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Preschool pleasures on valdorfskiya of manners

If to compare popularity of valdorfsky schools and kindergartens, the second will obviously come forward though, apparently, in education people are inclined to adhere to the same system. But is not present! Having faced what at shtaynerovsky schools is learned to read even in the third class, some parents began to doubt in education value on an anthroposophic basis. Also transferred the babies to more traditional institutions. However it did not affect a rating of valdorfsky gardens: persons interested so many that the turn is formed. Why?

Transition to another dimension

you Step over a threshold of a valdorfsky garden - and you are included in the fairy tale. Or in another dimension where there is no habitual haste, vanity, hassle - yes you never know what else unpleasant? Undertook the door handle - a kolokolets tinkled, he was heard by the teacher and left to meet the baby. And to it gave hands - it is called acceptance gesture. The kid at the same time sees that he is desired that here waited for him and are glad to it. (Involuntarily you compare this scene to arrival to regional kindergarten, isn`t that so?)

do not think that about another dimension I strongly exaggerated - unless the trifle because having closed behind itself a door with a hand bell, we really appeared in the world where life is under construction under absolutely unusual laws. Here everything is thought over to trifles: how to spend day what toys to play and what to do them of what to tell fairy tales how to start food and, by itself that is. Behind all this there is the whole outlook - the anthroposophy based by Rudolf Steiner. The valdorfsky pedagogics is also based on it.

But we will step over a threshold together with the child and we will live together with it the whole day!

Free game with simple toys

On one of walls - a reproduction from an icon of the Mother of God with the Baby, around - in compliance with a season composition from fabrics and natural materials - bouquets, yellow and red leaves, stones. At walls - open struganny regiments, on them - wattled baskets with silk and cotton rags, wooden horses, rag dolls, knitted hens and lambs, stones, cockleshells, wooden bars and mobile wooden toys as Zagorsk (the smith knocks on an anvil, etc.) . All this wealth is used during free game with which day in a valdorfsky garden begins.

Children play

, tutors do not interfere with their occupations as bans and imperative intonations deprive of the child of an opportunity independently to choose the course of life is one of the fundamental principles of valdorfsky pedagogics.


Of course, for children imperceptibly look and unostentatiously help. For example, to build the three-storyed house of children`s little tables, having put them at each other. If some beginner starts singing priblatnenny chastushkas or, say, will reincarnate in the businessman with the cell phone, it will be softly switched to activity within the accepted rules: here do not play such games and such toys.

Yes, it is one more principle: any synthetics. Toys do of natural materials. As a last resort, buy from masters of national crafts. Dolls and animals sew or knit and fill nepryazheny wool. It is pleasant to baby to press to itself the doll sewed by mother`s hands, she is warm. “And how you will press a piece of plastic? It lifeless!“

the Second principle of production of toys - them is simplified to primitive level. It is not roughness, not irony, but the quote from works of the foundress of the very first valdorfsky garden Elisabeth Gryunelius. It is considered that simple toys - for example, a wooden bar which serves a table, the car a horse - promote not only to development of the children`s imagination, but also correctly influence development of internals. And the stiffened expression on a face of a doll is not in time behind development of a plot of game. Therefore valdorfets arrive simply: draw two circles - eyes, and below a point designate a mouth.

Despite the proclaimed primitive level, toys, I will report on you, absolutely charming and are made with a big invention. For example, a turtle with an armor on buttons. Or a blue ball with the embroidered stars: well who could guess what it can be connected on spokes and to fill wool? At the same time he, in - the first, jumps, and in - the second, he can be thrown though in a window - glass will not break.

Children`s work



in the middle of the room a big desktop - one of teachers sits at it (usually their two) and is engaged in needlework: sews, draws, cuts out (both from paper, and from a tree), cuts salads, cooks jam, strings a beads. Sometimes, having distracted from game, someone from children approaches it - to make couple of stitches or to brush a brush. Nobody sets them down to work though presents by a holiday have to make everything. And what? And poor tutors when Vanya approaches wait till last day and will paint a box. And it does not approach and does not approach.

