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That such LiveJournal or LiveJournal? The personal diary on the Internet? Manifestation of a graphomania or exhibitionism? Usual conglomerate of blogs? It is possible to answer all these questions with a clear conscience “yes“ - but not to reach an essence. Because today LiveJournal is a difficult mechanism, intricate subculture, having mastered which, it is possible to derive considerable benefit.

of Bo the whole world more than 7 million users of LiveJournal, among which, on one of versions, about 200 thousand Russian-speaking. In Russia everything began with one person - the famous mathematician Mikhail Verbitsky who from the moment of emergence in our country of the World wide web strenuously propagandized its opportunities. He in 2001 found the curious www service. livejournal. com - “the easy to use, but very powerful and well adjusted means for the publication of your texts on the Internet (blogging)“. Verbitsky distributed the reference and told about fantastic conveniences of service to the friends. As the last were generally authoritative Russian journalists and the Internet - figures, they quickly mastered a new field for self-expression.“ First attempt at writing. Let`s try in Russian. Ridiculous piece“, - one of Mikhail`s friends, the famous philologist and the network observer Roman Leybov wrote in the first blog in Russian. First attempt at writing was successful...

Pioneers (those who came to LJ together with Leybov and Verbitsky often call “zhezheist of convocation of 2001“) not just set for the Russian LiveJournal the special tone, but also predetermined all its future. In America and in the majority of the countries of the world, LiveJournal - a toy for teenagers, a form of discussion of essential sexual, especially personal problems within the real-life closed party. In our country LJ became the platform for expression and upholding of political views, demonstration of fruits of the creativity and the place of meetings of professionals in any area. For journalists, writers, artists, photographers, programmers, political scientists, designers it is the multipurpose career tool.

we Will begin

with the fact that the blog is the chronologically ordered tape of messages of one author, with an opportunity to attract readers who, in turn, can leave comments directly under each note. At some moment the brilliant idea came to the American programmer Brad Fitspatrik to mind: many thousands blogs need to be united in uniform system and to give to people the chance to monitor blogs of each other. So LiveJournal in which each smog not only to keep personal records, but also to choose diaries of authors whom he would like to read regularly was born. Now it is not necessary to visit pages of the persons interesting you in turn: near a personal tape the additional, so-called tape of friends (the friend - a tape) including all authors interesting to the user in quantity to 750 people was created.

In Russia LJ gained quite interesting development. If in the States the diary of the teenager reads a narrow circle of his peers, then at us the number of readers of popular authors is measured by hundreds, and at the most popular users - thousands of people! Russians apprehended the page in LiveJournal as personal mass media, and number of own readers - as edition circulation. Day and night Russian-speaking zhezheist combat for audience. In order that as much as possible users included the author in the friend - tapes, he has to lead regular and active network life: to travel around diaries and tapes of other people, to comment on their records - and it is desirable to do it as much as possible intriguingly. The set of cases when for the sake of own public relations authors got on two - three diaries under different names is known, quoted themselves or arranged scandalous disputes with by itself. Many advertize the blogs, announce, add to ratings and catalogs.

But, certainly, a bargaining chip of a zhezheist was and remains ability to express the thoughts in writing and to find interesting subjects. From recent successful debuts - the diary of the ordinary militiaman working at one of stations of the Moscow subway registered under se_tr nickname which appeared at the beginning of May. The daily audience of “Baizes from a vault“ for short term reached several thousand people. Many visitors even saw attempt of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to use the LJ resources for PR - actions of improvement of image of the Russian militiaman in these cheerful notes. However it turned out that the author of the diary - nevertheless the most real young cop. But with a human face. He with humour tells about severe everyday life, photographs and films sketches in the subway, writes down on a dictophone talk with the often by drunk “clients“. It spreads all this in LJ, in passing being interested at visitors as it should have treated this or that offender. However image of militia, judging by own recognition of the author of “Baizes“, in our country it is valid on zero: “It met the commander of a platoon, in a form today, the officer. I on the citizen, in a sports suit. Brought it on credit 1000 rubles. When gave, all people standing nearby looked and slowly were indignant. The commander of a platoon told then: “You stretch money, and all look at me. Also I cannot take. Suddenly will think, I take a bribe“. What brought militia to!“

the Writer dies in everyone

“Got rid of Kot from a sofa - spoiled to himself a karma“ - the quote from LiveJournal of one Moscow cat so sounds. The domestic cat got the diary in 2003. Today its reader`s audience makes 1734 persons. And in this phenomenon all multilevel essence of LJ on whose pages it is possible not just to write everything that will climb up in the head is captured, to use foul language, to spread the verses written in the first class or to shock public the description of erotic imaginations. It is possible to live in LJ others life. And it as it became clear, for the Russian person sacredly. The men who are growing bald, preserved in the world began to keep diaries on behalf of the young persons who are carried away by poetry. Fat and ugly old maids started describing on behalf of models night adventures in the companies of magnificent businessmen. In four years the Russian LJ from the abstract of socially important reflections and actual conclusions turned into a chaotic alloy of messages which part is the absolute fiction. Each person having the Internet at desire could get the diary though Pushkina though own dog and to please public with details of their private life.

