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Window in the childhood of

“Hi, mother! Show me this world“. As soon as the child opens eyes, he begins to learn the world. At first he with interest examines parents, himself and surrounding objects. Then takes the first steps, traveling around the room. When it is taken on hands, attentively watches life in the yard through a windowpane. These first months the window opens for him the whole world full of surprises. It is a high time to create to the kid “laboratory for researches“.

the Cozy house where will play conveniently and safely, - here that is rather necessary for the little pioneer. A unique series of windows and accessories, and also fabrics for all types of blinds of “For kids“ from the Victory company is created especially for children.

Juicy colors and cheerful pictures on fabric will draw with

attention of children. And what is not visible to kids will be appreciated by their parents: blinds are made of fabric which neither dust, nor sunshine, nor fire are terrible, it is easy to look after them, and they will serve longer. At production only natural, environmentally friendly materials therefore with production of the Victory company it is possible not to be afraid for health of the child are used. Even in hospitals and improving institutions where purity is most strictly observed, similar fabrics are applied.

Daily walks in the fresh air will increase immunity of the child. But what to do in rainy or frosty days? With plastic windows from the KVE “green line“ eco-friendly profile in your house all the year round there will be good weather. The system of airing Aereco which supplied windows will provide the room with fresh air and will support an optimum level of humidity of the room. Plasticity of windows from profile KVE “green line“ contains not lead as it was earlier, and the “calcium-zinc“ stabilizer thanks to what these windows are recognized by experts the most eco-friendly and reliable windows in the world. The German accessories of the Roto Frank company guarantee design durability. The collection of Roto Frank handles with the general key to all handles or with a separate key to each handle will not allow children to open windows without parents. As always the company took care of convenience and reliability of production. Even when you there is no house, you know: your child in safety.

the Loving parents want to surround the kid with the best, qualitative things. Such as windows and blinds of “For kids“ from the Victory company which are created on the latest European technologies and allow to care for the new person carefully.

In more detail about production can be read to

of on the website www. victory. ru .