Presents which children give to the parents, say, for Christmas happen quite difficult: for example, a cardboard box with a stained-glass window (!) in which put the garland made children`s fingers. Of course, all preparatory work (up to pro-cutting of a silhouette of Maria with the Baby) is done by the teacher - the child needs to choose a colored transparent film which will be inserted into a lid, well and, of course, to make a garland, at least three-centimetric. However, some children have own ideas concerning gifts in general and boxes with garlands in particular - tutors help to realize them.

children do to

On Wednesdays vinaigrette. Put on small fartuchka and on wooden plates the real knives cut vegetables. On Thursdays bake cookies. Roll with tiny skalochka dough, cut out toy molds of a figure, put on a baking sheet - and give it to the nurse. It puts it in an oven.

you Think, dangerously? Will be cut? When my four-year-old daughter started going to a valdorfsky garden, they did every day themselves salad. And nothing, did without injuries though it nothing similar did the house. Perhaps, we simply underestimate the children?

you noticed that children had not a good time, and did everything really? Built, sewed, dressed up princesses, cut vinaigrette, strung a beads. They grew into life as valdorfsky teachers would be expressed. They treat game very seriously.

the General occupations

Krom of the free game forming identity of the child happen also the general occupations: drawing, singing, molding, festive games, cleaning.


Approximately through an hour and a half after arrival of children to a garden in a hand of the teacher the hand bell will ring out:

Din - Don, ding - Don
we Clean everything around.


It is surprising, but in a valdorfsky garden are able to put so business what all children clean up - can be because they managed to play enough and at heart want to be engaged in something in another?

Tutors behind them do not supervise, giving teams: “Katya, well - quicker!“ or “Sasha, you why want to do nothing?“ - they participate in the general process and help. Rags accurately develop in a basket, and “the three-storyed house“ understands on tables. Not sad oilcloths, but cloths or at least the beautiful napkins made of cloth made by tutors or parents are put on them. On a table wattled subnoses are put - children will have breakfast.

O! Napkins on tables is not luxury, but an education element. In valdorfsky communities of Europe even deeply mentally retarded people eat on cloths made of cloth. Possibly, they do not understand it, but whatever you may say, and such serious relation to a meal does it considerable. You will not splash in a bad attack of hooliganism by a spoon on a plate of borsch any more - that red splashes extensively, - and involuntarily you begin to respect yourself.

Seven bread

About what is accepted and that cannot be eaten in a valdorfsky garden should be told

especially. Any surprises can meet - especially if you adhere to any certain power supply system.

Anthroposophists repeat nobody

, but they are the closest, perhaps, to vegetarians: eat vegetables (but not all, for example, potatoes and tomatoes will be excluded), the steamed-out grain (but not sweet milk porridges), dried fruits. And here with sweets of a discrepancy (caused as it seems to me, weakness of missionaries of valdorfsky pedagogics). But it does not mean at all that yours chadushko will eat almost only muesli and salads (that mine had to taste): catering services - business troublesome so it is not excluded that children from public catering kitchen will board. And in a consolation I will remind that on Wednesdays vinaigrette, and on Thursdays - cookies is expected.

It is natural that at collision of the high principles of healthy food on - anthroposophic with severe reality of our life there are some distortions. For example, I was surprised by the story of the familiar teacher who told that for breakfast children eat only that they with themselves will bring. And if apple or, say, banana give only to one child, and all other parents will amicably forget to give to the kids fruit (as about it it was agreed), twenty children together will eat one banana. Or one apple.

“My nurse, the woman who is adjusted very materialistically with mistrust treats that it is possible to gorge on one apple, - the teacher told me. - But the baby so rejoices when he treats others! And then they eat small sandwiches. Why not big? Not all can cope with them“.

be not upset: children come to a garden full. And unless better when in regional preschool institutions quite rigidly force to eat? For the growing-up person it is quite offensive. if to you it is not pleasant to p

A that twenty people ate one banana, it is possible to agree with other mothers and fathers about watch - parental initiatives are only welcomed.

After food is called by a hand bell again, and children go for a walk.

