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My family tree: from roots to tops of

in the Quiet autumn evenings when it is not necessary to hurry anywhere, and at a table all family gathered, there is nothing better, than to remember with gratitude the sources - about the sort, about the ancestors who allocated you with your lines, talents and even shape. So why, considering family photos and listening to stories from life of relatives, not to unite all this in the most real family tree? At present rate of life many related touches and very few people remember how called the great-grandmother are lost, than she was engaged where a vein, not to mention other distant relatives. The family family tree begun by parents will be continued by children who will visually gain an impression about what is the real family. Perhaps, personal experience of our reader will help to orient with this difficult process of drawing up family history.

the Historical background

Last the family I began to be interested in

years in fifteen. Approximately at the same age I had a desire to learn history of names and surnames of our family. To me it was curious what is meant by our patrimonial surnames why my ancestors chose such names from where there was a tradition for the children to call children in honor of parents, grandmothers and grandfathers? There were many questions, but only in ten years I “ripened“ so that decided to approach it seriously: I decided to create the family tree.

As it was p, this occupation not only pleasant, but also useful. Let`s begin with the fact that studying of biographies of your ancestors is impossible without studying of history. You by all means will concern it, having reached the generations which were born in the years of revolution, Stalin repressions, Patriotic war. On this way you many interesting opening wait, for the curious facts and, maybe, even shocks.

First steps: we accumulate information

Is natural that, first of all information source therefore poll of all immediate family could help me to receive it was necessary for me. I called them, met, talked, specifying behind a cup of tea with a cake or during a heart to heart talk of date of birth, names, surnames, professions of my numerous aunts, their husbands, children, cousins and sisters - all who could be remembered. Unfortunately, my grandmother was already not able to tell something about destiny of relatives, but I was very much helped by mother, having remembered a lot of interesting. For example, about the father (my grandfather) whom I, as well as the great-grandfather, never knew as the grandmother raised mother alone. On a nationality, it appears, he was Jew, was realized in life as the talented journalist and the artist. By the way, abilities to drawing were transferred to both my mother, and my sister, probably, from it. it Became clear

by p that among ancestors from the mother`s party there were teachers, musicians, syrodet, the seamstress at court of the emperor. And my great-grandfather was the famous agronomist - lnovody, written several books in the area.

Family archives: books, diaries, memoirs

it Turned out h2 that my mother stores curious documents: an extract from the register of births about the great-grandmother`s birth, diplomas - it and the great-grandfather, the passport of the beginning 20 - go centuries, the service record 40 - x years, and also the family recipe-book dated 1886 - m year, with ancient “yatyam“. This thing demands the separate description.

the Majority of recipes is marked with crosses. Means, all this prepared with love: the ferial and festive menu, the detailed list of dishes for every day, and at the end of the book - “A calendar for women for 1886“ where it was necessary to bring addresses, surnames, dates and events, and also “A leaf for recording of the linen sent to the laundry“. The hand of the grandmother of my great-grandmother noted how many “female rubakh prostykh, platkov, towels, navolochek, the sheet“ was carried to erase.

A my great-grandfather as it became clear, in 19 years kept the diary - the daily log which was called “Tovarishch“ and being issued in St. Petersburg. Two such books for 1908 and 1909 academic year remained. I with a sinking heart read the impressions written by illegible male handwriting about trips, meetings with friends. The list of correspondents was very detailed - with names of addressees and dates of sending letters. The slate plate on a reverse side of a cover, and also the map of the European Russia jammed and which broke on bends was applied to the book. The advertizing of pencils of Otto Kirchner factory placed on the last pages urged students to buy them. And lists of linear measures and weight, a calendar with church holidays, the list of the major opening, “hygienic councils“ and “the code of moral rules“ served as an instruction for all occasions.

I undertook history of a father`s family when my grandmother, father`s mother, was still living, and indulged me with the oral memoirs. I so infected it with the idea to make a family tree of a family that the grandmother wrote down the stories subsequently. Family history which I typed into the computer turned out, without being able yet it is good to print. Later we have bound this text, added with photos from family archive, and now this document is memory of the grandmother.

can be written

of the Photo with

About ancient photos much. I will tell one: considering them, I received more emotions, than information as I could not measure by eye date of pictures, even on style represented on a photo. The names of photographic studios which remained in old photos did not help with it also. But nevertheless before ancient photos, as well as before other similar things, I experience special awe.

Of course, knowing date of birth of the person depicted on a photo it is possible to define its age approximately. Thanks to accurate people who put dates on the return or the face of cards. Mother at my request put all photoarchive in order, on memory restoring events, observing chronology and signing dates which she remembered at the same time. So family photos very much helped me to promote to an ultimate goal.

