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Purely, carefully, reliably:“ Quick & Clean“ - is absolutely simple

One of the leading Russian producers of wet towel wipes - the Maksan Company - with exclusive attention treats the buyers around the world. She organizes various competitions for mothers, gives prizes, lets out new wet towel wipes for care of children, of the house and for personal hygiene. Mothers with pleasure participate in activity of the company. One of examples of such cooperation - the competition “Summer with pleasure“ which was carried out in 2005 in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region already the second time.

to participants of a competition offered to compose

this year a poetic slogan for children`s wet towel wipes. The married couple - Ivanova Svetlana Leonidovna and Demyanenko Andrey Petrovich became the winner. They composed a slogan together and, maybe, for this reason it won first place.

Svetlana agreed to answer with

several our questions. Of course, it was interesting to us how she got acquainted with wet towel wipes of “Quick & Clean“ - Baby“.

- in maternity hospital presented me packing of these napkins, and I with pleasure began them to use, - Svetlana answered. - As they perfectly suited our girl, I did not begin to experiment and try wet towel wipes of other producers.

- And how often you use wet towel wipes?
- Almost always when changing a diaper. It is really very convenient, so there is no wish to disturb every time the baby and to carry in a bathroom. And at the dacha wet towel wipes in general are irreplaceable.

- And whether the new napkins removing irritation after suntan were pleasant to you? the Daughter does not have
- yet a year therefore we tried not to take out it on the open sun, but all the same after solar bathtubs used napkins of “Quick & Clean“ - After suntan“. Next year we already plan to go all family to holiday and then, of course, we will take with ourselves these remarkable napkins.

the First prize in a competition, however, as winners of a competition quite recently already got it, by it suggested to choose to themselves a prize that they also made, having stopped on a microwave oven with a grill and a double boiler.


to Other participants of a competition who offered interesting ideas of slogans awarded incentive prizes - juice extractors, and the food processor - the prize for the most interesting idea for advance of children`s napkins - was received by Lukshtraupis Tatyana Vladimirovna.

the Birth and development of the child - a surprising and happy event. Each mother with nervousness watches how the kid looks around at her, takes a toy, holds a head. Days pass quickly, and every day brings new opening: here the baby the first time smiled, here itself turned over and spread. As there is a wish to spend more time with the child - to play with him, to carefully embrace him, to dream of what it will begin when grows, to give it all the best that is possible...

Especially for kids the Maksan Company created wet towel wipes of “Quick & Clean“ - Baby“. They are made of the special material spanleys (spunlace) with a density of 50 g/m2 (make wet towel wipes for children of the same material the best European producers). The recipe of hypoallergenic solution is developed in Great Britain, in own laboratory of the company. There is no need every time after change of a diaper now to wash away the kid and whether then to oil it cream. By means of wet towel wipes it is possible to cope much easier with daily cares on care of the kid and to do it with pleasure.

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you will be able to learn about the Maksan company and the made production on the website of the www company. q-c. ru.