That the forming forces correctly formed a children`s organism, no restrictions on walk should be: in the clothes which are specially prepared for this case it is allowed to children to get both into the water, and into dirt.

the Fairy tale told many times in a row

When children come back from walk, they are told or show the fairy tale. Here I have to surprise again you as the same fairy tale is told week, and virtuosos - the whole month. It is considered aerobatics. What for?

Children get used to the fairy tale, to them it is important that it repeated word for word. Valdorfsky tutors assure that thus the fairy tale lives and remains with children. And if suddenly the forgetful teacher misses some figurative turn, preschool change right there it will insert.

Of course, seniors (and in group children of different age) can and zanyt: “Well, again about an apple!“ - but listen with interest: tutors tell with feeling, some kind of solo performance so takes not a plot, but mood turns out.

the Fairy tale it is possible not only to tell

, but also to mold - from the amazing, smelling sweet as natural aromas soft and bright wax. The teacher sits at a table before children, and before her three rags lie. One designates the magic country, another - our reality, and a kerchief between them - the small river. Through the small river will throw the tiny wooden bridge.

Children mold

and, putting the hand-made article on a table, say what is it and for what country it suits. The boy will roll a sausage and reports that it is a magic column: who will touch it, will be able to fly. And here the unicorn - he transfers the horseman where that will want. And here the most real hedgehog.

When all will finish with

work, the teacher tells the fairy tale: “Once upon a time there was a girl, she went on the wood and met a hedgehog...“ (I will a little upset you: it is not necessary to think out anything special. Go on the wood and meet all who were stuck together - all the same each child will be glad that to his character there was a place in the fairy tale. And it is very good - in life so not always happens, the truth?)

Instead of a molding. Certainly, at all not of what you thought now. Children draw two times a year (!) for two months. Water paint - a water color - then when in the nature water violence is observed: in the fall, during a rainy season, and in the spring, during thawing of snow.

Oh, everything is difficult

in anthroposophy! As valdorfsky mentors like to be expressed, the speech does not go drawing something certain - a tree or, say, the house. It is considered that the child feels need to tinker with paints per se therefore for a start children are given only one paint. For example, yellow. They apply a liquid water color on paper and worry (that you thought?) quality of color. Thus they are trained for emotional perception of art.

are given Then blue paint. Then red. Some tutors tell at the same time fairy tales, others ask where in the nature such color meets, the third suggest to look at drawings silently.

I Understand

: it is difficult to present it. Especially with our children. But I warned: a valdorfsky garden - the place special.

Abroad after a lunch of children is taken away home - earlier was also in our valdorfsky gardens. However times of reckless following to a standard, fortunately, passed, life introduced the amendments, and now kids are put to bed.

That main thing?

Probably, you noticed that any word about training in reading, the account and letter still did not meet. It is not casual - in valdorfsky gardens do not prepare for school. But on the other hand, what the school if it is necessary to prepare for it is? Unless it is intended not in order that there learned? However the fact remains: despite bans of the Moscow Committee on Education, at receipt in school of children examine. But if you strongly liked the picture drawn with me, think that preparation for school will not stop you.

I it is valid: practically any father or any mother will cope with it. By the way, my younger daughter went to a valdorfsky garden (at different times even in different gardens) that did not prevent it to have introductory interview best of all at all. The teacher even asked: can be, we mixed school in which we want to write down the girl?

I now she studies well, and in the first class our teacher several times was interested: where it cultivate heuristic thinking and cultivate such liberated children? I do not want that these words were heard as self-praise, but with the state garden we really took a goryushka when he was visited by the senior daughter. I will not describe how, for example, it, a two-year God`s dandelion, locked in a toilet for the fact that she dared to take a doll for which I completely sewed all clothes from the shelf and as it was impossible to pass day, without calling the doctor. And try it cause if the child only slightly podkashlivat and it has a cold!

Business not in toys, not in fairy tales and not in drawing two times a year - matter in the attitude towards the child. In a valdorfsky garden there cannot be a speech not only about that to punish the child, but also raising on it the voice. It is not reproached and do not appeal to his conscience - consider that till 12 years to appeal there is nothing. Till seven years the child lives on feeling of imitation therefore he will be such as the adults surrounding it. It not only anthroposophic principle, but also expression of elementary culture of behavior.