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Reminiscence of Sochi

I Will make a reservation at once: my story - not the guide, but nostalgic memories of the city with which I since the childhood am in love. I cannot report “phones, passwords, appearances, traps“ since the prices and even names of hotels change every year.

the First impression when you arrive in Sochi - as if got to the damp dense “soup“ which is smelling sweet as spices. The smell of subtropics cannot be compared to anything. I get used to a humid climate usually in three days for which getting constantly thirsty and, naturally, strongly sweat, and by the end of month do not feel any inconveniences any more. There is plus in difference from more northern heat - at night the breeze brings from the sea freshness and rest from day heat.

the Road from Adler (where the airport is located) to Sochi passes

in the basic along the sea (to leave sadly). It is desirable not to pass “crocodile“ is the, of course, not Crimean the Bear - the mountain, but slopes of mountains are very similar to the head and a back of the crocodile who lowered a muzzle in the sea with the sanatorium case as an eye too. Before construction of tunnels from one thought of a trip to Adler on the tiresome mountain road - the serpentine threw me into a shiver. And here the railway station is located in the downtown, there is a room bureau.

we Had a rest always (more than 20 times) “savages“, tried different hotels: “Seagull“, “Leningrad“, the “Caucasus“, “Seaside“ - under windows it is usually noisy, the center nevertheless.“ The pearl“ is not pleasant to me - too populously and in the hotel, and on the beach. To me to liking silent “Camellia“ with cozy park and the pure beach, but is pleasant old “Intourist“ more with a wide stone handrail on which it is possible even to sunbathe and admire the sea. You come into a lobby from Kurortny Avenue on the first floor, you go along a corridor to the number, without rising by a uniform step, and it appear on the second floor. However, an everyday occurrence for buildings in a hilly terrain.

A in the childhood with parents I had many times a rest in the “Start“ used then for rest and collecting sports national teams of the Union and located on the small mountain over sanatorium “Gold ear“, over a friendship Tree (a tangerine tree on which different celebrities allegedly did inoculations). On the beach and back, and also to the city on foot - test for persons interested to grow thin extremely. But what the view of the sea and mountains opens!

From East side Bytkh`s mountain with the dormitory area (apartments there are always cheap leased, to reach to the sea very far) and Old Mill restaurant at top. Far for Bytkhoy it (is not visible) there is the well-known high mountain Big Akhun with a viewing tower in medieval style (a fake, I think). Below it is visible stadium, “Camellia“ and the sailing center. What I am old! I bathed on Bzugu`s beach before construction of yachts there - the center. And what smart tree of a cherry plum grew almost on the beach! It is interesting that at a cherry plum with yellow fruits leaves light-green, but if fruits dark that both leaves of claret color, and even flowers in the spring not white, but lilac.

By the way, about a cherry plum. In the Caucasus I learned that it is incorrect to call adjika tomato sauce. Adjika is dry the ground spices and herbs. But local experts still take offense when tomato sauce call, for example, “The Caucasian ketchup to a shish kebab“:“ Look at mountains! Where you see the growing tomatoes? The Krasnodar sauce should be cooked from tomatoes, but Caucasian prepare from a tkemala (from cherry plum / plum)!“. And I began to close for the winter hot sauces to meat from plums (and even from apricots tried) - aroma and taste amazing!

Caucasian cuisine is a song from which you will not throw out words. What tasty real churchkhela (hazelnuts in the uvarenny stiffened grape juice)! It seems to me that khachapuri, prepared not in the Caucasus, turns just into cheese pie. In Sochi I usually forget about existence of grain and macaroni, I eat only meat and fruit (a medlar, grapes, peaches, a fig...) . I tried to grow up houses on a balcony a fig as I protected a tree constructions from a grid - all the same mean cat gobbled up a tree, and I did not receive fruits.

A from West side from “Start“ located the Bald mountain from where in the evenings heart-breaking “cat`s“ shouts of peacocks are distributed. The mountain really from North side bald, almost without vegetation. On this mountain the smart park “Dendrary“ is landed.

12 “Tree nursery“ consists of two parts: lower and top. The lower part of “Tree nursery“ - on my taste just park, with an aquarium of sea fishes, a pond with ducks and swans. And here the top part is a violence of vegetation! What there palm trees! A tree strawberry with a trunk of the most delicate color. Magnolias with “sugar“ flowers. Glyadichiya with pink fluffy pomponchik of flowers and the “palms“ of small leaves putting for the night. Not to remember hundreds of names - it is only possible to admire!


to me very much like bushes of hydrangeas with large sharopodobny inflorescences, especially blue color. But for some reason the brought bushes persistently sought to have pink or beige flowers. It appeared, blue and violet colors not natural - just separate plants water with occasionally alyumokaliyevy alum for creation of effect. And here the oleander which grew from the taken roots branch in a smart evergreen bush with large clusters of flowers (happen red, pink and beige), is a lot of years “pressed on a living space“ to me. Now the palm tree of an akhub which is grown up by the girlfriend from the pea brought from Sochi - sunflower seeds “presses“ in my kitchen - resting the spread wide “palms“ of leaves almost against a ceiling (in a whisper: I will send - I this palm tree to the son to sunday school!) .

in park it is a lot of fountainlets and arbors. But me, the technician since the childhood, was always admired by an iron casting: figurines, ogradka, vases. Generally, I am sure if at my parents the apartment exchange does not break many years ago, then I would work in the Tree nursery now, but not at oil refinery, but the executive committee did not allow our family a registration in the small Sochi one-room apartment in the five-storey building behind Yana shop.

