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I decided to prolong our rest in Sochi in the neighbourhood with dolphins of

this year to myself summer and to escape at the end of August from Moscow closer to the sea and heat. Also I do not know how it turned out that the choice fell on Sheksna boarding house in Sochi, but very well everything left.

of the Panoramic view of one of cases of boarding house

is A little one after another. We from Moscow early - early in the morning on Saturday departed. I, having been fond of process of collecting and packings of a suitcase, somehow also forgot to lie down to sleep. Having looked for hours in the second one o`clock in the morning, decided that, actually, to be put to bed for 3 hours, hastily pokidav all in a suitcase, there is no sense any more, and I am better quietly, “with feeling, efficiently“ I dosobiratsya to departure. And finally it is possible to finish also a coffee cup everything. Wash 5 - the summer son with huge impatience expected this trip, knew that it is necessary to go to the airport early in the morning. Therefore, to my big amazement, woke up and rose from a bed literally within one minute, and business - that happened at 5:20 in the morning!!! And on its reveille, remembering heavy morning rises in a garden, I took away 15 minutes... So we formed some time for inaction waiting for a taxi. Here it is thirst of wanderings!

The further road to the airport, registration of tickets, flight and a transfer to boarding house passed without adventures and rather quickly. Though, of course, my child was already tired and an hour and a half trips in the minibus span with the fidget.

of Around flowers

the Boarding house externally was pleasant to at once - accurate buildings, purely, is well-groomed, it is a lot of flowers and greens. We were registered fast, gave keys and asked to wait a little the employee who leads us to number. Here - that “surprises“ also began. More precisely, the essence of a surprise was one, but here we had to face it several times while we reached number. So, the employee approached and kindly asked to follow her. Besides me and the child with us there was one more couple of vacationers of middle age... and the main thing - both we, and at them had rather big suitcases on castors. And so, us kindly asked to proceed... down a ladder on two floors!!! Here - that me also broke through, excuse... As they say, carried Ostap.

rather categorically declared

Ya that with such suitcase she does not intend to wander about ladders, my organism is not intended for transfer of weights on long distances, and here the suitcase is just intended for its transportation on these distances, but not transfer. As a result of us moved “other road“ as the staff of boarding house was expressed, namely - around down the street at 30 - a-degree heat. But not here - that was, on it chemodanno - ladder adventures did not end. We approached an entrance to our case and... saw... Ladder! As it is lovely!!! And there was no opportunity this ladder any more to bypass. It was necessary to clamber to me with a suitcase at first on one flight of stairs up, and then... on the same flight down to the elevator! It it is necessary to design so an entrance that under no circumstances it was impossible to pass ladders.

our “modest“ number

But number seen by me significantly compensated to by of the physical efforts spent for the road to it. Generally, whether for beautiful eyes, whether from - for shortages of usual “two-room flats“, we with the child were occupied in luxury!!! A huge drawing room with upholstered furniture and artificial “palm tree“, more precisely, some florid birch; a bedroom which if necessary separates from a drawing room sliding doors - an accordion; a huge loggia with a sofa, a desk (suddenly I will want to work - a comfortable office overlooking the sea), with the refrigerator, a teapot and an ironing table with the iron; two small balconies on one of which there is a clothes dryer, and on another - a set of plastic furniture; a separate bathroom with good bathroom equipment and the big bathing room. One word - “luxury“. Our number was on 5 - m the floor and was turned towards the sea and the “walking“ territory of boarding house. Beauty, in a word!

of Among palm trees

the Territory really very big, is a lot of flowers and beautifully cut bushes, it is a lot of - many different types of palm trees and cactuses. Is and hvoyno - deciduous “Liski“ where stones laid out footpaths for walks. However, from - for stones on paths it is necessary to be very attentive and careful. Mitya just once lost vigilance and with running start on the going-down path fell, at the same time it pressed to a stomach a liter package of juice from red grapes. So far I approached the fallen child, with some horror represented it “a bloody show“. On the contrary! Packing it was strong and sustained falling on it 20 - a kilogram body. So everything managed only a little scratched knees about which Mitya in a minute already also forgot.

I on a lesochka, by the way, can go down to the sea if not to use services constantly plying up - down the minibus, or not desire to go along the asphalted road on a blaze of the sun. We on forest paths also reached the beach, but here back I refused flatly to rise in a hill on foot, and we came back by bus - exactly 1 minute of journey.

