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It is a high time for

If at children “September“ is associated with “school“, then their parents have “spring“. Because in the spring people begin to look for to the grown-up children school and to drive them on interviews. Essentially in a year the little changes, but it seems to us, a certain generalizing information which will help to orient with school variety, never happens superfluous.

the State for us in the answer

of Public schools is still more than

, than private. Alas, it becomes harder and harder to be guided in them. Remained not so much schools which will agree with the name “usual“. The majority sport all prefixes (a gymnasium, lyceum, laboratory) and show the dissimilarity on others. And if five - ten years ago schools rather accurately were divided by specialization, then gradually everything finally mixed up in attempts to please everyone. And parents became more skilled: today already nobody will buy one name “gymnasium with artly-a esthetic bias“. But nevertheless differences are, and with some scratch of school it is possible to divide into several conditional groups.


Languages (more true, nearly one language - English) turned from luxury into need. In this regard promise to teach it now not only in language, former “specialist“, but literally at every second school. And only some honestly admit that language not their specialization that with teachers a problem, the routine of shots jammed and so forth. Really, at many schools for quite some time now passed to studying of language from the first class, but the quantity, as we know, not always turns into quality. Therefore if the good knowledge of language seems to you guarantee of future success, it is worth paying attention to those former special schools.

Nevertheless main advantage of the majority of these schools at all not English. They are valuable the same what they forgive to apartments in the center of Moscow exhaust gases, noise and old overlappings for: history, traditions, the people inhabiting them. About 45 - yu (m. “Frunze“) many can ask: “It in which Milgram the director?“ Along corridors 20 - y schools (nowadays 1239, m“ Mayakovskaya“) ran from space pirates Alice Seleznyova, she is a Guest from the future. By the way, what - what, and legends and traditions in former 20 - y will be enough for ten schools. For example, apples from own garden by which met first graders as a sign of dedication and association. Or tulips which school students planted every year and looked forward then when they blossom. However, to the apple orchard there was a history approximately across Chekhov therefore now mothers to first graders buy apples on a market.

less, not to mention the German is traditional

of the “French“ schools. But with traditions, level of knowledge of language and the famous graduates at them too everything is all right. The majority has ancient contacts with schools and the organizations abroad so pupils can count on trips and training abroad. For example, one of the best “French“ schools, 1215 of Romain Rolland (m“ Mira Avenue“), member of the international association of the European lyceums Horizon.

But “in one language“ now far you will not leave (by the way, at many schools their two - surely or at will). There passed those times when in the western firm took without education - for only one knowledge of language. It is understood also at schools therefore many besides profound studying of language offer specialization in the senior classes. Most often humanitarian and economic. Language does not lose at the same time the value, just in humanitarian classes the bigger attention is paid to history, literature, Russian, and in economic - mathematics and informatics.“ Recently our graduates seldom arrive on purely linguistic faculties, preferring applied specialties, - Inna Nikolaevna Tikhomirova, the director of 1215 - y tells schools. - - that nobody does not want to be left without work“.

locals, and also people with communications, the known surname, etc. could count

on receipt in these schools Earlier. Left the listed schools many celebrities, the high-ranking workers, their children, relatives and so forth. Anyway, on graduates of 1239 - y (20 - y), 45 - y, 1243 - y (near Theatre of Mayakovsky), 1520 - y (on B. Nikitskaya), 1250 - y (Leningradskoye Highway), 1225 - y (on Pokrovka), 1275 - y (m“ New suburban“) and similar schools look with envy. They stand on a step with which it is convenient to jump in adulthood. (However, in one recruitment agency 20 - y schools authoritatively declared to the graduate that she and other pupils of this school “are excessively cultural and diffident“ so everyone happens.) And now the flow of the parents wishing to give to the former special schools of the children does not grow scanty. Though a competition in them as in institute (3 - 7 people into place).

