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Five steps to the apartment

Deciding on purchase of the apartment, not all people represent what they should pass through. That visit to real estate agency did not bring with itself the mass of “surprises“, the head of office “Sevastopol“ of INKOM - Real Estate corporation Valery SAFRONOV especially for readers of KDO described the main stages of purchase of the apartment. At once we will make a reservation that our purpose to acquaint only with the most important points, to contain all nuances and stumbling blocks in a format of one article it is simply impossible.

first step: the contract with agency

Cooperation with real estate agency begins

with the fact that the company signs the contract for acquisition of the apartment with the client and attaches to it the employee who will supervise this transaction. Be ready that in the first day you should place money for ensuring the intentions. The sum of advance payment fluctuates from 500 to 2000 US dollars depending on the cost of the desirable apartment. On the paid deposit the agency issues the guarantee certificate. At the conclusion of the contract it is worth paying attention to terms of search of a living space. If for the specified time period the agency does not find to the client the apartment, it returns 100% of money of the granted sum.

Step of the second: search of the apartment

Terms of search vary of a month to three - depending on complexity of finding of the desirable apartment. If, for example, the living space in any area Moscow, term minimum is required if on a certain street - maximum.

Displays of apartments often begin

practically next day after the conclusion of the contract. The agency guarantees to the client to organize not less than 10 presentations. It is possible to see the apartment and twice if at that time it is not sold to time, the housing exposed at reasonable prices leaves very quickly, at most in three weeks from the moment of the beginning of sales.


Having chosen the pleasant apartment, the client contributes for it advance payment depending on the number of rooms: for one-room about 2000 dollars, for two-room - 4000 dollars etc. The sum of a contribution can be reduced if nobody lives in the apartment though in general the free housing is about 5% more expensive than busy. After introduction of advance payment for the living space which is not released by the former owners the term during which they have to be moved from it makes a reservation: it can vary from 2 weeks to 1,5 months depending on length of a chain of room transactions. If the living space is free, final transfer of money for it happens in 2 - 3 weeks after making a deposit.

the Majority of real estate agencies practices sale of apartments through a mortgage. In this case the commercial bank signs with the buyer the contract for issuance of credit on the security of housing. Wrote about a mortgage of KDO repeatedly therefore we will stop only on small nuance: if in the bought apartment are available illegal re-plannings, the credit the bank will not issue.

Step the third: verification of documents

When the advance payment is paid

for the apartment, the agency makes careful verification of documents on it, i.e. collects references for alienation. First of all, it is checked whether owners of the apartment on the account at the psychiatrist, the narcologist consist. If fears are confirmed, the agency calls the doctor to examine the patient and to confirm or disprove his capacity at the time of making decision on sale of housing. If doctors do not confirm capacity of this person, the transaction will be immediately cancelled.

Then agency checks an archival extract from the house register. If the residents which are temporarily written out from the apartment are found, the agency finds them and asks to arrive and confirm the extract. In a case when the person is written out to places of detention, the agency has the right to continue the transaction on condition of receiving from the condemned statement for investment it in the new apartment by property shares.

the Following stage - check of all property rights to the apartment from the first owner to the last. If concerning a living space ever there was a trial, the agency finds out whether it is acquainted with a judgment of people from which this apartment was seized.

Will be checked by

also authenticity of the certificate on inheritance. If in the sold apartment owners are children, the agency assists in obtaining the order of agencies of guardianship for sale of housing. In this case the realtor company helps to receive also inquiry from the notary. And the client needs to be convinced that he was made correctly. The registered residents who are not owners of this apartment are obliged to write the application at the notary for their removal from the registration account at the time of transaction with the apartment.

Step the fourth: money

With documents on the apartment understood bank - then the buyer needs to put money in a deposit cell of bank. Entering of money into bank is done in time under registration of the contract of purchase and sale and under an extract of owners and users or if the scheme of purchase - sale is more difficult, under several contracts. The case when the part of money is put in a safety-deposit box under an extract, and part under the contract of purchase and sale can take place.

If the seller was not written out by

from the sold apartment in the specified terms, the buyer has the right to take away the money. The agency takes away keys from a safety-deposit box before the state registration of the contract to itself and issues to both participants of the transaction guarantee certificates. If procedure took place successfully, keys from a safety-deposit box are given to the seller if is not present - to the buyer.

Step the fifth: the state registration


When money already in bank, signs the contract of purchase and sale and the power of attorney is given to the realtor who directs it to the state registration. The contract can be not registered if, for example, the ban on operations with real estate of the seller came after verification of documents to legal purity of the apartment. For urgency of registration the state raises a certain payment from participants of the contract. Terms of legal procedure, thus, vary from two weeks to one month. In case of its positive end, the buyer receives the contract of purchase and sale of real estate and the certificate on the state registration of the right. Now it can drive according to the stipulated terms to the apartment.