Frankly speaking, I was even surprised to this rebenkiny addiction everywhere to go on foot: on the beach and back in a hill, up on 5 - y the floor on a ladder... I behind it it never noticed the house.

of A there somewhere below the sea

we Visited and the local pool. There was it only one once - actually, we not for this purpose arrived to the sea. And we went to the pool somehow by the evening, before a dinner after there passed the heavy rain, and to go to the beach it seemed inappropriate. In the pool two hills: adult in the main pool and small in a children`s compartment. In my opinion, children`s hill too “abrupt“: the child rather strongly disperses that 5 - 6 - to the summer kid will be pleasant not to everyone. The adult hill quite worthy, at least, I with pleasure swept on it time 3 - 4... Bleaching powder, of course, in water is, but not in such “deadly“ quantities - in the Moscow basin I feel bleaching powder presence much more sharply.

Food is organized by

on the buffet system and, I will tell, rather not bad. It is possible that in the period of an aggravation of a summer season there can be problems with seats, but we did not face it, always found a free little table, and sometimes and chose more suitable. For lunch to my huge surprise and, one may say, pleasure offer wine and beer. And here for dinner - kefir and yogurt, is direct as at nursing home.

By the way, this “buffet“ personally to me, more precisely to my stomach, was very nice. Of course, I have easily breakfast in flakes with yogurt in the European resorts, but I will tell frankly that to domestic cheesecakes, pancakes with cottage cheese or to usual fresh cottage cheese with sour cream my stomach rejoiced much more. Constantly there were fresh fruit both for breakfast, and for lunch, and for dinner. As drinks offered not only habitual stakes - sprayta which we do not consume, and compote and the normal packaged juice (not chemical “razvedenka“).

both the restaurant, and “varenichny“, and cafe - bar on the beach Is... but we did not come there because was more than enough 3 - single food.

of the Piracy company

For children in a secluded corner on a green lawn in an environment of palm trees is organized by the small sports ground. Slightly closer to the sea under canopies of some “plakuchy“ trees made “the fantastic town“: the cascade of ponds with the tsarevna - a frog and water, a bear from Mashenkaya, the whole company of pirates:... And also there is a nursery in one of cases of boarding house at which constantly there is a tutor.

Now about the sea... It, of course, left much to be desired in respect of purity, but we twice for a week of rest saw dolphins who floated practically along “anchor buoys“!!! I will tell at once, for the sake of such meeting it is possible and to forgive to the sea a lot of things... at least, I am able to do it. Pebble, actually, nothing else I expected the beach to see. It is inconvenient to go. And this inconvenience was felt by exclusively adult. My son quietly ran on stones, being surprised why mother moves constantly in a pose of the paralyzed cuttlefish. Here stones not really were suitable the child for games, but he fast found on the beach small “source“ of sand and very much - very small pebble, and further constantly ran there and gathered sand for game.

of the Newly made swimmer

But the main thing for me - Mitya floated!!! My child who already two seasons refused flatly to enter the sea or the pool in the resort in the native Black Sea understood that from swimming, pushchay even in a circle, it is possible to take great pleasure. And now he was going to go to the pool...

On beaches were placed by some modern plank beds with peaks which (peaks, in sense) already in the majority are broken. So I in the morning till a breakfast made a pedestrian progulochka to the beach (and back, respectively) to find yet not broken plank beds. To the sea approximately of meters 400 on a hilly terrain - walk on a morning cool gave me huge pleasure (I in general at heart “lark“) and allowed though somehow to hold itself “within“. And the boy played in number the uncontrolled pleasure at this time.

of the Decline

in the Evening we walked, walked, walked... Went to the sea to admire a decline... beautifully! Several times Mitya swept on a cycle mobile (10 rub in 10 min. - a freebie). It is possible to take in hire and scooters, and electric cars, and also it is a lot of different sport stock.

Out of territory limits we got out only once - with excursion in the Dolphinarium. To me it was perfect a reluctance to contact local transport therefore I also was ruined on excursion maintenance. Carried us to the settlement of Lazarevsky in a new Dolphinarium which opened only this summer. Representation is standard: white whale, walrus, two dolphins...“ Four synchro swimmers warm“ public - here I faced this phenomenon for the first time after the Moscow and Adler dolphinariums.

of All in pink

Week of rest past quickly, we sunbathed, have a good swim in the salty sea, I significantly slept off. Of course, I will not propagandize rest in resorts of Krasnodar Krai suprotiv rest in club hotels of Turkey, but personally for myself I did not find any basic defects and negative sides in this case. The main thing is a spirit! And he, this spirit, did not deceive me!!!