On the century LJ saw not one Khodorkovsky, not one Brodsky and not one Alla Pugacheva. Similar virtuals do not cause complaints until undertake roguish attempts to act on behalf of the famous person, using his real data (a full name, a photo, the reference to the website) with the podmetny e-mail address. So-called cases of identity theft are gross violation of rules. To the person, whose data are used, one complaint of administration of LiveJournal that the diary of a pseudo-celebrity was “killed“ suffices.

Even more interesting. Today their more than 2000.

One of the most known can consider by

otdam_darom community. Daily tens of people report to thousand audience about the desire to give the unnecessary things (found on the street kittens, furniture, phones charger, a tablet with the indication of an expiration date). Communities devoted to problems of dietary food, weight loss, rejuvenation, cookery, travel, disposal of addictions are traditionally popular. Community ru_sos - for hopelessly sick or decided to commit suicide, msk_consumers - for those who are interested in shopping, girls_only - for discussion of especially female intim.


Besides, hundreds of communities are grouped around subjects which hardly give in to judgment. Let`s tell, community of old maids, opponents of disappearance from the letter press yo, community of spamonenavistnik, “adequate people“, “those to whom 239 is a pain in the neck“, “those to whom all bothered“. Existence of the highly specialized groups which arose within a certain situation is remarkable (for example, “community of the deceived investors of bank X“). But for careerists of the most valuable an opportunity to unite on professional interests is.


for the aid to the professional to

about LJ as about the instrument of creation of career, once unique community mentions ru_job which at first sight is the usual website for search and the offer of work. But on closer examination has a number of advantages. This community is not moderated, and it means that the announcement is published instantly and that is important, in any look (it can even be begun with words “Hey! But whether who needs the accountant?“ ). There is no need to drive information into a rigid format the typical summary, and, having applied the imagination, the user can give as much as brightly himself as applicant to a position. Today in ru_job 1908 participants consist, 1616 more people are his readers. Thus, it is possible to be sure that the announcement will be seen by at least 1000 citizens. Those from them who was at the computer and looked through the friend - a tape at the time of the publication, will read it immediately. And also quickly will be able to contact the author of a post. The applicant or the employer do not need to leave a phone number: all details can be discussed in the mode it - a line. However job search on pages of LiveJournal - only an iceberg top.

For those who already found a place in the sun, but needs continuous communication with colleagues, exchange of information, opinions, news, the help and councils, there is professional LJ - the communities devoted to medicine, psychology, design, advertizing, foreign languages, the photo, philology. Here the typical short characteristic of community published in the catalog of professional communities: “For the interested economy, risk - management, resource management, questions of crediting. Exclusive articles about risks and systems of the analysis and assessment of these risks. Daily forecasts of currency pairs, “blue chips“ of the Russian and foreign stock markets“.

Or example of more free form of presentation:“ Community of copywriters and the other creatively conceiving people. Figachim together of idea, we exchange slogans, we swear at customers, we impart any necessary and unnecessary experience. We discuss rollers, posters and other carriers of our creative“.

One of the most mastered can be considered “community of journalists and others“ (paparazzi). At the time of writing of article in community 2050 people consisted, the number of reading reached 2760. Correspondents of various editions publish various messages on paparazzi: requests for coordinates of stars or PR - services of the large companies, announcements of actions, reviews of the attitude towards journalists from concrete editions, data on the fees and available “halturka“.

Separately taken communities are devoted by

to concrete specializations:“ Communication of HR managers “, “ questions of the theory of methodology, the organization and management “, “ in the help bild - to the editor “, “ all about ophthalmology “, “ accounting and audit “, “ discussion of problems, tools and techniques of CASE“. But except especially applied professional communities have also entertaining purposes. For example, advertisers thought up as a hobby and psychological unloading community ad_fake in which they regularly publish the most defiant advertizing draws and jokes, arrange competitions in witty treatment of advertizing images.

among the

In real life can not always get acquainted with the famous authoritative person from a certain professional environment. Sometimes chances of useful personal contact are brought to naught. And LiveJournal gives the chance not only to get into a party, not only to prove to be also fruits of the creativity, but also to come to ease into contact with any interesting person (of course provided that that is the registered user) - it is enough to leave the comment at it in a tape and to provoke to conversation. The atmosphere of anonymity removes the psychological stress and constraint, so frequent in real life.