Riviera Park - just entertaining park with attractions, clean, cozy. Nearby river. Vacationers usually are perplexed, looking at a streamlet poor in the summer in an environment of the wide solid concrete course with capital bridges - they forget about thawing of snow in mountains. And still, in my opinion, tornadoes like to come into the Sochi rivers. One such tornado, having come into the river, broke behind the railway bridge at once - dirt and silt flooded all Platanovaya Avenue to the singing fountains, not to mention lower places.

Oh, so does not have Platanovaya Avenue any more - what plane trees grew, in three grasps! It seems to me (or indeed) that live plane trees smell. Not separate parts of a tree, namely under a crown the delicate perfume is caught. It was still remembered how I at supper in cafe admired a surprising unusual decline with multi-colored strips in the sky - it turned out that it was the far tornado daring in the sea a camping under Loo.

Can descend (or to go, it nearby, near Matsesta) on excursion to Eagle rocks where, according to the legend, Prometheus, was chained to Agura Waterfalls. From falls in the summer only the name, but is all the same pleasant to walk on footpaths of the shady mountain wood.

Beaches in Sochi me are not pleasant to

. To save them from washing off, reinforced concrete constructions - breakwaters, buna, but beaches rather narrow are constructed, it is frequent with large stones (even I do not undertake to compare to sandy beaches of Bulgaria or the Azov coast), without plank beds you will not sunbathe. Not to compare them and to very broad natural pebble beaches in Gagra. Still I loved in Gagra park on the embankment and high with smooth trunks gently - limonno - pink color the eucalyptuses creating the tunnel over the road. But after war locals began to look sideways on sunbathing on beaches where blood of their relatives flew, and to me was ceased to want to go to Gagra.

to diversify holiday, I recommend to go at excursion to Abkhazia. Interestingly in the Abkhazian language alien words are assimilated: “iprichat“, “abiblioteka“. I remember somehow in a cafe on the beach in Gagra the girl repeatedly persistently asks the shop assistant: “You have a soft drink?“, but in reply silence. Then to a counter the girlfriend who is accustomed to put the letter “and“ at the beginning of the interrogative phrase pushes the head: “And the soft drink is?“, - and right there receives desired drink. I take a bottle in hand, I read the name:“ asitro“!

Here mountains are higher than

also climate therefore “more subtropical“. Near Sochi tangerines grow ripe not every year (November - December). And in Abkhazia on magnificent palm trees I saw dates and zhyoltenky brushes of bananchik almost ripe (in my opinion).

Popularity trips to the mountain lake of Rits enjoy p. Really, beautifully. Mountain road: on the one hand steep rocks with hardly perceptible falls - streamlets, but with the poetical names “man`s tears“, “female tears“ on the other side of the road a steep to the holodnyuchy noisy river; and behind the gorge the slope which overgrew trees where live... pigs. The real domestic pigs, but who are for days on end grazed on freedom as geese. Only these pigs strongly differ from well-fad Ukrainian fellows - the Caucasian pigs long-legged, thin (lean) as dogs and fat at them, to see, and does not smell. On the way there will be a Blue lake - small, but very deep and surrounded with legends. I advise to drive on a smooth surface of the lake of Rits on a motorka to understand his sizes and to admire the very tall mountains hanging from all directions (in the field-glass it is possible to make out both glaciers, and flocks of sheep on meadows). Beautifully! Not for nothing there was one of Stalin`s dachas.

On the way back is usually offered to stop by in Pitsunda. The cozy resort with the beautiful beach in the gulf, huge harmonous pines, comfortable cases, the embankment. On other side of the gulf magnificent mansions where at the Union exclusively government dachas were placed are buried in verdure. But this resort is strongly isolated, limited in space. In my opinion, this good vacation spot for a family with the small child, either tired elderly people, or come to short beach rest. It is possible to return to Sochi by motor ship, a comet.

did not go Long ago in It is new - Athos caves. Caves, in principle, ordinary, as everywhere. The laid protected route, stalactites / stalagmites will show acoustic opportunities of a cave. At the skillful organization of illumination will provide to survey nonexistent (i.e. stone) falls and the lake. In this city I was struck by another. In church of the old monastery on a fresco the she-ass with sad beautiful eyes is represented - from what corner of the temple you would not look at it - her eyes always look at you.

we Had a rest in Sochi usually during a summer season: the warm sea, the hot sun, abundance of fruit, evening fires, festivities till the morning, is populous - is noisy - cheerfully. It now, having become the resident of the modest Azov resort town, I understood how tire locals continuous noise, squeal, music, exorbitant prices in the market, everywhere smells of the preparing food, eyes of vacationers joyful insanely - and at you is work, everyday life, cares.

I in Sochi and Was in the spring. In April, for example, I did not risk to bathe, but to sunbathe, especially if to be fenced off from wind, quite comfortably. But I remember the almost shock when, having arrived from as in winter gray edges, you come the late evening to the platform, and in the light of lamps magnolias with huge as in summer brilliantly - green leaves appear at you!

in the Winter I in Sochi was not, but heard enthusiastic stories about blossoming whether the azaleas, whether camellias. And cards like “palm tree in snow“ are bought up instantly. But the autumn velvet season in Sochi - the fairy tale! Around September first the city for several days fades / calms down, and then the season begins again. Only it is necessary to come to the beach slightly later in the morning. When came back home in October, before flying away ran to swim in the sea, and in several hours at the Severodonetsk airport we were met in boots, fur caps, and on concrete the drifting snow swept. Of course, you will not surprise those who fly in the winter on rest to the warm countries with such feelings. However, after disorder of the Sochi Union and for me became the abroad.