of Fiziko - mathematical

Despite a distress of engineers and scientists, clever boys (and girls in general too) with tendency to exact and natural sciences did not disappear anywhere. For them continue to function mathematical, physics - mathematical, the chemist - schools mathematical, etc. The mathematician not a foreign language, since five years is deeply not obligatory to plunge into it. Therefore physics - mathematical and the chemist - biological specializations appear usually in the senior classes, then there is an active set of pupils. To be more exact, not a set, and selection. For example, “The second school“ (m. “University“), 57 - I (m “Kropotkinskaya“), 91 - I (m“ Arbat“) - schools with a name and reputation; to have interview and to pass examinations in the senior classes is already good indicator.“ We adopt about 200 statements, - the deputy director of school 57 Boris Mikhaylovich Davidovich says, is while will arrive the person 50. We select those who are necessary to us. But a postupayemost on mathematics in the best higher education institutions of the country - MSU, MFTI - at us absolute“. In school of A. N. Kolmogorov in general young talents from all country - for biennial “training“ before MSU were traditionally flown down. Despite the special relation to mathematics (or chemistry and biology - depending on specialization), at these schools in parallel there are general education, and sometimes also humanitarian classes (as, for example, in 57 - y and 91 - y; in them at the good level also language is taught). Though the most widespread addition to mathematics is an informatics and economy.


If mathematicians at us was raised always, then the humanitarian direction became fashionable a few years ago. Humanitarian gymnasiums, linguistic lyceums the great variety bred. Parents with enthusiasm sent children to schools which promised to illuminate them in the field of logic, rhetoric, Latin, art culture, jurisprudence and so forth. But at the choice of school with profound studying of humanitarian disciplines it is necessary to be careful: they are very inclined to abundance pleasant, but in effect useless objects which will distract forces from the main thing (literature, history, language). In 1531 - y (m “Alekseevskaya“) and 1634 - y (m “Sokolniki“) schools began to work with the program of the international bachelor degree that will allow graduates along with usual to receive the certificate of the international sample and will facilitate their receipt in the western higher education institutions. School 1290 (m“ May Day“) specializes also in telejournalism.

the Majority of schools, lyceums and gymnasiums do not go in cycles in one direction, suggesting pupils to choose one of several specializations in the senior classes.

Rare specializations

schools with legal and economic specialization could call few years ago

fashionable, however during this time the market was quite sated with lawyers and economists. Nevertheless the number of persons interested them to become still big, and graduates of prestigious higher education institutions still in the price. Besides profound studying of mathematics, language, informatics these schools offer office-work, accounting, political science, the bases of the economy, psychology, jurisprudence, etc.

Rather new can call specialization of schools on ecology. At school 446 (m“ Electrofactory“), for example, along with theoretical occupations ecological practice in parks is carried out, ecological expeditions are arranged, pupils participate in the international ecological programs.

related ecological can call

In some sense the schools which are profoundly studying the Russian culture. At school 1148 UNESCO (m“ Lyublino“), for example, study history of religious culture, ethnography, mythology, folklore and so forth

It is art - esthetic

Appointment of schools with “profound studying of objects artly - an esthetic cycle“ can be a miscellaneous. Many give the child there, wishing that it was not boring for him and that in parallel with education he also creatively developed. Though most often children whose abilities quite obviously indicate future specialty are admitted to these schools. And if in the first classes of these schools chance to arrive to eat at many, then reception conditions for seniors become complicated: they should prove the abilities in the chosen area. The school 1318 - the international film school (the area of “Mosfilm“) - in general consists only of the senior classes, and in school 1637 (m“ Perovo“), on the contrary, accept since three years. Schools are perfectly known in the relevant higher education institutions, the specialty in them is conducted often by high school teachers who already at school look narrowly at capable pupils. For example, at school 123 (near Theatre of Mayakovsky) teachers of the HOST work. So chances to enter the institute considerably increase. But the main thing even not in it. The creative school, as well as creative higher education institution, is a certain meeting of “brothers on reason“ where both pupils, and teachers speak one language, it is an opportunity “to smell“ a profession, to live it. At schools 1318 and 123 children do not study, and live, and even at not entered the institute there will be at least friends and contacts will remain.


