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the Sober view on childbirth abroad

the System of foreign medical care of the Russian citizens undergoes essential rise now. And along with sanatorno - resort treatment abroad which traditions are very long-term and go to the last centuries when the respectable Russian public slowly traveled “on waters“, becomes popular to give birth abroad. If earlier it was rather “star“ privilege, then today such type of medical services is more and more actual for Russians of “middle class“. And it is quite natural that demand generates the offer: today there is quite large number of the travel agencies specializing in such activity and not only in Moscow, but in many cities of Russia. Each concrete family has the arguments in favor of the appeal to the western analogs. There is only a wish to notice that as in any other phenomenon, there are obvious pluses and minuses less obvious so far here. And still it is worth thinking not only of in what sum of money foreign childbirth will cost our fellow citizens, but also about what difficulties trap them on this way.

What we look for at others coast?

One of the central arguments which is put forward, preferring the American or European clinics to our maternity hospitals, is material resources and technical providing.

Of course, recently the provision of the Russian obstetrics became much better: there were commercial offices in usual maternity hospitals, insurance companies through which it is possible to conclude the individual contract for conducting pregnancy and childbirth. And the technical base improved: there is a new equipment, chambers became more comfortable, and it is possible to choose between single or, on the contrary, family chamber where parents are together. But all these innovations - it is rather an exception to the rules, than rules. The majority even of the most provided and modern clinics are created on the basis of maternity hospitals of the Soviet sample. And it concerns not only a material aspect of a question, but also traditions in the relations of doctors and patients. Naturally, in Russia there are remarkable doctors, there are maternity hospitals where patients feel comfortable including in the psychological plan, but nobody can guarantee it here - as will carry (and if is not present?) . The western physicians disciplined by practice of legal claims and legal protection of the rights of patients try to warn in everything possible discontent from the client. Our system of legal protection of the rights of patients leaves much to be desired as it is not enough experience of consideration of such precedents, the system of proofs of a medical error is not developed. And today, when there is an opportunity to compare traditions of the western medicine and ours, a large number of people gives preference to foreign clinics, hoping not only for the modern equipment, but also for respect for patients. The one who is able to afford to choose, chooses the traditions of the Swiss or German clinics created many decades.

the question Price - no comments!

Comparison of cost of childbirth in Russia and abroad speaks for itself.

If in the most provided commercial clinics of Russia conducting pregnancy and childbirth keeps within the sum from 1000 to 6000 dollars (the contract for conducting pregnancy till 36 weeks, the contract for conducting childbirth - from 36 to 40 weeks), then abroad, depending on the level of clinic, a deal approximately following (in dollars): the cost of childbirth fluctuates from 6300 (8300 for Caesarian) to 26 000 - 30 000. Here medical analyses, consultations, medical sisterly supervision, childbirth, possible surgical intervention, massages, inoculations for the child enter. Normal childbirth includes 5 - 6 days of stay in clinic and a full board.

the Accompanying expenses:


the Majority of the countries of Europe, some countries of Latin America, Japan do not give to foreigners an opportunity to obtain citizenship upon the birth in their territory. (But only on achievement of majority) the child who was born in the United States, Canada, Argentina, Malaysia can become the citizen of the state. It concerns even those children whose parents are violators of a visa regime or illegal immigrants.

Such countries as Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Greece, Israel, etc. in the territory do not consider the birth fact as the basis for granting nationality. Has no priorities in comparison with other aliens of these states which are given rise in their territories also. The child who was born in France from parents - aliens, can obtain citizenship of this country, but only in case full of 5 of 7 years before majority he lives in the French territory.

Household and not household questions

Receipt of a visa

For the Russian citizens registration of the visa - American, Canadian or Schengen - business rather troublesome. And for such action as the forthcoming childbirth, it is desirable to have the reusable visa: it will allow to go to the chosen clinic in advance, and then to arrive on childbirth. Anyway, the receipt of a visa is a process slow, followed by continuous visits of embassy with unpredictable result, granting various something the confirming references, turns and other “delights“. Never you should dismiss the fact that the embassy can just refuse the visa. The invitation of clinic in which it is supposed to give birth can help business, but 100% it is impossible to be sure on.

Can make out the visa through travel agency, but then its cost will significantly increase, and the agency all the same cannot give a guarantee of receipt of a visa.

