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Forcemeat - a throw (secrets of preparation of forcemeat) of

Forcemeat can be bought in shop, but your cutlets and meatballs will turn out more tasty if you prepare it with own hand. It is simple though there are nuances. Johan Shtyurkner, the chef of restaurants “Marriott Grand - Hotel“ tells about them.

the Most widespread types of forcemeat - from veal, pork, mutton, a turkey and chicken. But there are also others. For example, from a rabbit or a crab. It must be kept in mind that any of them prepares from cheaper parts which remained after cutting. However, from the general rule there is one exception: if crude chopped meat appears in a ready dish, then for it select the best part. For example, for tartare sauce from veal use fillet.

In good supermarkets of packing with different forcemeats always lie in different containers, and in the mixed forcemeat never put mutton - it has too strong, specific taste and a smell. Consider it when you prepare houses. But beef and pork are perfectly combined. This mix is loved by many hostesses. There is one more forcemeat with specific taste - from meat of a rabbit, we advise it to mix with chicken. By the way, for receiving good chicken forcemeat as well as for indyushachy, do not take so-called light meat: it too dry and in the crushed look does not give the necessary consistence. As for other combinations, it is possible to experiment here. For example, to make forcemeat of squids, without shchupalets, and for giving of juiciness to it to add a little pork. The main thing - not to mix meat with neutral and strong tastes.

If you prepared for

several types of forcemeat, store everyone in separate capacity at a temperature of +2... +4 °C no more days. Surely cover capacities with food wrap to exclude contact with other products and penetration of foreign smells. Remember that forcemeat is not just crude product, it was already subjected to a certain processing. Therefore train him just before use. And one more rule: working with chopped meat, do not forget to put on polyethylene gloves. of

Puff pies with a chicken curry

It will be required by

to p: chicken forcemeat (280 g), curry powder (1 tablespoon), small cut onions (3 tablespoons) 1 egg, 1 yolk and ready puff pastry (360 g).

to pour a curry Into forcemeat, to add onions and to roast weight to softness. To cool.
to Add egg.
to Cut the rolled dough on squares, to put on them forcemeat and to curtail dough into triangles.
to Decorate the received puff with a figure from the test. Pie to grease
from above with a yolk and to bake in an oven of 15 - 20 min. at 190 °C.

Bon appetit!

Several cunnings

Exist several ways allowing to receive a product of the necessary consistence or to improve its taste. For example, if your forcemeat, fish or from mutton, turned out dry to make it juicy, add cream, grain crumbs and egg. Egg can also be put in dry chicken forcemeat. And - to enter a little juice of the lime or lemon diluted with water into fish. As for beef, it is diluted with beef fat. Quite so do hamburgers, and fat in them there have to be no more than 20%.

If weight, on the contrary, left too liquid, it is easy for it to return a necessary consistence, having added flour or a grain crumb or having mixed with a pounded boiled potato: the starch which is contained in it well fastens forcemeat.

That weight became air and magnificent, and a dish - more gentle, put in it only egg white. It is so possible to arrive with veal or fish forcemeat. Or, for example, to crush crude meat of a lobster in the blender, to add cream and egg white. Shake up and distribute on molds - the souffle will turn out.

Elastic and strong forcemeat will become if you use a hurling back. Weight should be taken in hand and to throw about a table, and to do it several times. The procedure purpose - reduction of amount of air in forcemeat. Such forcemeat, by the way, is ideal for burgers, cutlets, quenelles.

the Ingredients improving a consistence are added by

in the course of a vymeshivaniye. And those that impact relish, including salt, - closer to the end. Unless meat or fish should be pickled in advance.

Chicken forcemeat can season

with a tarragon or parsley, white or black pepper, a paprika. To mutton mint will always approach. In pork at desire add apple. Meat mix any with the crushed celery root, to fish it is admissible to add sugar, in crab - a dried peel of a lemon, Chile and onions - shallot.

Hamburgers, cutlets and sausages cook for


From forcemeat quenelles and meat bread, add to soups and salads, fill with it pies and vegetables. There are sauces and dishes which without it cannot be imagined, for example - the Bolognese sauce.

in What the real hamburger differs from cutlet in

? The fact that in it except meat nothing has to be - neither salt, nor pepper, nor onions. It is more preferable to use forcemeat from beef. It is formed, fried and already before giving salted and seasoned with pepper, onions and ketchup. But here in Sweden at preparation add salt, pepper, onions and beet paste to meat, and then fry. In some areas of Germany in burgers put cabbage.

of Sausage and sausage are also inconceivable without forcemeat. Sausages fill generally pork, with addition of pork fat. Ground beef is less often used - it is more expensive. For mitigation of meat in it add water to a preparation time of sausages of the house. On production instead of water for this purpose use ice cubes (ice crumbles and thaws) - when knives process a large number of meat, they heat up, and it for forcemeat is undesirable.

Council of the Epicure

For improvement of taste of home-made sausage except various spices can be added

to it, for example, mushrooms, cheese or ham.

Crude ground pork in dishes is not recommended to be used. And here beef and fish it is quite possible to add. For example, from salmon the most tasty tartare sauce turns out.