If to you traditional training is uninteresting

, look for schools experimental. For example, in 91 - y to school new methods of training - and nothing terrible are long since developed and checked, very interesting children as a result turn out. In 1637 - y kids are partially trained in reading and mathematics on Zaytsev`s system about which “Brownie“ already wrote (December issue for 1999). At one schools teaching is conducted by already known techniques (Zankova, Elkonin - Davydova and so forth) others develop own.

Cooperating with higher education institutions

of Parents, concerned mainly by arrival of the child in higher education institution, were always attracted by the schools cooperating with institutes. It is simple to find them: the majority of schools has any relationship with higher education institutions. Unfortunately, now they not such strong as earlier, and percentage receipt it is not necessary to count on 100 - but the advantage of such schools is undoubted. In the senior classes the objects necessary at receipt, or even objects of the first course of institute are profoundly studied. To teach them often invite high school teachers who, certainly, know requirements of the institute. For example, at school 46 (m“ Kaluga“), focused on MGIMO, paid such lessons (500 rubles a month), but go to this almost closed university it is more than a half of persons interested. Information on such schools can be found in reference books, however it needs check as the relations of schools and higher education institutions are very changeable.

Finally we will add

that, in - the first, state - it does not mean absolutely free. At the majority of schools it is necessary to pay extra for these or those services. What is surprising: the education level more age of school is better, the less it uses it. In - the second, at the majority of schools reception of applications is graduated in March, and interviews take place in April so hurry up with the choice.

Pay attention: public schools
English: 1, 19, 45, 78, 109, 264, 303, 312, 506, 624, 645, 668, 965, 1102, 1223, 1224, 1228, 1239, 1243, 1250, 1264, 1415, 1514, 1520, 1531, 1543, 1634, etc.

French: 668, 1095, 1203, 1215, 1216, 1225, 1251, 1265, 1275, 1541, etc.

German: 109, 624, 1212, 1233, 1249, 1283, 1513, etc.

of Fiziko - mathematical, the chemist - mathematical , etc.: school of A. N. Kolmogorov (specialized uchebno - scientific center at MSU), Second School lyceum, 1, 11, 15, 57, 91, 189, 363, 400, 444, 591, 692, 919, 939, 1502, etc.

Humanitarian: 220, 613, 717, 875, 1035, 1054, 1290, 1305, 1310, 1508, 1513, 1520, 1531, 1535 (at ISAIA), 1536, 1541, 1555, 1634, etc.

With classes of a different profile: 1, 17, 51, 57, 91, 109, 149, 155, 174, 199, 204, 299, 303, 330, 429, 596, 721, 807, 843, 848, 994, 1071, 1101, 1126, 1143, 1158, 1519, 1525, 1530, 1543, 1840, etc.

Economic and legal: 25, 26, 46, 124, 187, 320, 506, 900, 1102, etc.

Ecological: 446, 803, 1162, etc.

With profound studying of the Russian culture: 1148, 514, 1842, etc.

It is art - esthetic: 78 (theater, dance), 123 (theater), 324 (music), 565 (painting, a sculpture), 600 (music, theater), 627 (television), 1113 (music and choreography), 1318 (cinema, television, theater, publishing), 1405 - “Inspiration“ (ballet), 1637 (music, choreography, painting, it is decorative - applied art, design), 1903 (music - especially the jazz, the fine arts), etc.

Experimental: municipal experimental school at the government of Moscow (training for government office of Moscow), 1115 (voyenno - the patriotic direction), 1199 - “League of schools“ (for exceptional children), 1716 - “Eureka - the Spark“, 1811 - “Izmailovo“ - etc.

At institutes: MSU - 17, 25, 26, 89, 91, 171, 204, 1022, 1101, 1264, 1290, 1531, 1637; RGGU - 86, 189, 204, 220, 228, 328, 721; MMA of Sechenov - 35, 721; MPGU - 25, 46, 53, 224, 320, 952, 1115, 1290, 1531, 1637; Financial academy - 308; GAU - 329, 398; MFTI - 57, 91, 503; REA of Plekhanov - 550, 553, 565, 1158; MARKHA - 1219; RUDN - 46, 576, 919; MYuI - 174, 717; The HAZE - 1251, 1555.