Air flight

Whatever discussions were conducted by

on this subject, there is no doctor who would not tell that flights, especially long-term, during pregnancy, to put it mildly, do not bring benefit of mother and to the child. Besides that long flight in a sitting position can be just tiresome, pressure differences in air and after the blowing acclimatization can be reflected very negatively in a condition of the pregnant woman, it is necessary to do still the same way back together with the child. The airport as the place of a mass congestion of the people hardly applies for that being considered as the best place of stay of the woman which soon to give birth or which gave rise only recently, even despite existence of the room of mother and child. Not incidentally, by the way, many foreign airlines forbid to take aboard the plane women whose term of pregnancy exceeds 36 weeks. The American company “Delta“ allows the term of pregnancy of the passenger of 38 weeks.“ Aeroflot“ does not do similar restrictions.


the Standard package of services on the organization of childbirth in foreign clinic includes arrival in 21 days prior to the expected term (many recommend to arrive in 4 weeks prior to childbirth). If to consider that the woman in labor comes to clinic when a break between fights of 5 minutes, then it is worth to remember that all time which remained before childbirth she should live somewhere and something is. All this besides expenses which, of course, will seriously exceed the solution of the same questions in the Russian territory. Besides, how conveniently future mother among strangers, foreign culture and language when it is so important to see a number of relatives and the understanding people will also comfortably feel? Even if the husband, mother, the girlfriend will be near (increase in expenses!) others house remains others house - over it psychologically sensitive natures should reflect.

it is possible to Give birth among medical staff which language you do not understand, of course; eventually talk at the time of delivery is not the main thing at all. But nevertheless it is desirable for woman in labor to understand addresses of personnel and to consider advice which he gives. The condition of the woman at the time of delivery can be just inadequate and if she does not know well language, interaction with personnel of clinic will be complicated.

the Medical translator, of course, will help

, but the translation extends a way of assimilation necessary, and sometimes very quickly, information.

of Formality

Before childbirth

can Conclude the contract for childbirth abroad by means of the travel agency specializing in this sphere, and it is possible to be engaged in it independently.

of Firm which will organize a trip process necessary documents, agree with clinic and doctors. They provide the woman with housing for stay in that place where she plans to give birth. The package of the services provided by them, as a rule, includes fee of the medical translator, the help in registration of the baby. Preliminary preparation takes approximately one or one and a half months therefore it is necessary to take care of the choice of travel agency beforehand, at least in the middle of pregnancy.

Can be engaged in search independently: to find in the Internet by means of the international search engine concrete clinic in the country interesting you and to address them directly, to receive the invitation and to issue the visa. Usually the firms which are engaged in the organization of similar trips increase the price at least by 2 - 3 times.

After the delivery

needs to learn in advance the address of consulate of the Russian Federation as exactly there register the child; without it it will not be possible to take off with it back for Russia.

concerning obtaining foreign nationality by the newborn that it becomes frequent incentive for childbirth abroad, it is necessary to learn too surely in advance as very few countries do it automatically, upon the birth. As a rule, for this purpose aspire in the USA, Canada, then Argentina, Estonia and other countries providing overseas nationality is on the second place.


in the majority of the western countries of children is forbidden to be transported many years in cars without special seats. And the personnel of hospitals are obliged to make sure that the newborn goes to the first in life trip not on hands at mother, and in a seat, it is correct to establish which to parents the same midwifes will help.

If parents have

no car and often they do not plan to carry the child, the hospital can provide them a seat for rent to bring the kid home. Besides, many services of the order of a taxi are ready to send the car equipped with a children`s seat. Attempt to carry the child without seat will be punished by the penalty many times exceeding the price of the adaptation.

Medical questions

the Central question in many respects inducing to make the decision on the place of childbirth: what technique from maintaining? The scheme of rendering of services on obstetric aid in the majority of the countries is approximately identical. But at the same time in each clinic there are nuances.

Now the dominating tendency of obstetric aid of the western medicine - the minimum quantity of interventions. Resort to Cesarean section only on extraordinary medical indications. At the same time natural childbirth after the first Caesarian is quite possible.

If necessary at the time of delivery do to

stimulation, on demand or to the preliminary contract with the woman in labor - epiduralny anesthesia. But in most cases for anesthesia try to manage by natural methods: massage, water procedures, etc. After the delivery the doctor examines the woman in labor, and nurses weigh, wash and swaddle the child. Not in all clinics do to the child inoculations: it is supposed that it is procedure, already separate of childbirth. Practically in all countries right after childbirth friends or relatives can visit the woman in labor. As a rule, in maternity hospitals spend no more than 3 days after appearance of the kid on light, with Caesarian section - 5 days, stay in clinic over term is paid separately.

Thus, no basic divergences in technology of acceptance of childbirth between the Russian and western medicine exist. There are nuances and details which play the role at careful comparison, but prevention of all possible problems of a physiological order is guaranteed by nobody - another matter that the good technical base will help to solve them in the most short time, and existence at each western clinic of children`s reanimation will help to rescue and come out the child in a critical case.

in general, telling about the choice between domestic and foreign system of obstetric aid, it should be taken into account a set “but“. As far as your desires will be realized, depends on much: the chosen medical center, professionalism, personal qualities of doctors and obstetricians, from the paid sum, conditions of the signed contract and, of course, from features of your organism and the course of pregnancy.