister or the relative. Then the place will be at once! We and made, and at the last minute when the group was already fully completed. But then also the manager greased the palm (in a voluntary order), and the sponsor`s contribution had to be paid (but, in my opinion, all should do it)“.

Marine:“ Everything depends on the area. At us in Pechatniki it is possible to get to a garden without money. The acquaintance suited the daughter so: came to the manager, it was cried that one raises the child, it is necessary to go to earn, and the child could not be put. In a purse it had 500 rubles. Also took for its this money. Garden though the most ordinary, but very decent. I advise Elena: you walk round the area still. Perhaps you will find not such greedy manager. And in general, from many I hear: you get in line in a year, time approaches - pay introductory 100 c.u. - and forward“.

Lelya: “Too said to us in all gardens that there are no places. But on the phrase “Let`s give sponsor`s help“ reacted quickly. The manager asked: “Than you can help?“ I answered: building materials. Agreed that we buy paint. We kept within only 1000 rubles! Try such option, maybe, it will turn out“.

Galya:“ Get a job the nurse, then the place for your children will always be. And even when you will leave, will remain... “

Lelya and Roma: “Complain to higher bodies and be not afraid that your child will be offended. To parents who complain, belong very carefully and will never touch the child just like that!“

Anna: “You me sorry, but where do you live? In Moscow, among civilized people? If yes, you call in District administration education, ask phone of department of preschool education of your area. They are obliged suit your child in that garden where there is a place. In personal conversation with the specialist of department of preschool education of our area, Lianozovo, I was told that if in the area there are no places, they are obliged to create occasional seats and even groups at own expense“.