Synthesis of information

First I wrote down all data on single sheets, in a notebook, on what under a hand will turn up. Stuck together a big leaf later and transferred everything to it. Generally, my first family tree settled down on a huge sheet of paper, looked as an infinite set of names, surnames, four-digit figures, strelochek, circles, rectangles, and pleased a look only with the size.

my main goal the thought began to finish business and to learn as much as possible about the roots. Among other things, I wanted to issue beautifully family history, to make the general tree, and then to supply each person with the photo and the short biography. There was a wish to have all this both in paper, and in electronic options. On this way I was waited by the difficulties: to make a full-fledged tree, it is necessary to possess very extensive information which I did not have in all its completeness.

the Waiting difficulties

Two threads of our sort were lost by

. One of them remained in the Nizhny Novgorod province, and another was dissolved in St. Petersburg and Moscow. We with mother began their searches almost at the same time, but good luck smiled to her earlier, than me.

Mother found for the cousin uncle quickly enough. Knowing that the family lived in the village of Ryazanovo of Vetluzhsky district and worked at Ryazanovsky school, they at first called long-distance help service which helped them to connect to local administration. There they were given phone of school where the father and mother of the required relative worked once. At school - that to mother was also reported that the house in which there lived relatives in the village and stands, and there comes Vladimir Pavlovich who just and was looked for. Couple more of calls - and in half an hour mother already spoke by phone with the uncle whom she did not see and did not speak 30 years, - so there were circumstances. Disorders of mother concerning emotions from its party were vain: it appears, he tried to find us too and was glad that we made it. Now to the Nizhny Novgorod Region there is a letter where mother told about all of us, on our life for the last three decades, enclosed photos and waits for the answer. And in the summer it is going to go to them as received from them the invitation.

my grandfather had a native elder brother. Both of them were ambitious and possessed unaccomodating characters. My grandfather quarreled with the brother, families parted on the different cities, and communication was interrupted. The brother remained in St. Petersburg, then moved to Moscow, and our family went to Yaroslavl. My father often was distressed that somewhere he has native uncles, aunts, cousins and brothers about whom he does not know.

Wishing to reestablish communication, to find for the father`s family at least just to apologize for the grandfather, I began searches.

Alexey Nikolaevich was a quite famous person in the environment, the author of several books and taught in Moscow. Actually, only I also knew it. Searches of his former colleagues and pupils, inquiries in institute at which it worked almost gave nothing. Interrogating all family, I found out that once my aunt, the sister of my father, met him, and was this 15 years ago. By the way, my grandfather learned - about this meeting and got angry on the native daughter so that he long time did not want to communicate with it. The aunt remembered that he was married two times and the last years lived with the second spouse. Children from first marriage remained in St. Petersburg. The aunt promised me to help, but at me everything turned out quicker - the Internet helped. At first I made request in Yandex. Found books which were written by my granduncle, and curious interview with the chief of a registry office where my grandfather celebrated a silver wedding. Search in base of phones of Moscow gave nothing. I assumed that the grandfather is already dead, but there was a hope that the wife who took his surname is still living.

Ya came on forums of the website “All-Russian Family Tree“. There I understood that there is a hope for a successful outcome. To all who are interested in genealogy, or look for the family, I advise there to be registered and for a start it is simple to read a forum. It is extensive and contains the mass of useful information.

Thanks to disinterested aid of several enthusiasts, I found out the address to which my wanted relative lived in recent years. To the address I found out phone - again - by means of the Internet. Terribly worrying, gathered a full breast of air and... called. The call was taken by the elderly woman with a vigorous voice. I, being sure that in this apartment there live absolutely other people, began to explain that I search for the family about such - that with a surname (by the way, the surname of the woman was another) and whether she where they can be found knows.

“Alexey Nikolaevich already died, and I am his wife“, - the woman said. We got acquainted. Nina Leonidovna, 82 - x years, for the old age was very vigorous and cheerful and obviously wanted to talk. Having found out who I am, she right there suggested me to arrive to her on a visit and when learned that I call from other city, suggested to write her the letter. What I also made. And now tremblingly I wait for the answer. It the only person who knows most about my grandfather.


Ya that she communicates with Alexey Nikolaevich`s children from first marriage. Nina Leonidovna kindly told us coordinates it the daughter, the father`s cousin. As it appeared, she too very much is interested in family history, and very much was delighted to us.

Here two living examples of reunion of a family.

in conclusion I will tell

here that. I want to bow to the earth to the ancestors: to commoners and aristocrats, merchants and peasants. There would be no me also if there were no them. It was pleasant to see familiar faces, to feel the participation, external similarity, to touch the past. I thought that, holding in remembrance dear favourite people, I pay a tribute to the past and I do all this for the sake of the children. Perhaps, when they will grow up, it will be interesting to them, and they should not turn into the private detective as to me, and it will be easier to continue history of our sort. So as animals in Kipling`s fairy tale spoke: “Successful hunting!“