Coming to LJ, any beginner builds the user career from scratch. He creates a tape - personal mass media, - draws attention, gradually gaining authority and reader`s audience. Poets and prose writers can look for on the LJ pages of the potential publisher, photographers and journalists - the interested editor. Artists publish the works, counting that, for example, the famous gallery owner Marat Gelman (who keeps the public diary long ago) will sometime become interested in them. Today in the ranks of the Russian zhezheist such famous people as writers Sergey Lukyanenko, Max Frei, Alexander Zhitinsky, Nick Perumov, the poet and the musician Ilya Kormiltsev, the poet Dmitry Bushuyev, the designer Artemy Lebedev and others are registered. It is remarkable that many interesting persons open LJ account only in order that “to read from - under him“: they regularly look through a tape of friends, but write very seldom or do not write in general.

Conclusions? As information and professional resource you should not overestimate the importance of LiveJournal. But it is at least unreasonable to ignore its opportunities.

P. S. It is not difficult to open LJ account at all, however printing instructions are in this case almost useless. The optimal variant - to resort to the help of the experienced user. But you remember - LiveJournal tightens...

of LJ - opinion

Anton Nosik, the patriarch of the Russian Internet, one of the first users who mastered LiveJournal quite seriously considers the potential of LJ for professional human height:“ Certainly, communities execute function and a barometer of moods, and the platform for free consulting. And also test laboratory for a running in experts of these or those projects. The person has an opportunity to be noticed. But chance “to stand nearby“ with the persons making decisions or to trifle them for a sleeve, in itself is not valuable, especially considering the fact that in LJ about 200 thousand Russian-speaking users. In my opinion, the probability that the celebrity on any need will glance in your LiveJournal is valuable and will get about you more valuable data from there, than from any summary. In LJ it is possible to make friends, novels, useful acquaintances. As for career - practically never on my memory popularity of the character in LJ was converted into employment, into specialty. LiveJournal is the social environment, the commonwealth of clubs on interests. The value of such clubs is obvious, they existed both to LJ, and to the Internet. Besides, LiveJournal can be used for coordination of the working groups distributed in space - it is important for managers. At last, LJ - excellent help service. It is possible to send a question to “outer space“ and to count that it will be answered by those to whom is what to tell on this subject. The others will just keep silent“.

of LJ - frazochka

From the popular udaff resource. com removed to LJ a network slang. Unlike other subcultures, LiveJournal is Wednesday first of all visual, read out. Therefore substitution of spelling phonetics became the main characteristic of the user slang. Participants of dialogues write words by the principle “as it is heard“. “Afftar burns down“, “Peshy eshchshcho“, “the Azzky Satan“, “Glamurnenko“, “Gothic“, to “Rzhunimagu“, “Ftem“, “Ftopk“, “To Babruysk, an animal!“ “Afftar, drink a yada“, “Kosherno“, “Offshorno“. All similar expressions are almost empty, these are no more than emotional estimates of postings by readers. But there are also informative slang forms. For example, “Kamenta drive“ (commentators brilliantly introduce the ideas), “Promote me in the LJ“ (a request from the user A to advertize his diary (to put on it the reference) in the diary of the user In), “Yandex was cancelled?“ (indignation, desire to point to the author that before publishing a certain material, it is worth checking information which is contained in it). When readers extremely do not like posting, they ustoyatelno recommend: “Afftar of bitterns to a yad“ or “Afftar kill yourself“. To very long, confused or difficult record the comment is possible: “Niasilil of a patamusht verses“. If posting seems to public, figuratively speaking, silly, then the author shower with type remarks: “Teach Albanian“ or “The pussycat to Cook“. And here in the comment “The pussycat, you from what city?“ the hint on some naivety and an obvious provincial origin of the author contains. In recent years the network slang went beyond the Internet. The LJ language imperceptibly filtered into literature and even mass media.

of LJ - people

P. S. Users of putin, poutin, chubais, abramovich, fradkov, luzhkov, matvienko, bykov - typical virtuals (that is “falshak“). This LJ conducts other people.

of LJ - resources

the website ljsat will help to Orient with

with all variety of Russian-speaking LJ. com on which all communities registered on LiveJournal are presented (and their more than 2000).