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Greece: the city and the village of

In Greece change of scenery occurs quite promptly: to this ancient earth, really, is what to surprise the traveler. Here mutually exclusive architectural styles and a way of life are combined. However, it is fair in relation to any country. If there is a wish to receive absolutely objective view, then it is the best of all to get in Igumenitsa or Patre on the ferry and in the morning, having appeared in the Italian Ancona or Venice, to compare and remember what it is Hellas.

Where in Athens to live well

Greeks are hospitable and hospitable

, generally, love wanderers, but - terrible homebodies. And where supposedly to us to aspire if in Greece there is everything! You want mountains - be filled up, the seas - choose any of two, the rivers - yes please, agricultural idyll - here you are, the real wood - forward and from songs, sight - to the top of the bent, islands - whole 440: Even for those who miss the atmosphere of the megalopolis Greeks have Athens and Thessaloniki as Moscow and St. Petersburg, two cities of the antagonist. The same opposition the North - the South, the same easy snobbery living on the bank of the Termsky gulf concerning Athenians (yes that your Athens - once the great policy, but potom:derevnya from which hastily built the capital and Thessaloniki - rattled at the time of blossoming of Byzantium, on these streets the Roman tsezar and philosophers walked).

do not have

In Athens high-rise buildings on which the look, such as, in the Russian capital would linger. It both is unusual, and it is unusual. Review points - Licavitos da Agora`s hill with the Acropolis. You will get there and around - as far as there is enough look - in a haze and a smog the White Sea of houses, lodges, houses waves runs up extensively, resting against the sea real - blue, Aegean. The hallmark of modern Athens - the Olympic stadium with a vast object of a roof which basis are two arrows, each weighing 18000 tons.

to Rent apartment in the Greek capital - not a problem, the prices are comparable to Moscow. Another thing is that when near by the sea, prestigiousness of the area is defined by proximity to it. Athenians who can afford it prefer private houses, country houses are closer to Glifada`s regions, Vulyagmeni, and in the center - on affairs. By the way, according to the Greek laws, any foreigner if he is ready to annual tax payments, at the same time any advantages in receiving residence permit in the country can buy real estate in Greece to us it does not give.

Past and present

of Athena - the megalopolis and as any large city, is dynamic, mobile, a little vain. Greeks get up early because in the afternoon - a siesta. Habit. The movement here quite dense, considering narrowness of small streets and the loaded center. But what high the trip on the Athenian vault - brilliant escalators, brand new floors and cars, accurate turnstiles, the subway which is built up before Olipiada, really seems, pleases. One more pleasant alternative to traffic jams - the high-speed tram. You want to bathe? Get 70 cents, jump into its silvery side at Syntagma Square and in 20 - 25 minutes on the place. There warm stones, sand and Palio Faliro`s waves.

Nympha Termskogo of the gulf - her natives so call the capital of Macedonia and the second-large city of Hellas. The city of Thessaloniki “climbs up“ mountain slopes Hortiatis from the coast of a bay. It is already the North, here “other climate“: sharp differences. In the winter when blows “vardar“, it is cold and promozglo, and in the summer - it is damp and is stuffy. There is no central heating, each house has autonomous system. As well as in Athens, there are not enough skyscrapers, mainly light buildings, but unlike the capital, - a cloud of the Byzantine churches and special “chess“ planning. Agiu Dimitriu Street, Ignatia and Tsimiski go along the sea, dividing old part of the city into four parts. It is especially well visible this structure from the White Tower constructed in the 15th century and serving at different times as a fortification construction, prison, the place of tortures. Surely get on it to look at the embankment of the gulf. Apartments in houses that a facade look at water, are more expensive. To buy “odnushka“ in other, less prestigious area, it is possible for 60 thousand euros.

both Greek capitals have one feature: fast change of scenery. Hurrying on Panepistimiu Avenue connecting two main squares of Athens Omoniya and the Syntagma, suddenly you will dive into the old city with narrow small streets, the tiny areas and picturesque terraces or you will turn in National city park and: write was gone. Among palm trees to the sky you will feed ducks, you will meditate with slow turtles, you will wander on well-groomed footpaths among flowers and you will forget that around 4 million. people, the city as were not. The same and in Thessaloniki. 15 - 20 - the minute foot walk in Pauly`s Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization - the top city - and here it is the White Sea of houses under you, there below both cars, and traffic jams, and noise again, and here - heat, silence, the Balkan architecture, ancient fortress.

In Greece everything is

contrary to the city architecture urged to reflect economic and cultural blossoming of the capitals, to embody thirst for self-affirmation of city elite, the traditional architecture of the Greek towns and small villages is simple, warm and laconic. Rare heart of the northerner will resist accuracy of red tile roofs on which solar batteries - a celebration of a civilization and a symbol of development of the village flaunt. Means, and in the country it is possible to live well in a small lodge overlooking the sea. At each Greek place - the person, but, main, is visible how fine this traditional architecture is adapted for a relief, climate, social features and history.“ Houses closed“ with towers in the field of Manya, Gitio on Peloponnese - an amphitheater the neoclassical Kalamata who took seat by the sea, restored after an earthquake compactly arranged under Sacred Meteors of Kalambak. These structures are penetrated by spirit of centuries, at the same time are practical.


Besides antique monuments about which it is possible to talk endlessly in continental (as contrast island) Greece remembers a suspension bridge of Rio - Antirrio. White strings over blue are the first that is evident when you see triumph of engineering thought for the first time. Absolutely the newcomer it is open for journey only in 2004. 2883 meters by bus or the car to move from the peninsula of Peloponnese to the continent or back. 65 - the meter high-rise construction keeps on support to which it is fastened by metal tension cables. A vast object which construction cost 800 million. euro, it is capable to sustain collision with the vessel with the displacement of 180 thousand tons, wind speed to 250 km/h and a seven-ball earthquake that is very actual for seismodangerous Hellas. This bridge - usually the last of interesting that you see before leaving Greece on the ferry. There is a trace - Xing - white as colors of national flag, houses and the sea of Greece.